Idyll # 453 Summer Clean-up

dodgerdudetteAugust 23, 2009

Clean-up seems to be the main gig around here ..pruners, rakes and broom are getting a workout-Grab yours and meet me out in the garden ..

Kathy in Napa

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Break time in the Kathy garden, what a spiffy morning its been-the marine layer is just burning off now and I was able to dig up and move all my bearded Iris among other chores. Iris can by so tricky to site, and they may get a new home again of this doesnÂt work out. The drainage was lousy in their previous location and they were quite puny Âlots of rotted shriveled rhizomes when I dug them up. And of course there is the problem of how crappy they look most of the summer, So IÂm hoping theyÂll be abit more hidden now.

Deanne, I LOVE that yellow foliage container you posted this morning ! The pot doesnÂt look very large either-you must have to water and fert that puppy a bunch. Funny, I have three of the plants in that pot . What is the the plant on the bottom edge between the fuchsia and the plectranthus ? It looks almost like a Ficus Âelacstica to me.
That was "gartenmiester behind Mariposa by the way- I took that photo very late in the day and the light was a little funky. Its in a lot of shade too so the color is not as intense as it might be if were getting more sun.

Michelle, I especially was taken by your container with the gartenmeister and the fiber-optic grass. How cool that you get to visit Honey and see her garden ! Looking forward to pics.

Thumbs up on Saucys ÂTibochinaÂ. If I could ever get one going here it can overwinter quite nicely. I need to put one in the ground instead of containers.

Glad all is well on the compound and industry continues Calling yoo-hoo to Mary, wondering how Brendas day went yesterday, and waving to everyone.

Breaks over, time to go back outside.

Kathy in Napa

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Cleanup or idyll chit-chat? I know which one I prefer...

Michelle, your containers have such elegance. And I'm always surprised by your choices, so lovely. Like Chelone, I'm in awe of your borders. I was wondering this morning where the best perennial growing areas in the U.S. are, and until further proof arrives, I'd say you reside in one of them.

Wishing 'bug an easy post-family visit transition ;) Sounds like a wonderful visit was had by all.

Hooray on your tibouchina bloom, Saucy. I've got a small T. heteromala that's probably in too much shade, but last week I saw a mass planting of Tibouchina, my heteromala and your larger flwrd kind. Really stunning.

The couple looks very pleased with the Green Man, Woody. What a fantastic wedding present.

Chelone, so glad to read you this a.m. Great work with the beasts. I've hated to mention it, but a good friend of Mitch lost her pet on the end of an extendable leash a couple weeks ago, when it saw some puppies to play with across the street and ran into the road, all this just as she was stepping out her front door and hadn't become organized enough to lock the leash etc. Car never even stopped. Devastating to his guardian. He was under a year and not fully trained but was her adored beast nonetheless.

Deanne, I love the way the container garden at the end of the last thread has an increased sense of "place" with the fountain and the long curving bed. Saucy's leaf casting in the brug photo adds a beautful touch, even being kinda peachy, echoing the brug. What an awful mess from the wind, but the 5 inches of rain sounds divine...

It's nice to read your excitement with new garden plans, Kathy. Are you thinking of attending the Late Show Gardens the end of Sept in Sonoma? I've been on Firefox for many years with no complaints.

Norma, don't you dare use the "boring" word! Anyone who gardens has lots to tell, especially to other gardeners...

Fall bloom here will be mostly salvias. This S. cacaliifolia is starting to pick up steam:

In the blue pot on the right is a fatshedera I brought home from the Portland nursery Cistus. Just may have stumbled into a new obsession...

This book linked below sounds interesting, a review from the June 2009 New Yorker.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

The odd weekend post from me, LOL... I actually did succeed in getting into the garden and doing cleanup -- and even divided the much overdue Immortality Iris, too, Kathy.... they're drying out on the patio for a few days before replant; I hope they will revive, or it may be hikesville next year.... I got in over 3 hours which is 2 hours more than I've had any weekend since IU what w/ all the horrible heat and humidity. The humidity is sadly sticking around and it felt close to 90 today that eventually sent me inside.

