The cake was blue...

tisha_(z7 OKC)October 31, 2010

I wanted a lilac cake for the wedding. Instead, it turned out to be kind of blue. No big deal though.

I did, however, email me photog last week, and ask if it looked blue in the pics she took. It did in everyone else's candid pics, but I was hoping it looked a little more on the purple side with the big fancy camera. :-)

She was kind enough to send me a picture, and it was indeed pretty much blue in her pics too.

At this point, I was mostly just wondering, so I wouldn't get myself all talked up in my head, and then be bummed out next week when I get all of the pro pics, to see that it was blue. So, really, I was fine... I had just been wanting to be prepared.

But then she sent me a "color corrected" version, where she used the color of Keith's tie to photoshop the cake. And it's pretty darn perfect. The color from Keith's tie is the same exact color as the sample I left with the baker, so this is what the cake was really supposed to look like.

I told her I felt like a Mrs.-zilla for caring this much about the color of the cake. She replied that she totally understood and that for her wedding, she had wanted the whole cake covered in large gumpaste roses, but when she got there, it was covered in little tiny roses and even today, when she looks at the photos with the cake in them, that's all she sees, and it still bugs her. So I am glad she understands. So, basically, I'm really excited that she can "fix" it, but also a little embarrased that I care this much about the color of cake fondant. LOL

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I bet it tasted great--no matter what the color, but I understand where you're coming from. I wonder if you had specified "light purple", if it would have been more what you wanted? Have a small cake made for your first anniversary, ask for "light purple"--and see what you get!

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I gave them a sample of the color though. I figured that was enough, but I guess not. lol

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Tish, I got so excited this past weekend. I was watching Elizabethtown, the movie with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, where he drives across country at the end. He drives past the Round Barn. They show it in all its fabulous glory!!! I was already crying because it was the road trip he and his dad promised each other many years previous... but I started yelling Oh Tish and Keith! Hey Tish! Happy wedding!!!! I almost felt like I was there.


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