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kathyjane(z6VA)October 28, 2012

Sorry, Guys---have not been a snot----just so busy with grounds clean-up and Oak leaves --average between 8 to 16

BIG leaf-vac loads per day--- finally broke the hitch on the stabilizer bar yesterday,

so I'm sorta/kinda/half-way/almost free 'til it's fixed by my HERO DSIL.

I've been getting these Oak leaves up for 16 years and I've never had such huge rows before----chest high and running out of peremiter land.

Mainly, I just wanted to echo what the WX guys keep saying---'stock up with essentials and don't take chances with the storm' coming towards the east coast!

We're in the northwestern part of Va. and may wind up with snow along with the wind and rain.

I surely hope no one takes unneccesary chances!

I hope and pray when this finally blows through, all our many Oak trees will still be here, but not the leaves!\

Stay safe.


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Kathyjane, you and I have it with the oak leaves. Why we bought this house after I swore, when I left home, that I never ever would move to a property with oaks, I don't know. Forgot in the 20 years I lived without them. My neighbor and I wished on Friday for just a small, little tornado which would pick up the mess and blow it over to the woods about 500 yds to the North.
Just stay safe and check in when you can.

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We don't have any big trees in our yard, but we sure get plenty of leaves from the neighbors. :>) Though nowhere near the amount that you talked about, Kathy--thank goodness!

We're hope we're ready for Sandy; we've got food, water, our medicines, and flashlights, and don't have to go anywhere. We've been fortunate that we rarely lose power in storms and hope this one won't be the exception. I truly feel much sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of people who really may be "in harm's way".

Stay safe, everyone.

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It's peaceful here on the West-Coast, I am thinking and praying for my friends in the path of this storm.
We did have a Tsunami scare because of a big quake in BC, but it fizzled out and the alerts were cancelled, glad it happened, because who wants to be between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Please stay safe and hang in there! sending Sunflowers and what they really stand for

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm glad you checked in, but sorry you're having to work so hard.

Everyone stay safe in the storms.

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I truly thought of you this morning. They were giving our forecast when they said 4-17" of snow in far east Tennessee, just a hair's bredth from where you live. Sounds like you too, need to stay safe. Thanks for checking in!

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KJ, I always start worrying about you when I see a bad weather
report where you live. I've seen those trees of yours and they are massive.
Please stay safe during this storm.

If you need anything, call me and I'll send it by UPS

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