taxslayer or turbotax anyone?

andrewlina(Z5)February 4, 2007

Has anyone had any experience in doing your taxes (state & federal),with taxslayer or turbotax. I really do not feel like spending over $200 at H&R Block this year! I am not tax-literate,so I hope these programs are easy to understand. I have a home,mortgage,car,childcare... Thanks!

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Try it out online, get a feel for it. They won't charge you until you click submit from what I remember last year doing my son's taxes. I had the book & forms with me while doing it online and entered the info on the sheet I had. Granted he doesn't have the house, etc, but from memory it asks you all of that

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

I have used turbotax for the last three years. It is very easy to understand and use. Before you start it tells you what forms you will need and as you go through and enter more data it will ask you if you own your house or how many dependents you have.

It will tell what box on which form to get the correct information for a particular part of the form. If you cannot find a form or do not have it yet you can log off and when you come back and log back in turbotax will return you to where you left off.

At each point turbotax will ask you if you have something to deduct for childcare, property taxes, IRA, state income tax, etc. If the total of the deductions is less than the standard deduction turbotax will let you know which is the better way to get more money back or to pay less if needed.
From the day you file if you are getting back money and have it sent to your bank rather than mailed to you it takes about ten days from when the IRS accepts your return.


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I like using Turbotax myself. It is easy to use, step by step with help files. I'm aware you can do it all online, I prefer to have it on my computer and come and go as I please and save it there as I work on it. You still have the ability to e-file or paper file. I am not familiar with the other you mentioned.

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I've filed with Turbo before and would again. I tried to this years seems to be a problem with my computer it was'nt reading the data

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I've used TurboTax for quite a few years. I like it. You might check to make sure you don't qualify for a free version, I don't, but a friend of mine does, so it's worth checking.


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