Paper or plastic or digital or some combo?

anntn6b(z6b TN)February 14, 2007

I am sitting at my desk, computer on. Well, it's this computer. First computer was struck and fried by lightening. Second was fried by lightening.

Third and fourth died of hard drive death.

This is the sixth (DH uses the fifth).

The above explains why I have no faith in what's on my hard drive. And I do have backup CDs cut of most things.

But I also have books with references marked. And hand written notes from library searches where copies couldn't be made.

I am drowning in information.

Any suggestions on making it simpler?

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If it is important to me, I have multiple copies. The computer I use currently has 3 hard drives, I run "My Documents" from the 2nd. I save stuff to the 2nd, then back up on the 3rd. I also have a 750 mb zip disk for photos, making those backed up 3 times.

On my newest computer, which I was gonna build with my dad before he died, I have a main drive and will have 2 500 gig drives. I've started thinking of getting a fireproof box and storing a backup drive or 2 in it.

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A good filing system for paper items, books, CDs and a card catalog system that references where to locate said item. Index cards and plastic bins work well for making the catalog. I know antiquated but if the computer dies the database doesn't die with it. Plus I have gotten tired of turning on the computer just to bring up the database to locate something. JM2CW.

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