Ready to fire up your Motorpickles?

iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)February 29, 2008

I usually wait until they get the potholes repaired before venturing forth on my two wheeler. Cold is not a problem; ice & snow and potholes - are! With the price of gas I am ready to park my truck for the summer.

There are more "Keepers" this year than ever. Alice in Wonderland types. With the severe cold the fill just dosen't last. Also having run out of salt they have been just using heavier equipment like road graders, which exasperates the problem.

We were in Chicago last weekend and they have their share also. Daughter's 4 wheel drive SUV came in handy!

How are the potholes in your area?

Here is a link that might be useful: potholes victorious

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

The horrible winter conditions here have produced a banner year for potholes. It's never been quite this bad. We have constant freezing and thawing all winter, this winter even more than usual. There are some killer potholes I have learned to steer clear from in the past few days. Also a lot of weird dips in the roads that weren't there before. I haven't seen any road crews out fixing them; either it's too cold or they ran out of money due to all they had to spend on salt and plowing.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Doug, Lance rides. I believe he has a Norton. Only reason I remember is ex BF had a Norton, among many.


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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Out here the roads are not too bad, just a little sand to watch out for. The Ducati just broke ten thousand miles on a ride through the country on Sunday. Except when using the motorcycle as a commuter vehicle most of those miles are from having a great time riding in the country. It gets 48 mpg so it is still fairly inexpensive to use even with premium gas.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Ducati, I was wrong. My cousin had a Ducati.


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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Ducati's are cool bikes. My Godson has one. He was one of the last to leave one of Houston's hurricanes and found he was looking at a empty freeway in front of him for miles and miles.

He was so tempted to open it up and see what it would really do when he decided to cool it. It was a good thing he did because he came upon one of Houston's finest with a radar gun at a overpass a few miles down the road.

They were finaly able to get some hot pack down on River Road this last weekend, but not before it ate a Pinto (blew both tires and re adjusted the rust on the unibody!)

It is amazing any Pinto is still running! ---or was!

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