An invincible 101-year-old Rose

long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)March 11, 2007

Good for her!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Morat

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what an awful person!! Karma is going to nail his behind one day!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Why do you say good for her? I think I am missing something here.

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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

Rose was punched in the face multiple times and still stood tall, at 101 years old.

Good for her! Good for you! It's a colloquial expression meaning "way to go!"

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I saw that on TV---what a horrible thing at any age but at her age it is a wonder she didn't die---She said if her legs were better she would have chased him

she sure is spunky.


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They just keep repeating that video over and over and it disgusting and yeah plucky woman in the interview afterwards!

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What an ugly person! That is about as low as it gets. I hope the police nail the creep.

"May his actions come back at him


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