Riding a cliche into a story

lilosophieOctober 24, 2012

It is a dark and stormy night

Counting cats, one missing

Nowhere to be found

She, who can not ignore open doors

It is a dark and stormy night

Taking flashlight and the old umbrella

Slippered feet mushing across the Service Yard

Open the door to the shed

And here she is...

Complains "it is a dark and stormy night"

Gets into house, front of wood-stove

says: "it is a dark and stormy night"

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I like it, Lilo. Lucky cat to have a loving human who would go out in the "dark and stormy night" to look for her! :)

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Your cat must know charlie brown,

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Now Lilo, you should know better. It is all your fault that it was a dark and stormy night, so says the cat. It's always my fault when things don't go as her majesty wants.
Then she goes to my husband and complains about my lack of consideration.

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You are so right, Anneliese, and it was all my fault that Joann had to go into the feed-shed to get food for the goats and didn't see her majesty sneaking into that dark room and closed the door in a hurry - that cat has such a rough life!
All four of them are stashed in the living room, sleeping - so I was nice enough not to vacuum, made apple/plum sauce instead :)

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DD has a couple of cats and they hate vacuum cleaners. She vacuums just before we come to visit, and I think the cats associate us with the cleaner because they hide every time we come to visit. I bring all kind of "kitty gifts" but nothing works.

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