In the green garden today...

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)August 3, 2010

While the front garden is a bit of an overgrown, colorful mess at the moment, the green garden in the backyard is my cool retreat and favorite place during summer heat and humidity. The neighbour's ash tree is struggling with EAB this year but ours is still looking good so far, so it looks like the ash won't be coming down this year at least.

The rectangular lawn sets the green tone and is the calm heart of the garden. Here it is, looking across it in 4 directions:

Looking SE from under the end of the center path under the pines:

From the patio looking SW past the shed, towards the 'wet corner':

Looking NW from the end of the path out of the south alley:

Looking NE from the shed towards the patio and the back porch where Misty and I hang out in the lounge chair most hot days! (I need to rake the path to respread mulch washed out from rain a few days ago!)

The bow window at the back of the hose is in the living room. Here's the view from the living room looking at the shed:

Some details....

The Kirengeshoma patch in the 'wet corner' is thriving this year. I don't have a lot of yellow in the garden (except the house!) but I love the delicate yellows of the Kirengeshoma:

This is one of my favorite collections of foliage - by the shed:

And this is another - at the south side of the ramp off the patio:

Paths are one of the defining features of the backyard garden. This one heads from the shed to under the pines (you can see that the property line runs close to the back of the shed but, from a distance in the previous pictures, it looks like the garden is deeper because of the 'borrowed view' of the neighbours' evergreens behind the shed).

I enjoy the colorful front garden but 'the green garden' is a whole lot more comfortable (except for the mosquitoes!) to spend time in. I hope you enjoyed it too....

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Best of both worlds, Woody...sunny front and shady backyard! I love the peaceful, soothing effect of ferns and hosta, they pair up perfectly and provide great texture. Love the big leaves of the Kirengeshoma, too.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My favorite kind of garden! I love shady with textures! It all looks so easy. (I know better!) Times have really changed since I started gardening. There used to be only hostas and impatiens for these conditions.

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You can almost feel the coolness of this garden. You have lots of great textures going on. The view from the house is quite nice.

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It does look inviting and peaceful Woody. The Shed blends in perfectly as you wanted. Thanks for sharing your private oasis.
I spend the hot days of summer in my shady backyard too. I have been reworking one of my first beds there and adding a path.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Highly beautiful garden Woody! love all the foliage textures. I tend to like these type gardens as much and sometimes more than the showy sunny borders full of flowers. Thanks for sharing!

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Add my voice to the chorus, Woody! I love a shade garden with layers of texture and variegation. The shed did recede into the background and is perfect.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Just what I have been trying to create, Woody, but not as successfully. Your combinations are lovely and the entire area so inviting. You sure did get the shed color right! It is perfect. I am green (ha) with envy thinking of you and Misty salating there-not so tranquil here!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It looks so peaceful and serene, which I imagine is what you were trying to accomplish, Woody. Can't imagine it feeling hot in that area at all. All the layers are lovely.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Thanks folks... We're happy with the shed painting project, although the shed does stand out still because of the rigid lines against the softer foliage. I'm debating the wisdom of trying to grow vines over it to maybe soften it more. Until the ash comes down there isn't enough light to give me a wide range of choices of vines. I don't want to grow anything that would stick to the wood. I could probably grow a honeysuckle - maybe a Dutch early, with its deep, cool red flowers, would be nice. Something to think about over the winter to try next year maybe...

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