RIP Jazmyn: January 1999 - October 2010

jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)October 16, 2010

I knew the time was coming, but it still surprised me this morning that it was here. Steve and I had our Jazmyn put down. I could go into the particulars of the whys and wherefores, but suffice it to say it was medically appropriate, compassionate, and I'd sooner deal with a lifetime of wondering if we'd done it too soon than a moment of certainty we'd waited too long.

I'm glad Jaz had the opportunity to meet Tallulah, as she seemed to perk up around her. She couldn't wrestle with her without her legs giving out on her, but she sought the puppy out, and the most pleasurable moments she's had in the past months have seemed to revolve around the pup. Tallulah showed Jaz true gentleness and deference... which is something she hasn't shown much of in other contexts.

Izzy will probably lose weight now. Jazmyn reinforced her benevolent form of pack leadership with Izzy every night at dinner time. Izzy would wolf down her meal and politely sit about ten feet away, while Jaz brought mouthfuls of food to Izzy, who'd lick her muzzle in thanks and then scarf it up, sit politely, and hope for more. These two had a special bond that was fun to watch.

I miss the healthy, vigorous greyhound I used to know. Jaz was always a bit of an enigma to me: she was painfully shy, obstinate, and not much of a cuddler. But she opened up considerably in our care.

I never had to worry about her jumping up on or biting anyone. She was ridiculously patient with children... even when she had good reason not to have been. Whenever anyone touched her fur, they always commented on its softness. People with strong dog phobias and aversions were easily and immediately won over by her gentle nature. While Izzy usually outwears her welcome in the first five minutes by showing too much exuberance, I always knew that every social gathering would include finding at least one guest in a corner with Jazmyn, showering her with treats and praise. More often than not, these were self identified "cat people." Jazmyn always especially succeeded where Izzy didn't with people on the Autism spectrum.

When she was healthy, she was the fastest dog at the dog park, and she was clownish and playful with dogs and people alike. Her decline in health has been particularly horrible, as it included complete exercise intolerance and her rear legs becoming increasingly contorted and useless.

I feel at peace about the whole thing, but it's going to take me a little while to process it. Thanks for listening.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. Great dogs like Jazmyn are rare.

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gandle(4 NE)

So sorry. It will leave an empty spot.

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I'm so sorry.

Your thread is a lovely tribute.

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You shared so much of her with us Michelle and I'm going to miss that. I'm sorry for what you are feeling right now and know how much you will still see her everywhere in the next few days.You were a good mom and I share your philosophy completely when it comes to end of life issues with beloved pets.

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You wrote a lovely eulogy for a beloved dog.
Letting her go is the kindest thing you did for her. She was obviously loved and loved in return, a very special dog, you are fortunate to have known her.

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Sorry for your loss,jazmynsmom. Been there done that and it was a wrenching experience. Even after many years, we sit around and talk about our memories of our dog. He is part of the fabric of our lives.

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Aw gee...this hasnt been a good Fall for the pet mommies here at the GP. The "right" thing is so gut wrenching. Its been 2 months since we let Opie go and i just today felt like looking for a new kitten. We still have Baby Chuck, who is either my newest BFF or my co-dependent boyfriend(very clingly) but he is 14....sigh. Im toying with adopting from an Oriental Shorthair rescue group. Google the breed....definately a cat only a cat lover will love.

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Jaz, I'm sorry to read of your sad loss. I've read so much about your dogs and enjoy you writings. You have my sympathy.

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I'm so very sorry Michelle. Jazmyn is the third outstanding dog to pass on this week, that I knew of. I've always loved your stories of your dogs and Jaz. I had two greyhounds so that aspect always resonated with me. Always hard to have to put to sleep a dear friend, but as we know is true, it's so good that we are able to spare them further pain when the time comes. I will be thinking of you in these next hard days, and Izzy too. Hard on all those left behind. I'm glad you shared with us, would that we could do more.

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Michelle, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Jazmyn. Thanks for letting us grieve with you.

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Michelle, please add me to the long list of Partiers sending you kind thoughts. You wrote a lovely piece about Jaz, and I know she'll leave a big Jaz-shaped hole in your home for a long time, but I'm glad you can both feel at peace for having done the right thing for her.

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Michelle, sorry for your loss.

