August Pretties

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 25, 2009

The last week or so it seems whenever I go out to do some of the monumental cleanup needed in the borders I instead find myself wandering about, looking for, and then taking pictures of things that catch my fancy. The time is spent with some happiness for the successes of the season and a bit of melancholy for the changes in the gardens that herald the growing season coming to an end for another year. I thought youd enjoy some of the end of August "pretties".

One of the hay racks. I thought that caladium was gone after the June/July rains but it surprised me by reappearing and making up for lost time.

One of the caladiums I picked up at LoewÂs on a shopping trip with Sue and Monique.

The large hanging basket has finally filled in.

The fabulous ÂNora LeighÂ

Dahlia ÂLe Baron with a Common Branded Skipper Butterfly

I bought this passion flower vine on sale in mid July ad it has been a blooming fool. I have no idea what its name is but IÂm hoping I can save it as itÂs a real winner.

Coleus ÂMalabar standard

Yes I do LOVE pink!

The breezeway steps containers. That one yellow set of leaves sticking up is on a Acalypha that is supposed to be purple and pink. Go figure?

This is one of the containers that was blown down last week and is now tied to the garage. LOL The papyrus in there is probably eight feet tall.

Love that Cordyline ÂMiss AndreaÂ

This dwarf Canna ÂPink Sunburst is really putting on a show.

Another pink container. The fuchsia in this one is taking a break but is setting buds again for a September show.

The purple and chartreuse grouping on the front steps

IÂm over the moon with my datura this year. IÂve never had one attain this size and beauty. ItÂs a show stopper and smells fantastic.

WhatÂs not to love about this beauty?

Thanks for taking a walkabout with me. I hope you enjoyed some of our August ÂprettiesÂ.


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Incredible! You certainly have the touch with containers and access to such a fabulous variety of plants. Love the datura, passionflower, all the pinks, heck everything!


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I never get tired of seeing your plantings, Deanne! The artist in you certainly shines through!

Absolutely beautiful! Are you still stopping traffic? I'll bet people tell their friends to drive by your place just to gawk!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Love the passion flower vine and Miss Andrea too...along with everything else!

Things sure do change in a month's time...but all is still beautiful Deanne!

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Deanne, I had taken a pic of your Papyrus pot at IU from a similar angle, so I put your pic up next to it to compare the growth --fun ! In mine the Hibiscus is up to the panel below the windows of the garage door, and the Papyrus is just up to the top of the door. That Datura is fabulous ! I love the darkish foliage and the bronze stems with the lavender blooms. Everything is just terrific looking ! Thanks for posting- can't wait for the next installment.

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Everything looks very lush and clean, Deanne. This time of year, that's not easy to do. I really enjoyed your Caladiums this year. I see a flowering maple in the first photo that has such large apricot blooms. I have a Nora Leigh, but it came back with reverted green foliage this year. Odd. Gorgeous Dahlia photo, the Skipper almost looks like he has gold on his wings. I've never seen a Passion Flower like that. The size is smaller and more compact, it has more flowers than I've seen before, the foliage is cute, and I've never seen an apricot one before. You do find unusual plants! Love your standard Coleus. I tried to guess what it was before looking at the description but I had no idea. [g] Did you winter that over once already? It's nice and straight too. I'm wondering what the Coleus is in the second pot that has a Cordyline in? The gold colored one, is such a pop of light. Your mailbox garden is looking super this year. Is that a 'Morning Light' behind the Datura? I don't always like Datura, but pairing it with the Grass and the Dahlias makes me want to try it again next year. Of course, it helps that it is so bushy and full of blooms. [g]

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, I feel a bit like I just took a morning walk thru your gardens again, Deanne (altho I miss seeing the driveway, LOL)... It is incredible how it all shot up in the burst of heat for August isnt it?

In all the lush beauty, I forget how much I love your coleus standards -- they are quietly stunning.

And that datura with the dahlia - fabu, fabu, fabu!

You give great garden walks, lady... keep 'em coming. You made my day!


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Beautiful flowers and photography! Those last 2 are my favorites. Stunning!

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I think I've spotted a favorite, until the next picture pops up. It's impossible to pick a fav, you have so many beautiful containers, it just takes my breath away. The passion vine is one to watch, though. It's incredible! I hope you'll find a way to over winter it. How many front doors do you have? I notice two different ones, and they both look like the front. I'm confused. :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate your kind comments.

PM Yes, I've wintered over that coleus for several years now. This is it's fourth summer.

Anita, we have two doors that are on the front of the house. The one one the left we call the breezeway door because it goes into a small entrance room with a coat closet with a sliding glass door in the back that goes to the hot tub deck. You can see both doors in this pic.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Always a delight to WALAT in your garden, Deanne. Nora Leigh is beautiful, and I love the datura with the ornamental grass. Is that 'Morning Light'?

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Thanks deanne. You have a picture for everything. LOL. That explains it then, and what a nice layout, esp. the door leading to the hot tub. Seeing the mailbox garden in all its glory is quite a magnificent sight. Your postperson must adore delivering the mail to you.

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Absolutely Fabu-fabu!! Deanne, these are better than any gardening book, all the more special having seen things in person. I love the fact that there always seem to be new combos to look at wonder at. Thank you for such a treat.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

I agree with Mary, Deanne, better than most gardening mags!

I can tell that pink and pinkish tones are your favourites! I was blown away at IU VI by your collections and they looke even better now!

I am very interested in your coleus standard. I have started a geranium standard this summer and it is doing fine. Just thought I'd see if I could do it. I will also bring it in to try to keep it going for a while.

I have had success this year with a bright red Mandevilla and would like to keep it over as well. Any tips??

And how are your orchids doing? I put mine out again this year and again they look awful just now, but hopefully will thrive again in the house, as they did last winter.

Isn't gardening fun??!!



And "hello" to Doug, who will soon be busy toting these fabu planters into the house *LOL*

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Deanne, I just love your photos. Unbelievably gorgeous...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks again everyone! so happy you enjoy the pics of the pretties,

Julie, No clue as to how to over winter a mandevilla. I've not done those before. Orchids are all still happy and a few are getting new spikes. and yes, gardening is the most fun!


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