That's a cool green man and I loved their website, Woody -- the wedding couple looks delighted w/ it too - wow, it is much larger than I thought altho I read the lbs on it. All that maker's things are apparently quite substantial.... dont guess I'll be asking them to send to the States..

Deanne, Im still overcome by the enormity of all those tropicals in the front -- the banana, brug, and even Joe pie.... wow -- plants on steroids for sure! Sorry you had such storm damage and blowovers. I cant imagine how hard that must be to keep positive when seeing damage to your lovely plants.

Michelle, such lovely containers - you're becoming quite a master and again it all looks so lush. What fun to be visiting Honey!! Take pics - I bet her gardens are much different from those we know of -- what rotten luck you wont be able to meet up with Eden and see what wonders she's wrought... I hope it's cool and lovely for your trip and we await travel photos!

Denise -- lovely memento from Cistus; hmm, gonna have to read up on those babes. Sounds like you've spiffed up the bathhouse and gardens and knocked the garden creep away.

Well, Im tuckered and still have to do laundry; I managed to stay away from S&H, sadly - but feel better for having chopped things back and hoiked the callihroe out of control and roses gone to mess... The verbena bonariensis seems to be attempting to take over too and not in a good way.... Grass dried out enuf to whack it back too...

Hope all have a lovely calm summer evening -- we best enjoy them as they're definitely on the wane....


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Productivity continues- I actually fertilized the containers today , including the blasted non-blooming brug, and all yard waste receptacles are full to the brim with a pile on the ground in the RV parking space. Shortly I will reward my self with an evening WALAT with the wine.

Yes indeed Denise, the brochure for The Late Show has been hanging on the fridge for several weeks . It will be interesting to see what kind of attendance they get-they sure have some great speakers lined up. My biggest problem at this point is deciding which day to go. Like the fatshedera a lot, much more attractive than its ubiquitous relations ! Ive got lots of Salvia action going on here too, including continuing to dig out pieces of Argentinean Skies that survived the eviction.

Cindy, glad you got the chance to venture out it sure gets overwhelming if left too long.

Time to pour the wine , and venture outside on this pleasant evening

And for Deanne : Here are two pics of Dahlia stumps. They drive me nuts ! From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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Hello Everyone!!

A woefully absent Idyller checking in here. Ruth and the children were visitng for a week so life here was fun and chaotic, plus our computer has been down for several days leaving me feeling very disconnected. I'm putting up a quick post before heading back to catch up on the last couple of Idylls.

We had a wonderful week with DS and the weather was the best we've had all summer. Much time was spent in the pool, plus a visit to the beach, waterpark, Children's Museum, fruit picking, visits with friends and lots of cooking and eating together. I love seeing the older cousins playing and reading with the younger ones and it has felt very empty since they left. Annie has gone back to DC with Ruth for a few days and will fly up on Friday.

This week I have my fingers crossed I will hear from the position I interviewed for, plus I have 3 garden jobs to work on and will be transporting David to and from a Kayaking camp. I've also just started on the big chicken coop and it is beginning its transformation from shipping crate. So far everything has been scavenged or recylced which for me greatly adds to the satisfaction of the project. One friend dropped off a stash of roofing material and a neighbor just gave me several old hinges to recylce. I have been invited by another friend to come "shop" for wood and old window frames in their barn - how cool is that! Meanwhile the poor chooks no longer fit in their little henhouse and roost instead on its roof and along the pool fence. It is funny to swim at night with 8 pairs of beady eyes watching us.

All but one quail have disappeared and fearing the last would be lonely I've been leaving his pen open so that he could find the others if he chose. He leaves from time to time and has been seen up on the patio, but his favorite spot seems to be in with the chickens. They coexist quite happily and I wonder if he will take to roosting with them when the henhouse is done.

Hoping all is well with the Idyllers and a big wave to everyone


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy birthday, Deanne!!!


