SAD and Weather

kathwhit(z8, West OR)February 8, 2008

Hi Everyone:

This is a double question.

First: Those of you who suffer from Seasonal Depression, how are you doing this year?

Second: Hows the weather where you are? I am hearing about blizzards, flooding and tornados!

My answers: I'm doing fair in the SAD department. I am taking my antidepressant and using my light and doing everything I'm supposed to. But I had a setback last week.....I sprained both my ankles, pretty severely (grade 2 sprain) and now am off exercise for at least a month. My dog and I are both going through withdrawal. Poor Freddy looks at me longingly, and I even miss the treadmill (I never thought I'd say that). So jokes to cheer me up and sympathy are certainly welcome.

The weather here has been cold and rainy for the last month. I don't think I've seen the sun in weeks. It has been snowing in the mts. and there will be lots of water in the lakes and streams this summer, but right now it is pretty grey. We are in moss and mold season in the PNW. I am getting ready to prune and spray my roses as soon as the forsythia blooms. I think it may be late this year. It hasn't been above 45F degrees for a long time.

How are you all doing?


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I am doing pretty good this year with it. I walk my dogs twice a day and that has really helped. I am usually a basket case by February and have even gone to the doc for anti-depressents in other Februarys, but not since I have been doing these long walks (half hour a pop). I have been taking St. John's Wort for several years, and I recently stopped that, so I must be doing okay.
I tried the lights years ago, but they said you really needed to be under them too long. I didn't have the patience or time to sit there. It is almost time to warm up here, so I have hope this long dreary winter will be over soon. (I know it is not long compared to other folks' winters, but really, ANY winter is too long for me!)
Thanks for asking.
Kathy, too

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I'm doing much better this year than before. I'm going to try to get off my antidepressant this coming spring. I walk at least 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes at a time, and I do it outdoors. For me, exercise is really important to my mood.
The weather here has been topsy-turvy. We've had lots of snow, but also several warm patches that have melted it all away. Now we're back to a thick coating with more on the way and a salt shortage. I don't know how far this news has gone, but in Vermont, we're having supply problems with salt. It's not that there isn't enough to buy; the problem is that we can't get it here. There aren't enough delivery trucks to transport it because everyone needs it at the same time, and any snow we get is a double whammy because it requires more salt, and also makes it harder for the trucks to get through. They're talking about adding sand to the salt to make it go further, but I guess sand can have its own problems, having to be swept up in the spring, and dug out of all the storm drains.

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I guess I don't have SAD when you consider what my situation has been for the past 5 months---

Of course I have been buying too many items on QVC does that count as a disease------LOL


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Florence, I have heard that people that are depressed often go shopping to make them feel better. For me it is ordering roses! I don't think you are suffering from depression though. Probably just cabin fever! You are doing great considering what has happened to you and your family. If your credit card can stand it, a little retail therapy can't hurt!

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Terry Crawford

Hello ladies - this has been such a long, cold winter here in Illinois. The last couple of weeks we have had below zero temps and a lot of snow. I have been sitting in front of my french doors in the kitchen watching the cardinals and blue jays at the bird feeder along with my cats, so I get a lot of light during the day, which helps a lot. Plus there's about an hour much light at night. I just can't wait to feel those warm spring breezes on my face and arms again. My cats are so bored and want to go outside and play but it's way too cold for them.

Hang in there; we'll make it through.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I tried to skip my Zoloft this year and gave up. Too depressing ---LOL!

I go out and bask in the sun or what ever rays come through the cloud cover, as much as possible.

I am ready for spring!

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi Everyone:
We have finally had some sunny weather in the pnw, and I did get my roses all pruned and sprayed albeit slowly with the ankle braces! It cheered me up a lot to get outside and into the sun a little. I started walking the dog in the mornings, but had a setback as my ankles got sore and swollen again, so the Physical Therapist said to wait another week and try it again. I am getting tired of wearing pants to work....I miss my skirts and cute shoes! Thank goodness for Lexapro! Hope you are all getting a little relief from the weather. Daylight saving time comes early this year. It is nice to have longer daylight after work.

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Hi two Kathy's, Zeffy and all.

I went on anti-depresents a year last fall and stayed on them. Heehee! I am glad to say and hope I stay on them for a long time - like forever. I am so much better on them. I have had a few ups and downs lately because of circumstances, but on the whole I am so much calmer and happier.

Kathy-OR, So sorry to hear about your sprained ankles - you poor thing. Yes, the weather here too has improved a lot and have had quite a few milder sunny days where we have done quite a bit of gardening. Pruned my roses also, I am a bit of a non conformist there and often do my main prune in the Fall. I am sure that that would horrify a lot of people.:) but because we have absolutely no sunshine in our yard throughout the whole winter, it gives them a better start. One of these days I could regret it, but I am up for taking the chance. It is good to know that daylight savings time will be early again - wow, what a big difference that made last year - to everyone it seems. I am a walker too, but sometimes I fall off the waggon, but I am back on track again. I walk for an hour a day - I would like to increase the time, then cut the whole thing down to three days a week Mon, Wed and Friday, So on the "free" days, I would be able to get a lot more done.
So hang in their guys. Spring is in the air here, the birds brought it. I love to hear the fresh new sounds, all-over again. Hope those of you in colder regions will hear the Spring bird songs soon.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Pauline, I'm so glad you are having good results with your antidepressant. I remember that you were having trouble last winter. Thanks for the sympathy about my ankles. They are slowly getting better. I took a walk this am with the dog and have physical therapy after work today. I am getting used to wearing these braces. They really help. And I am putting my feet up during the day when I can, and icing in the evening. My DH laughs at me as I have my ankles encased in plastic bags of frozen peas! But it really works well. Yesterday I got on the lawn tractor and mowed the "field". It smelled spring was finally here. I am also looking forward to DST and am glad it is earlier. I will be walking in the dark in the morning, but that is a good trade off for more light in the evening.
Bye for now.

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