spring babies

pagan(8b)March 16, 2007

I was sitting on the back porch reading yesteday, puppy asleep on my lap, when over my head I heard a scribble scrabble noise. Looked up to see 2 baby squirrels peering over the eave of the house (where the back wall of the house becomes a part of the porch) at me. When I moved, they toddled away and disappeared in an opening that I HOPE doesn't go all the way through to the attic, but that probably does... I hated to, but I threw tons of mothballs around their porch hole... hoping the smell will drive them to relocate, and at that NOT further into the attic! Ron will go up there tonite and throw mothballs in the attic part. It works to get rid of the critters... just doesn't keep the next generation away.

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I once had a neighbor whose attic was infested with squirrels. I could look out my kitchen window up to the eves of their house and see many holes with little squirrel heads peaking out. Obviously a squirrel can bore through wood or possibly weathered wood that is soft?

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