Pet food recall

theroselvrMarch 18, 2007

Don posted this at another forum I go to. The link to the main site is below.

Recall Information 1-866-895-2708

Recalled Dog Product Information

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets

2. Authority

3. Award

4. Best Choice

5. Big Bet

6. Big Red

7. Bloom

8. Bruiser

9. Cadillac

  1. Companion

  2. Demoulas Market Basket

  3. Eukanuba

  4. Food Lion

  5. Giant Companion

  6. Great Choice

  7. Hannaford

  8. Hill Country Fare

  9. Hy-Vee

  10. Iams

  11. Laura Lynn

  12. Loving Meals

  13. Meijers Main Choice

  14. Mixables

  15. Nutriplan

  16. Nutro Max

  17. Nutro Natural Choice

  18. Nutro

  19. Ol'Roy Canada

  20. Ol'Roy US

  21. Paws

  22. Pet Essentials

  23. Pet Pride - Good n Meaty

  24. Presidents Choice

  25. Price Chopper

  26. Priority

  27. Publix

  28. Roche Bros

  29. Save-A-Lot

  30. Schnucks

  31. Shep Dog

  32. Springsfield Prize

  33. Sprout

  34. Stater Bros

  35. Total Pet

  36. Western Family

  37. White Rose

  38. Winn Dixie

  39. Your Pet

Recalled Cat Product Information

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets

2. Authority

3. Best Choice

4. Companion

5. Compliments

6. Demoulas Market Basket

7. Eukanuba

8. Fine Feline Cat

9. Food Lion

  1. Foodtown

  2. Giant Companion

  3. Hannaford

  4. Hill Country Fare

  5. Hy-Vee

  6. Iams

  7. Laura Lynn

  8. Li'l Red

  9. Loving Meals

  10. Meijer's Main Choice

  11. Nutriplan

  12. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics

  13. Nutro Natural Choice

  14. Paws

  15. Pet Pride

  16. Presidents Choice

  17. Price Chopper

  18. Priority

  19. Save-A-Lot

  20. Schnucks

  21. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans

  22. Sophistacat

  23. Special Kitty Canada

  24. Special Kitty US

  25. Springfield Prize

  26. Sprout

  27. Total Pet

  28. Wegmans

  29. Western Family

  30. White Rose

  31. Winn Dixie

Here is a link that might be useful: Recall link

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That was sad interesting these are all made by the same company!

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Exactly what I thought. I know we have a lot of pet owners here, some may not have heard about it.

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I read something along the lines that it had been a problem with contaminated wheat gluten. Max the Moo's wheat-free food isn't on the list - happy for us!

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I either cook for the cats or they eat Evangers or Somthing Called Eagle Pack Holistic. I remember a battle on here 2 years back when several of us were discussing one particular companies dubious need to test it's food on lab cats. They kept adding more and more fillers and beet pulp the company has plenty of beet pulp from one of its parent companies how much can you put in pet food before the bloating cause complaints by pet owners. It's not really a regulated industry even thed Fed asked some of the companies to reduce the ammount of ethoxoquin (a cancer linked preservative) added to pet food. Meat by products is a nice name for ca ca that sits in vats of enzymes so it can be broken down into somthing to be stuck in a can..another ingerdient on pet food is animal fat ...they cant even tell you what animal it is it's the dregs from rendering plants which includes left over restaurant grease too rancid to be used anymore. I wont include any links or otherwise they will be targeted as crazies or folks with other agendas...just look for yourselves do searches of whats in you pet food. Dr Jane Beaks books taught me alot about what was in each pet food also gave me recipes for healthy pet foods for healthy animals. I have no idea what her brand is like now that she has one I've never used it

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This is why I feed my animals raw food. I feel so sad for the animals and their humans. :(

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barb_in_dc(z7 DC)

I used to laugh at my Mother because she actually COOKED for her dog. The laugh's on me, now. I'm looking for some recipes to make food at home for my cat! My original concern was the materials used in "Pop Open" cans, which have been suspect in some quarters for problems in animals and PEOPLE. Now I wonder just what's going on. We have always fed her Fancy Feast/Science Diet/Purina Cat Chow.

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Here are some good pages for making your own and understanding what nutritional requirements your felines need to have in their diet. If you live in a big city you should be able to find all items on the list easily. Overall food view with recipes. Has the Hill's Special perscription recipes for making at home for your cat.

Hope all of your kitties are ok.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I hope that all of our pets are ok.
And I appreciate roselvr's posting the list; I had finally been able to download it just before it was posted here.

And may I get in line to plant my hobnailed boot firmly in the rumps of all the clueless newreaders across North America and their producers: for putting photos of animals with other maladies on the air while this story is THE on air story and for those who say with concern that this chemical "isn't approved for foodstuffs in the USA" showing that they totally miss the point that the foodstuffs are mfg in Canada and include ingredients not from North America. As if there were NO wheat from the Great Plains of Canada. Could transport of wheat from China to Toronto possibly have been cheaper than to bring it from the Prairie Provinces? guess they didn't pass along the cost of the rodenticide additives.

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Its also perfectly legal to render euthanized pets for petfood in Canada not certain how the law stands in the US right now. The chemicals used to euthanize that don't break down in the rendering process tha bothers me. Yeah I though how cheap could that wheat be to ship it from China.

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