Another update on Robyn and my surgery !!!

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)February 21, 2008

Just a little note to bring my friends up to date .

Robyn is really getting stronger everyday----It is so good to hear her laugh again It has been a rough 5 months and many times I thought we were going to lose my precious daughter.

slowly but surely she is becoming stronger emotionally---

She is now able to stand up for herslf--I don't think anyone will ever abuse her again.

Rick is still doing some sneaky things but she is handling it much better.

Her daughter is still being difficult---everyone says she will come around as she matures and realizes the truth about what happened.

My DH has been a saint with Robyn---She says he saved her life with his kindness and supportive advice.

Robyn has to go to court again in March----- her DH is complaining about the support money the judge ordered him to pay.

Thanks for all your prayers !!!We still need them.

About my stress fracture-----I'm still in the wheelchair I'm still in pain when I try to put weight on my leg--

It has been a very long recovery----I'm not complaining---there are many people in much worse shape than I am.------I just hope I will be able to walk when the roses are blooming.

Hope you are all well.

Fondly, Florence

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Dear Florence,
Thanks so much for the update. You and Robyn are still in my prayers. I'm glad she is finding her strength and feeling more confident. You are an inspiration for me, Flo. I badly sprained both my ankles a month ago, and everytime I start to feel sorry for myself, I remind myself of what you have been through this winter and how upbeat your attitude remains in spite of your setback. Hopefully, we will both digging in the dirt, and enjoying a summer full of roses.

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Florence, you are so strong to have gone through so much,
but I wish you beautiful days ahead and may many roses, be
in bloom for you, this gardening season.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Zeffy, I'm so glad Robyn is feeling better - one day soon she'll realize how much better life is without this man (if you can call him a 'man')and be truly happy again.

Now we just need you well! I loved our conversation yesterday; when DH came home I told him we'd talked and he agreed, we need you next door. No summer heat, seldom snow...we'd just have to figure out something for your roses to make them happy in cool coastal weather.
Be sure to let us know how your next appointment turns out - everyone here is praying for you.

Kathy, I hope you are mending too - what a winter this has been. Do you realize you are leaving a lot to our imaginations by not telling us how you managed to sprain both ankles :) I'm picturing bungee jumping myself...

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, good to hear about Robyn. What an ordeal.
Glad you are back on the forums, it's just not the same without you. I hope spring will bring a new beginning for you both. Best wishes.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

You are both in my thoughts. Stay strong, spring will be here soon. The harder the winter, the more glorious the spring.

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Florence, I am so pleased that your daughter is doing so much better. I hope her life takes a huge turn and she makes some new positive changes. Also new friends and interests, as well as keeping up with good old friends, generally keeping busy, and spoiling herself - she deserves it.
As for you dear Florence, so sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. Please take good care, be patient, do not rush things, continue whatever exercises you need to strengthen up and before you know it you will be good as new.
Thinking of you.
Love Pauline

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You and your family are in my prayers Florence! I hope you'll be up when Zephrines is blooming!

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