An interesting question.

gandle(4 NE)October 7, 2011

In Michael's 10/7 quote, Steve said if he had a chance to live his life over he wouldn't want to. I agree, even with a great marriage and companionship, the loss of three of my children would be too much to handle..I just about lost it when the last one was killed. But, it is a good question, would you care to live your life over again?

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No way! I had lots of adventures, opportunities, a decent marriage, bumps in the road and great vistas, learned a little, forgot some. I feel it's done with, don't want to rectify mistakes, I made them as learning experience, knowing the ramifications ahead would make me not want to make any move, and if a move is made, the balance of the life will have changed, maybe for the better, maybe not'
If reincarnation is a fact, I'd rather choose a different life and environment and see what happens.

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The next time around I become either a cat or a dog and find myself a dummy like me to boss around.
I don't regrett my life, but to do it over in the same way, no I would not, I don't like to repeat myself.

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LIve over again, no. Live for 100 more years, you bet!!!

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That is a tough one. I sometimes wonder where I would be if I had stayed in Florida, or finished college etc. I really like where I am now, and If I had done those other things, I wouldn't have DS, so I like what dorph says, 100 more years!

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No, I don't want to live my life again, been there, done that.
About living another hundred years, I would like it to start at age 24, when I was felt that I was at the top of my physical and mental peak.
In another life I'd like to come back as lilos or annelieses animals.

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Not over but if the next hundred are added would want the potential for all. We have a bit to go.

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Not in a million years would I do it over again. There are loads of good and bad things in every stage of life. I don't desire to relive the bad, and I sure don't want to miss out the good--for on whatever stages are left. I think I know where I would've been after changing the what-ifs (as I have just jumped those hurdles (debt and school) or seen where the road led later on, e.g. the guy I dated for 8 years but didn't marry? He's very very happily married to the most wonderful person. They belong together and I might've kept him from it), and the only one I truly regret, I can't regret, as I have the one I treasure the most, more than life itself, from that experience. My son would be a totally different person if it wasn't for him. I wouldn't change a thing about my baby, and it's his genes that make my son who he is. I couldn't have picked anyone better. Ed is a wonderfully funny man, with wickedly fantastic intellect, and many other desirable qualities.

I would live 100 more years if I had good health during the majority of that time. If not, I'll take what I have left, be it only a handful of minutes or 50 more years.


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

If I could go back with the knowledge I now have, yes. No doubt I'd make mistakes, but they'd be different ones and the ones I made in this life would have the chance to not have been made. Just a chance, though. I think the events and reactions that I look back on as being mistakes were made because of my basic character and a re-run wouldn't change who I was or how I reacted in certain circumstances, so I think the odds rather favor making the same mistakes again. Not all of them, because there were some events that just a slight touch more knowledge would have influenced me to choose very differently.

Live another 100 years? Only with a healthy mind and body. But I would love to see what happens next!

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Yup......but only if I knew what I know now when I was about 13 or 14. Too many mistakes during the first 30 years, then I started to learn. Still upset with my parents for not teaching me some things that took me a long time to learn by myself especially about money and education.

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gandle(4 NE)

Now this has a different twist. Last week the oncologist told me everything looks good but, you know that this type of lymphoma is incurable. She said, I would think you may have 4 or 5 years before it overwhelms anything we can do.

I wasn't even surprised, I guess I though no big deal. I'm already 85 and 4 or 5 more years will put me past what probably 80% of the people are getting. If I can keep most of my mind working then O.K. I'm happy with that.

She said that it won't be the lymphoma that gets you but some thing that your compromised immune system can't handle.

Glad she told me what I already suspected. Not going to change anything but just keep on doing.

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Gandle, 4 or 5 years may be long enough for them to find a cure, yes I am an optimist. Your way of living will keep you healthy longer than most others with this, just be aware of possible contagion and avoid it. Hoping for the rest of your time as free from medical stuff as possible and a long time too.

I have a biopsy on my thyroid coming up as they found unusually large nodes. The heart operation is finally scheduled for late March. With luck it will be the end of most or all medications and can move on to repair knees, shoulder and wrist among the rest of what they found this last year.

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