A Rose for Anna Nicole Smith

michelle_co(z5 CO)February 9, 2007

Touch of Class, blooming, faded, and gone.

RIP, Anna.


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For all she was and did, etc.--no parent should ever have to experience what she did with the simultaneous birth and loss of a child.

It struck me as an unimaginably cruel and horrific twist of fate and I wondered, privately, how long she would last.

I agree, RIP.


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Glad to see someone has a heart. Another forum I go to; all they've done is put her down. Very sad.

I wish Anna peace. I wish that Daniellynn grows up to be a wonderful woman, hoping that someone will bring her up right, away from Hollywood.

I saw Anna on Entertainment Tonight during the week, her death really didn't surprise me. She seemed pretty drugged up. Footage can be seen on their web site for those interested.

I can't imagine what she's been through. I have a good idea, but what ever I can imagine, I'm sure it's magnified. That scum Larry who claims to be the father of the baby; did not have to drag this through the media the way he did. I truly hope it comes out that he is not the father, and that her estate sues the pants off of him. For Anna to just lose a son, then to have him on her tail must have been horriffic. She said on ET that he signed 3 confidentiality agreements, yet he doesn't remember signing even 1. To be someone like her, I'm sure she has everyone sign one.

It's so easy these days to say you were with someone, to claim or deny paternity. So easy for people to go after people like her with money. How many starts have been the subject of something like this, but in their case they weren't weak from losing the most important person in their lives.

These days people are after money. The whole time I've wondered what does he have to gain, shut up money? I mean, even if he is the father, why should she pay him child support, especially since she'd probably have custody. He probably wants to be paid off, so that he doesn't have to be in her life. How sad that the baby has been the pawn in all of this.

Rest in peace Anna, may you find happiness with your beloved son. May you watch over that beautiful baby girl.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

It is so sad that the little girl is left without a mother. But Anna seemed so devastated by her son's death, there is no knowing how stable she could be. When I heard she had collapsed, I knew what might have happened. So sad, RIP.

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Such a sad thing, all of it. I tend to agree with her mother, and wonder, at the people who surrounded her..I don't think they took very good care of her.
I hope that her little girl somehow is able to thrive and become her own person...
she was only 39, what a age to die..and what a life she had to endure. I can't help but feel sorry for her..and I wish for her to RIP.

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Now the piranahs gather to complete the Dramatic play.
Somthing Big Boisterous Miss All American Beauty may her daughter survive them with grace!

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Thank you all for being so incredibly gracious. It shows true compassion.

Miss All American Beauty is a great tribute.


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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

After hearing that three men are claiming parentage now I think the best thing would be for the babies past to be wiped clean and give her to a loving family as far from the media and Hollywood as possible.


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Anyone have a link for the new claim?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Joe, right on with the "hangers". Zsa Zsa's husband the father? I guess we could start a pool?
What's really sad about stories like this is the celebrity part, it goes on and on and on. No rest anytime soon.


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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

She once expressed the feeling (to Larry King, in a lucid conversation) of a dark cloud hanging over her head every moment of every day. How true that comment seems now.

Anna's life played out like a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy, in real time on the public stage. How else can one begin to comprehend the surreal circumstances surrounding the death of her son? That event was so over the top, so outside the realm of life's ups and downs, so incomprehensible.

Considering also that her son may've been the only true person she had in her life, the loss must've been for her, and for anyone in her situation, impossible to bear.


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cajunrosegal(10 south florida)

She loved Marilyn Monroe, her death is eerily similar to that of the star. I wish her peace and eternal happiness with her son. I wouldnt know what to do if I lost either one of my kids. For her to lose her son and have the press constantly down on her ...must have been absolutely horrid.
Im not happy with her mother however...on tv scant days later in full makeup. I would have been no where near ready to face the world if my child had died. Hollywood...any press is good press....

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flowernay(z7b E.TEXAS)

I gotta give the lady credit for living life in the fast lane HER WAY... It took "alot of guts" to put herself out there and live like that in the spotlight. The poor dear hasn't been laid to rest yet... It's a shame that so many people that were quick to ridicule or judge her in life are lining up to "cash in" on her death. I hope her daughter has a life of peace and happiness.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

My prayers go out to that woman. My heart was sad when her son died several days after her baby was born. I hope she will be in peace with her son.

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satinsky2(7B NC)

I believe a NEW rose should be put in her name. I just wish I knew how to breed a new rose for her. She had a very tragic life. I have also. No one should be quick to judge her because you have not walked in her shoes. If I can ever figure out how to cross breed and make a new rose, I will name it after her.

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Anna Nicole Smith will be buried in the Bahamas.

Judge Larry Seidlin awarded custody of the former Playboy Playmate's body to Richard Milstein - her daughter Dannielynn's court-appointed guardian yesterday (22.02.07).

Milstein has decided she should be buried in the Bahamas, next to her son Daniel.

Was going to post last night after the ruling. I sat here late afternoon, hoping the judge would decide. When the decision came that he left it up to the guardian of the baby, I was a bit upset; since who knows what they will decide. Thankfully, they decided she belonged next to her son, but unfortunatly, her mother can't accept that.

I truely hope it doesn't take forever to hear the appeal and I hope that the mother does not get her way. Ever since I can remember seeing Anna in the news, she's always said she hates her mother. I feel the mother is after what ever money can be had if she's awarded custody of the baby.

Sad, very sad. I doubt she thought it would end like this.

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flowernay(z7b E.TEXAS)

Of course she wanted to be buried next to her son. I think it's sadly ironic that they moved to the bahamas to find peace, only to be found "resting in peace" so soon afterwards.

I hope the mother respects the judges decision and lets her RIP.

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