A long Ramble from Casa Lilo

lilod(NoCal/8)October 1, 2010

Beginning the last quarter year the way the third quarter ended: still using the walker, still keeping most weight of the left leg. I went to see the Doctor yesterday, new x-ray done. The bone is healing, the pins are where they are supposed to be, all looks good, but there is still a hairline crack showing, so keeping weight off for another month, he said. I complained that my shoulder is getting sore from keeping the weight off when walking, he is so funny, he said "oh, I can fix that after you get off the walker", I told him I�d rather not. I had the choice of having the pinning procedure or a hip replacement, and had I had that done, I�d be ambulatory, but would have lost quite a bit of mobility. Dr. B. said my bones are in such good shape, that it�s worthwhile to keep my own hip.

Good thing we are going toward the rainy season, outdoor stuff will cease and the garden can go dormant and stay untidy until spring,, it actually has not done too poorly, considering this is the second season of neglect - there was a water shortage the year before, so this was going to be the season to get things back in shape.

Joann is the hero in this whole enterprise, though. She takes care of the chickens and the goats, puts Gussie to bed at night and lets her out in the morning. She handles the compost and the trash, vacuums and does little things not possible for me to do. All that and taking care of her house and be Ron�s Advocate and care-taker, going to his appointments with him, seeing that he eats enough when he is on Chemo. So far the treatments have kept the cancer from getting ahead, but it is a holding action, most likely can�t be more than that.

I had just about decided to forgo the firewood order and use the money instead to budget for the propane I�d need for the furnace, but both Joann and Ron convinced me to get the firewood, because the radiant heat is so much more comfortable than the forced air furnace - Joann will help me managing the wood-stove, I think by the time the stove is in steady use I shall be more ambulatory anyway.

Daughter Linda volunteered her son Trevor and perhaps a couple of his friends for the wood-stacking chore, that will be interesting.

So here I am, practicing patience, learning to get very organized, learning to sit on the bar-stool when I prep for my dinner, learning that sitting down to do things is practical, baskets with handles are good to move more than one thing at the time from one place to the other, learning to overlook things that are not done, to set priorities.

Perhaps now I will find the time to scan and sort the huge quantity of photos, clean out the old paperwork and cull the book-case. And then, maybe not.

Promise to do more posting on the GP.

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Thank you so much for this detailed update, Lilo. You keep telling me I am a kid next to you, but I'm old enough to know how crucial it is to keep on trucking and also how crucial it is to let other folks take over some parts of my life. I have not loved this but I am dealing with it.

I still think of your little Chloe everytime I see a post from you, Lilo.

Take care, sweetie!

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You are working it out lilod. Thanks for sharing.

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Applauding your patience!

I have a good friend who has had knee surgery, a bad back, weak legs forever. I was privileged to visit her in her home recently, while she prepared a meal. She has a low table
a bit lower than desk height, and a really good office chair - she cooks, loads the dishwasher, prepares vegetables, everything - scooting back and forth between her sink, the stove, and that low table... moving faster than I could on two feet.

Know you need to keep off your feet for a bit. Hoping you have a really good office chair to help you save some steps.

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You really have come to just the right place in all this it seems. I remember your initial frustration,anger,and impatience and look at you now.You're really doing well Lilo,mostly because of just the way you are,but also those great kids of yours.Let us know if you ever get those pictures sorted. I gave up years ago. It's not going to happen.

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Marda, you are likely right about those pictures.
Yes, my kids are making me very happy.
And as for where I am, probably where I need to be - making lemonade and buying green bananas for later -
Fix for my sore shoulder: St. John's Wort oil - home-made from plants on this property, works great!

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Lilo, I am glad that you made peace with the fact that for the time being you have others help you and running is not in the picture for a while.
Do we all have boxes of pictures where the rest of the family either has copies or don't have the slightest clue who all those people are? Do I really need the pictures from the company party in 1968 in Ft. Eustis? I don't even know who they are anymore.

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Now, in addition to the boxes of pictures in the closet, I have a computer full of pictures that probably nobody but me will ever see! At least, eventually, someone will look at the pictures in the boxes, even if only to throw them away!

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