carla17(Z7 NC)February 11, 2008

A couple of e-mails that I sent you came back undeliverable. Do you know what's up. I really wanted you to read one of them.


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Hi Carla-------I happened to see a post by Rozanna over on the ARF----the e-mail address next to her name was

You can see if that works.


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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Carla I am here

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Thank God. A lost Rozanna would have sent the entire Forum into a frenzy. We already had to endure a lost Carla and an incapacitated Florence for a month!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, thanks but I actually replied to one of Ro's mails. Said something about her DSN. I think it went through.
Lord no Harry, she's not missing she's just tied up with that BF/husband?


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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Rozanna is packing. We had originally thought we would leave this morning - our brains were ready but our bodies said "you must be kidding sucka". How did I go from having not even a spoon in this place when I moved in a year ago to having so much stuff. We are almost ready to leave - taking it easy. Big snow expected tonight and early in the morning but Friday looks good for travel so we will spend one more day here and just piddle along till we get loaded, cleaned and ready to leave. The poor dog is a bout to have a nervous breakdown - we are hiding/throwing away her toys and messing with her world. Bruce is having anxiety because he still can't do the work of a 20 year old. ?Duh? I am not 20 anymore either and don't want a 20 year old. Life is way too short to worry and get in a tizzy about such stuff.

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Good Luck with your move---Please keep us posted--

BTW---I'm not 20 anymore either---LOL LOL


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