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Michelle, I am so so sorry about Jazmyn.
I know how much you loved her. In a way she was ours
just as Izzy and Kotie and now Tullie are.
You've shared stories and pictures and by doing so we have
shared a wonderful dog named Jaz that loved the dog park
and wouldn't hesitate to let you know when it was time to go.

My heart hurts and is very sad for you, Steve, Izzy, Kotie and Tullie.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Aww - I am sorry to hear this, but glad to know you are at peace with it.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Tears are welling up for you, Steve, Izzy and the new puppy. If there is anything I can do, you know where to find me. I know some people process things differently than I (I reach out for anyone and everyone) by quiet solitude and so I will not disturb you.

Peace be with you. You are all in my thoughts today.

Much love,

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Thanks for your kindness everyone. I am sad, but I really am OK with it, as it needed to happen, and her slow demise helped me accept it and give her a long sweet goodbye.

Here's an odd aspect of the experience: Remember years ago when I was applying for that job and sent a cheesecake to the office after my first interview, and didn't get that job, but they invented a position for me and hired me anyway, and that's still where I work, and I ended up really liking the person they DID hire for the position I wanted and work well with him and wouldn't change the outcome? (How's THAT for a sentence!) Well my employer built a new building across the street from our original location and moved into it about four years ago, and earlier this month my vet moved into our old office space. The euthanasia room is the office I would have had had I gotten the job I now realize I didn't want. Strange.

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Oh, Michelle, my heart aches for you.
Knowing you, you did not take this decision lightly and Jaz also knows that.

My precious little Sarah passed over this summer.
I can see she and Jazmyn all snuggled up, Sarah grooming Jazmyn, as they talk about 'the good ole days' and those wacko humans they had as parents.

Love you.

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sorry to hear that

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)


You sound just like a really cool redhead blonde I know from Southern Alabama! Actually, hearing you talk about Sarah grooming, and seeing your moniker make me certain.

I'm very sorry to hear that you and C lost your Sarah. I remember you posting pictures of them sharing popsicles and describing how she was indispensable in helping him gain control over his emotions. That was a gift that he'll have for the rest of his life.

Your description of Sarah and Jaz curled up with Sarah grooming her makes me laugh. Jaz was terrified of new things, so it'd take her a while to get comfortable around a monkey... But Sarah was a special girl, anything is possible. You've given me a lovely mental image. And yes, they both had complete wackos for parents!

Check in with details if you're in a place in your life where it's appropriate. Just be present if not.

I miss you,


PS Gardenunion, did you really just spam me? Really?

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The "angel" part should've tipped me off. Duh! Sure am dumb for a redhead. Me, not you.


This is me waving at you creativeangel! Over here in Tennessee. Hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs!

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hey Michelle, just checking in with the rest of us. Hang in there, kiddo. If anyone can make a new creature welcome, it's you and Steve.
Peace, Batya

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II don't know what is going on with the latter posts on this thread. Someone want to explain?

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Psst, West: It's someone who shares a name with a fish in a famous John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline movie...

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Yes, it's the wonderous red coiffed angel we well known. Complete with a southern accent. Way southern, by the bay, by the isle.

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Thanks for explaining.

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what a terrible thing to hear about Jazmyn passing away, leaving you behind with a sad heart and a lonely home.
You'll never regret it----you may have some really sad days and nights, but, you know in your heart you did the RIGHT thing. The love and respect you had for her will make a world of difference in how long your pain lasts---not the lonliness; the pain.

I can only join the group in trying to make it a little better for you. You are not alone.
I am so very sorry.

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Michelle, I know you know and so did the rest of this that this was coming, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier. Having tried to hit the balance beam about when it was "time"--too early? too late?--I understand what you have gone through.
At the same time, I am so glad you have the "new girl"! She will be even more special when you look at her and know what she did for the "old girl"!
Lots of love in this thread. I like that.

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ell_in_or(z8 OR)

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about Jaz.

We lost our shepherd a few months back and though it was her time too it's still hard.

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andie_rathbone(Tyler, TX - 7B)

Michelle, This is late, but wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss of Jaz. She was a great dog & I know gave you a lot of joy.

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I am so sorry. It's so hard to try to figure out when the time is right to say good-by to our furkids. What a lovely tribute to a very special friend.

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