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Nice to see Mary resurface and I'm sending good thoughts to whatever powers that be for a successful conclusion to your job hunt! Wouldn't that make a perfect way to conclude summer? Sounds as though you had a great familial visit and I love that Annie goes to visit your sister. I have many warm memories of spending quality time with my beloved Aunt Lois. Very special, indeed. Can't wait to follow the progress of the scavenged coop; sounds grand.

I have to spend so quality time with the windowboxes this morning. They need to be watered, fed, and fussed over. I am dazzled by your handsome containers, but I always wonder how often you have to water them? The windowboxes here are on a 4-5 day rotation, occasionally more often but very rarely.

Screen room is officially hoed out and the helpmeet commented it was "too bad we let it get so full of junk". My reply? "it wasn't I who began stuffing it with crap that should have been thrown out or put away properly". Work on the endless list of JulieJobs continues as do reminders to "please put that away". I have quite a collection of planters, nothing nearly as nice as the Green Man, but too nice to simply throw away, so I'll wait until next weekend and put them out beside the road for easy pickin's. Maybe I'll be able to sneak out the 2-3 cartons of Mason jars, too... sssshhhhh, he might hear you... ;)

I hate those extendo leashes, although we have one for Rex I've not used since we first brought him home. I don't think they give you any control over the animal and they also encourage the dog to pull at the leash and boldly forge ahead of you to blaze the trail. JMO What a horrible thing to have happen to your dog, Denise. I'm sure the person was devastated and is numb with shock right now. I need to scroll back and see if I can't turn up some finished shots of your bath house, bet it's just grand nicely sited to enjoy your pretty garden.

Big waves here yesterday according to the helpmeet and evidenced by all the sand and rocks cast up on the road. I heard that several people were swept into the sea by a particularly large wave and a 7 yr. drowned. The Coasties had to pull their sorry asses out of the water. Tell me, who the hell allows a child to venture out on rocks to view high surf when nearly every forecast for the past 3 days has been telling people NOT to do that? Blows my mind how ignorant people are about the ocean. It's is beautiful and exciting but it can also kill you quickly.

It rained last night and all is wet outdoors. Not sure what that will mean for the day's activity. I'd like to move firewood but I suspect that will not be well received by the old man. And I can't mow until it dries out. Nor do I wish to do battle with brambles when it's so wet. Clearly though, there is no shortage of indoor JulieJobs.

Meant to comment that we went to see "Julie and Julia" last week. We were both charmed; a fun, light movie. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci are terrific and the loving, good-humored relationship between Paul and Julia comes through loud and clear. It's worth a matinee ticket.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Deanne!!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Happy Birthday Deanne! I hope it's a great day for you. :)


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Monday morning to you all, and a Happy one to Deanne! I shall lift a toast to you later in my IU VI glass, which DH insists I use only on special occasions in case we break it in the dishwasher, as we often do to wineglasses!

DH took TCS to Toronto for a few days, and didn't take my advice about what to see and do so the trip was just o.k. with the two highlights being the Lego store (three visits) and the hotel pool (four times a day). TCS just isn't into the ride thing at Wonderland, and really liked the stingrays that swim over to be petted at the zoo. This all I heard about the four days (!).

While they were gone, however, the livingroom curtains were taken down, washed, repaired, and rehung looking much better. The succulents were replanted in appropriate soil and clay pots and grouped nicely in the solarium window, prompted by the display at the Fuller Rose Garden. The black edging was installed around the backyard perennial bed (I like to do it myself because the males don't seem to understand that you have to sink that stuff deep, so it kinda doesn't show but still keeps back the grass). The blue rug Juniper is half-hacked. The family room and office are pristine, as is the MB closet. By Friday I was bored to tears.

