terrible Tuesday...

pagan(8b)March 20, 2007

yesterday I got a f/u call from the clinic re my recovery. I had a rotten day - mid-back pain that didn't go away and hasn't yet. So today will call the nurse and see if I need to go back, get a new MRI, or what the scoop is. Ya see, my previous surgeries and focus were on my cervical vertebrae... now the pain has reared it's nasty old head in my thoracic region, which is part of where the column hit me and which I wasn't having before all this. Could the cervical pain have masked the thoracic?? And thus far, no x-rays or MRI's of that area have been done...

if I HAVE to go back, then I want to do it and get it over with so I can get on with my life. If it is just a question of time and waiting a few more weeks, then I want to know that too...


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So sorry to read this. Didn't you plant a rose the other day? Maybe you pulled something? It's possible, especially if you haven't been that active.

Feel better, but yeah, I would ask for an MRI, can't hurt.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

How frustrating. Just when you're trying to move forward.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

Truly sad,Pagan.
However if you will permit a little O/T
Being male and a good ol boy my first reaction was why would the clinic do a f/u to you.Then the lite went on-a follow up.

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PAgan---I had my back surgery over a year ago and I never had a pole fall on me but I've made the decision that I will always have to be very careful

It is difficult not to dig and do all the things you are used to doing.

I was told it would take a year to fully recover.

Please be careful and try to take it easy. You could have hurt something the other day when you planted the rose.

Take care and keep us posted.


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So sorry for your misery and pain. It just isn't fair, is it?
I have a friend who had extensive back surgery and she is still dealing with pain, too. You just gotta get better, that's all there is too it. Wishing you well.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I thought of the other FU, too, lol. I've gotten that from clinics before ;]

Hopefully, your thoracic pain is not the stubborn kind... realistically it hasn't been around long, so it may go away just wonderfully. I keep remembering a basketball back-injury I had for about 2 years that is so totally gone, it's hard to remember it [OK, tons of years ago].

My point is that I don't know why that one went away and my stubborn evil-twin one is still with me. Mostly they do go away in the world, really!

I'd get with the best PT and follow her rules to the absolute T.

I bet it's just icky pain and not stay-with-you-for-years pain, statistically at least, lol!

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