Grandson may be coming to help stack firewod - what to feed him?

lilod(NoCal/8)October 7, 2010

I am still on the walker, and it really limits what I can do, so I thought I'd make a big pot of chili - I make good chili with beer and with cinnamon and chocolate - it rocks! have pinto beans and rice on the side. If he is not able to come,I have some cold weather meals in the freezer.

Does anyone have other suggestions?

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That sounds perfect to me Lilo. Macaroni and cheese or some kind of pasta/tomato sauce/meat dish is always good too,and usually everyone likes it.

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Lilo, your chili sounds great! If your grandson can't come, that means more meals for your freezer!

Another suggestion: maybe meatloaf and mashed potato(e)s? or a baked potato, if mashing them would make you unsteady. (I'm assuming you'd have to let go of the walker to mash the spuds.) :>)

(Spelling question: does the plural of potato have an "e"? I added it, just in case; it didn't look right without it.)

AHA!! It does! I checked Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary and there it was!

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The chili sounds like a great choice.

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Chili it is going to be, Trevor is not coming alone - he's bringing two friends with him to help.
For lunch I shall send them to the Shady Nook, a small take-out hamburger shack where everything is made to order, the ladies cut their own fries and the fries are excellent! Sort of slow fast food,
Next morning's Breakfast: well I have eggs.
The boys are partially on their own, as I am not in any shape to "bustle" as Grandmas' are supposed to.
It is going to be interesting.

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Whatever it ends up being will be special to him. I've seen the bond between grandma and grandson so many times, and the grandson always seems to step up and be the one who is mother-henning. At least in my family. I can't imagine any grandson of yours doing any less. His caring for you will shine through and he'll enjoy it. I have the greatest faith it will.

This past week, Mommy kept LF while his daddy and I were in court for hours. I was worried they would be bored to tears, but they both keep saying they had a great time, even when the other isn't around, so it must be true. Had their own special time of Chinese Checkers, Crazy 8s, Black Jack, and even Poker. It was their time. I bet Trevor will be glad in much the same way.

Smiles for your mending and help that loves you.


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