Yesterday we drove a couple of hours to see DD complete her first Triathlon! She did great, feeling spunky and still energetic after the swim/bike/run was over. She found the swim part to be the most difficult as she is a pool swimmer and the swim portion was held in the St. Lawrence River; she is not used to wearing a wetsuit and found it confining, and she is used to practicing in her 0wn Sedate Lane at the Y and instead was tossed in there with several hundred other swimmers all trying to get to the same place first. She had one minor asthma incident then, but a few sucks on the ol puffer took care of that. The biking and running were a piece of cake for her. She had teamed up with a friend who is a great swimmer and runner but not so good at biking, so they were a huge support to each other and it worked out wonderfully. I am so proud of her! And of course she looked the part with the special clothes and stuff - she says she only wants to take part in sports for the outfits *LOL*

We then drove into the city for an hour and a half to see number one son so he and TCS could do some back-to-school shopping, and have a coffee and chat together. He looked good too, and a nice time was had by all. By the time we got home, we were very tired, and TCS got into one of his snitty moods and was sent tearfully to bed. Too much in one day methinks.

Gee Chelone, I need to ship Tucky and Ajax over to you for about a week! They are progressing in the manners department but oh so slowly! I know, I know, more beatings. Seriously, I have neglected their training somewhat since we got the fence, too much to do in the aftermath, and complacencey as they get tons of exercise together outside unleashed now. Time to get back to routine, for TCS and the dogs!

Today will be cut the lawn and trim day, and possible planting the Virginnia Creeper and the Tanguticas. Hopefully the view of no-man's land will be obscured in the future.

Sorry to hear about the horrible fate of the pet on the retractable lease. My brother had a similar experience happen to him at the age of seven, and he has not owned a dog since. I have never used such a leash on my boys as they are so strong I was concerned about them snapping one. I use individual leashes designed for 60 lb. dogs, and each one is attached to a collar AND a harness so if one gives out the dog is still attached to me. This is the fallout from Tucky breaking his collar a while ago and the other dog owner telling me it is illegal to own a pit bull.

So much for early morning rambling....I'm off to try for haircuts today, and some mulch to finish off the area around the shed. Might be able to get some photos, now that the camera is back and working!

Good day to you all, and don't forget to do a JJob in my honour!




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Good morning one and all, congrats to Julie's DD on completing the triathlon, and....

Happy birthday, Deanne! (The little manihot tree for an August "man, it's hot!" birthday...)

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Happy Birthday Deanne !! From Garden 2009

Hope it's a great one with perfect weather and fun times !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Happy Birthday Deanne! Hope you have a wonderful day. :-)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We're looking forward to checking out gb's garden tomorrow. My cold has mostly abated today so hopefully I won't infect anyone! There's a really good Indian restaurant near gb so we're also looking forward to supper there.

Julie - that was a sad tale re the dog on the retractable leash. We do occasionally use one of those when we're walking in an area where we want Misty (or Chelsea before her) to have freedom to wander a bit but still keep reasonably close tabs on her.

Chelone - it sounds like you're going to have a fun long weekend with the dogs. I suspect you'd be apalled at how lax we are with the dogs on various issues. We subscribe to the theory that we are part of the dog's 'pack' and vice versa so we allow - within reason - behavior that confirms the pack bonds. Meal times and bed times are key ones. Gb was probably shocked to find that Misty, Liam and Phoebe were all welcome in the dining room at dinner a few weeks ago! :-) Sharing food is an important pack bond - non-pack canines are driven away from pack feeding sessions in the wild so not allowing your dog to be with you when you eat may be giving a negative message. And, yes, (GASP!) we give treats at the table - if the dogs are polite and don't demand them (although Misty has Randy well trained that she gets 'dessert' when he's finished his dinner!) Even Barbara Woodhouse would give treats to her dogs at the table! Sleeping arrangements are done in the similar vein - all visiting dogs sleep in the bedroom with us - but on the floor ( Misty has her spot at the foot of the bed) because packs den together and only a canine being driven out of the pack is forced to sleep alone. So our basic operating principle is that the dogs are expected to be good pack members, recognising that Randy and I are the Alpha dogs that they are expected to obey and, in turn, we will treat them as valued pack members with the benefits and protections that a pack brings. It's an approach that seems to work for us and is particularly important I think in cases of insecure 'rescued' dogs like Misty and Chelsea.

