Update on Joann

lilosophieOctober 7, 2012

She has healed very well, the very bad bite took a lot of cleansing and wrapping, the good care she took with it showed, she did not get an infection, and no blood-clot, another concern.

She had trouble sitting for quite a while, the deep bruises in her rear-end were much more painful than first anticipated.

The town rallied around her, the local paper ran an article with pictures, there were money and gift donations, and it was generally agreed a law-suit would be rewarding, but to collect is another story and the dog-owners are spiteful, vengeful individuals, so it most likely would create more problems than it solved.

Joann wrote a letter of thanks, published in the local paper, and this is what she said:

I want to thank all my friends for the caring and love you gave me when Ron died and then the dog attack.

I was questioning my place in the world, when the community embraced me with words, hugs, cards, money and produce from your gardens.

Because of this I am healing both from the heart and in the flesh.

I love everyone of you.

Thank you,

> Joann Sims

We do live in a good place

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Lilo, thanks for the update on Joann; I'm very glad she's healing physically and mentally, too. (As we know, sometimes that's the harder thing to do!) Her letter to the newspaper was just right; please tell her that her GP friends were asking about her, too.

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Thanks for the update, and I'm so glad to see that Joann io healing well and that she has support from the community.

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That's good news, thank you. You seem to have a great community, but like everywhere else there is always somebody who can't live in peace with the rest.

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I've thought about her often and I'm happy to hear she is doing well.

Since Joann was attacked, something similar happened to a woman in my book group.Horrible.

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That is fantastic! On every front. I am well pleased for you two.

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