The New Chicken Condo

gardeningmaryAugust 30, 2009

A work in progress (it does not yet have a roof), here is the new chicken condominium, still sporting the rather catchy "Sh%tty Henhouse Brown" paint. If you look hard you can see Mr Quail at the front:

The front door has a window to allow sunlight in. Red Betty approaches:

The lower level has the hanging feeder, two nesting boxes and a window onto the pool. Left to right are Betty, Big Bertha, Amelia and Henny Penny:

Betty, their fearless leader is the only one brave enough to enter. You can see Mr Quail below again:

I think it's rather nice inside:

The upper level has roosts for nightime, a little stairwell to the lower level and another window with a view:

We'll have to see how long before the girls take up residence. Meanwhile - any other color suggestions?


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What great accommodations you have given your feathered pets. They look right at home already. I can't remember if you've mentioned it before, but are you getting eggs yet? Great job, and actually, I don't think the paint looks bad at all.

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Very cleverly done Mary. I really don't mind the paint color either, especially with the white trim. The only other color I would consider is maybe gray to blend more with the fence. I love that you gave them a window to the pool. Norma

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Very elegant accomodations :-) I don't mind the color either.

Is it insulated for winter? or will they be housed somewhere else for winter?

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Very nice Mary , and shingled siding too! Very elegant. I of course vote for loud: purple with yellow trim. Or yellow with purple trim. Yellow with purple and red trim and a festive red-striped awning (ala the compound). So glad that you included a 'view' --definitely the high rent district ! Thanks so much for posting these fun pics-

Kathy in Napa

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Mmmm - yellow and purple. You've got me thinking Kathy! I had thought about red, making it the Little Red Henhouse. But Norma, you and DH think along the same lines and that may well be the final color.

Woody - the chickens will stay in all winter. I have clear polycarbonate from an old greenhouse cut to cover the windows but the birds are all hardy breeds that survive with no trouble as long as they do not get wet. The farmer I purchased the chicks from does not insulate his henhouse and has never lost one to cold.

Anita - so far only Red Betty is laying but she leaves us a beautiful brown egg every morning which is such a treat. Henny Penny should start any day now.

As I write the hens are lined up on the roof of the chicken condo. It would be so much more comfy inside....


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

I had a real cluckle...I mean "chuckle".. over this thread Mary. I think the henhouse looks just great as is, although maybe a tole-painted sign stating that it is, in fact, the Little Red Henhouse would be a nice addition. Do you recall the story of The LIttle Red Hen? (Who will help me plant this wheat -not I, said the lamb, Not I said the Pig, etc.....who will help me harvest this wheat....Who will help me grind this wheat....Who will help me bake this bread...Who will help me eat this bread...) Brings back fond memories of little children....

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I actually like the paint color. It blends in with it's surroundings and the white trim gives it a pop. On the other hand, if you're going to have chickens then why not go all the way and paint the coop whatever really fun color you love! :-) It's only paint you can always paint over it. You did a great job with converting it.

I love your chickens and makes me wish for some! :-) I'm still trying to picture what monstrous printer came out of that packing crate. It is made of plywood, very interesting.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I enjoy this thread about your chickens, Mary. And am amused at the hens all lined up on the roof last night.
I like the present color also. It is a very 'neat' henhouse. :-) Once they move indoors, it will no longer be so neat...inside. LOL

Glad that you have one quail hanging around.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Your girls have the sweet life, Mary! The paint color is not at all what I pictured in my mind when you said "Sh%tty Henhouse Brown" :) I agree with Norma. I think if I was going to change the color, I'd go with gray.
What a fun project-thanks for the tour!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Great condo -- boy, we'll recruit you to build if one of us ends up homeless, Mary, LOL...

I have to say Im with the wild and daring colors - it's such a sophisticated fun place, I hate to see it toned down to the S*house Brown or Gray and concur that some fun, funky color might really liven the whole concept - and give you something fun to look at from your pool area -- maybe a tropic caribbean idea? Even Victorian houses played with color a lot - you could add some V-gingerbread and cool colors....

But thanks for taking the photos, Mary, this is such fun to see; it's very different from my SIL's henhouse which is very farmhouse and utilitarian for all that she calls her chickens "designer chic"....


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Hi Mary, your chickens are really living the high life! Love the henhouse!!!! Everything a hen could possibly want. How do you keep them from running/flying away?


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This is the cutest hen house! I like the color - it's a nice neutral. I think it will go good with a living roof, if that is what you're still planning.

You could make some fun and funky chicken coop decorations in bright colors - like a mailbox, window boxes, shutters.

I love everything about it, from the 2nd use of the crate, to the way you added windows to the pool (norma!)....


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Love it, love it, love it!!!!! Fantastic Mary. I don't have any arguments with the current color but what the heck, go for purple or red?! LOL


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