Marian seems to have gone missing lately. Yoohoo Marian... are you out there...?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Time for an idyll check in! I have begun to call this the "Egret Summer" because of all the egrets and herons we've had here this summer. Here's my favorite picture so far:

This is the wetlands just west of our house; the photo was taken from our deck. It looks almost like it could be a swamp in the deep South!

On a sadder note, Sunrise is at peace as of last Friday morning. It was a very, very tough time, but it was time. I had such mixed emotions going in that morning, thinking that she didn't seem that bad and maybe I was rushing things. When we got to the vet's office, there was a man there with a yellow lab puppy about four months old. The puppy, being a puppy, wanted to play and the man pulled the pup back, saying "No, no, she's not feeling good, she's really hurting, her tail isn't even wagging." Well, God bless that stranger because he made me see what I had not been willing to see. It was time, and she is at peace.

So the house is a little quieter now, with DD back at school, DH in full travel mode and only one crazy lab running around. Perhaps I shall catch up on some Julie jobs? Heaven only knows there are plenty to be had here!

Chelone, you mentioned several days ago that you had found a battery charger and a hoodie. I FINALLY found my battery charger here at the house, so I know that's not mine, and DD is fairly certain that the only hoodie she left behind was the one she left in Wendy's car (since returned by Wendy, thank you!). So did anyone else leave anything behind in Maine?

OK, I'm going to share one more photo of the backyard. Since I spent all day Saturday weeding with a lot of help from my DIL, I can show you the white garden from behind. The large flowering shrubs are Hydrangea 'Limelight'.



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Appropriate name for this thread. Ive started garden clean up it seems. The daylilies are nearly done and the hosta flowers as well. Ive also cut back a lot of the iris and have good intentions of dividing this year. My compost pile is huge!

The door project got pretty exciting when I backed the car over the new door oops! Fortunately it was just one corner and the door is obviously well made and only sustained a small scratch.

Woody, your plans for tomorrow sound extremely enjoyable good friends and good food, what more could you want?

Mary, I hope all goes well with the job possibility. Sorry to hear that the quail havent reappeared, but I got a chuckle out the pool fence roost.

Deanne, each and every one of your containers are so lovely and look so well planned. I hope you had a fabu fabu day.

Denise, you never cease to amaze me with the interesting plants you have.

Cindy, what a bummer that youve been dealing with so much heat and humidity. The humidity really zaps my energy. It was a funny day here, I walated a bit this a.m. but retreated to the house because I was cold. When I left work it was 88°

Im a little bummed tonight, my DD is possibly pre-diabetic and is having further tests. I can tell she is frightened and I think the distance from family is starting to hit her.

My sons girlfriend spent 3 days this weekend walking a total of 60 miles around Minneapolis MN to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. We are very proud of her and her hard earned blisters. Her mom was diagnosed a year ago.

Well, I best get going and get a few things done tonight.


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So sorry for the size of that photo, I hope it doesn't cause a slow down for anyone. But it does confirm my sincerest wish that Deanne had an extra super-sized day!!!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Thank you one and all for the lovely birthday cards! What a treat! I had a lovely day yesterday, Doug and I went for a nice long bicycle ride (25 miles) got caught in a downpour five miles from home, laughed at ourselves bicycling in the rain, came home and had a lovely soak in the hot tub then Doug ran a couple errands for me and brought me a Mocha Frappachino from Starbucks, Yum, Yum. Then out to Amigos for Margaritas and Nachos for dinner. Couldnt have been a better day.

Anita, I love those peach dahlias, do you know the name of them? So very pretty. And the photo is normal sized, no problems.

Michelle, love the beautiful container! What a great combo. I didnt use any alyssum in mine this year and your photo reminds me that I love it and need to add it next year.~~ Oh dear with your running over the new door! Whoops! ~~ Im doing major cleanup here as well. The Asiatic lily foliage and daylilies are all in need of serious editing.

