Fountain repair

jclagrecaApril 30, 2012

I was just about to give up on my fountain, when I decided I wanted to repair it.


I chiseled out the center fountain piece from the basin. The basin had been leaking from the electrical input in the hole underneath.

I think I want to pull the plastic liner out of the hole, and fully cement it in, so the bottom of the whole basin will just be flat. I'll cut a 3/4 channel out of the bottom fountain post, for my 1/2 schedule 40 PVC input. The pump will simply sit in the water basin, and pump up through the 1/2 PVC pipe.

My question is, what can I seal the basin with, so water won't leak through the porous cement? I searched around a bit tonight, and found other people suggestion "BEHR Premium Basement & Masonry Waterproofer" Home Depot has a 1 gallon container for $29. Will this work good? Is there a better solution for a similar price?

Also, if I chisel the fountain post clean, how can I re-attach it to the basin? Should I just mix up some portland cement or quick-krete or is there something special to hold the fountain to the basin?

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I suspect that Gorilla Glue would work. It claims to be waterproof and work on cement. It swells to fill large gaps something like Great Stuff. However, I have not used it for snything like this. Perhaps someone here could confirm?

It actually uses some dampness to start the setting process. I would think much less than $30 would be needed. I was very surprised that it worked to repair a severely broken large, 'light cement' (still very heavy), planter (cement and styrofoam I think). It was broken in ~10 jaged crumbly pieces.

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