V, so sad about Sunrise. ~~ Thanks for the lovely dahlia card. Your egret photo is wonderful! And that sweep of your white garden is gorgeous! Ive never seen that before. So lovely.

I love that view from your barn Bug. Gorgeous! Thanks!

Woody, love those hot yellow and orange flowers! What are they? ~~ Have a great time at Bugs today.

Thanks for the lovely hydrangea PM! Is that Endless Summer? Ive got a couple here throwing some new flower heads.

Kathy, super duper combination! With fuchsias, wonderful and thanks. Is that coleus Eclipse?

Denise, love the Manihot tree!!!! What a beauty and what a fantastic collection of unusual plants. Thanks!

Julie, congrats to your DD on completing her firs Triathlon! What a great accomplishment!

Cindy, great dahlias! Looks like you were getting some rain? I hope your temps moderate soon. Its been hot and humid here as well and its just miserable.

Saucy, what a beautiful combination! I really love that plectranthus, it looks like a non-variegated version of Troys Gold.

Mary, hope you get good news regarding your job. Bummer about the missing quail.

OK Ive got to attend to the watering chores and get downstairs to work. Have a great day all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

V- your gardens are looking lovely - you've done so much planting since the IU there -- really gorgeous. Im so sorry about Sunrise - it's truly one of the toughest things to do in life, I believe -- it looks like you're taking some solace in having time for photos and gardens -- enjoy the natural beauty of your location - it's exquisite. Cant believe those egrets right where we might have had a fire pit, LOL...

Glad you had a wonderful time, Deanne, for the birthday -- and time to enjoy your own gardens too.

Michelle -- I hope things are okay for your DD or if the diagnosis holds, at least she has had a "warning" and likely and perhaps change thru diet and exercise -- it's a nasty disease and one to keep at bay if one can.

Well, gotta mush here... o, goodie, another idyller birthday day!

Happy Birthday, V -- hope it's a lovely, peaceful one.

-- Cindy

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I had a lovely dinner at Sue's last evening - and she gave me some large leaves to cast, so I'm going to spend the day playing in the mud :)

I also need to see if I can fix the mower and finish the yard.

V., I'm so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Sunrise.

I'll be thinking of you all as I pat out some new creations! and them tomorrow I am off to Maine for the rest of the week. Does life get any better? Oh yes, school starts next Monday, lol!


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Good Morning

First, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for our two birthday girls - cards will follow.

V- I am so sorry to read about Sunrise and the loss you must all be feeling.

A quick update on the job situation - I received a phone call yesterday offering me my pick of the two positions that are open. I am excited about a new start and delighted all my benefits will be reinstated, plus a salary increase. The school is 10 miles closer to home, good hours, and the same holiday schedule as Annie and David - Yay! Finding that home/work balance with everything I take care of with the kids and house is hard, but this will be perfect.

I can't tell you how nice it was to feel valued. Having so much taken away from my other job felt such a slap in the face after all I had put in, even though I understood why the decision was made. But now I can move forward and am doing my happy dance.

Till later...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh Mary!!!!!! Fabu news! that is so terrific. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy you've been offered a great job with benefits and a pay raise. I'm doing a hapy dance for you!

Cindy, I just LOVE that combination!

Saucy, can't wait to see the new leaves.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Mary -- that is so wonderful -- it goes to show good things do come of what seem bad turns in life -- and to be rewarded w/ more $$ no less and a closer location -- perfecto. That's truly wonderful.

Deanne -- I have to laugh... both my birthday pics are from IU6 -- the dahlias for you were at Fuller and the other vignette for V is from White Flower Farm.... if only in my dreams to be from my garden....

Sounds like Saucy is gonna finish this week off with lots of fun and frolic.... back to Maine - enjoy!


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Mary, that is simply the best news ever, and what a huge relief.

Saucy, your plans sound about as good as it gets. Enjoy!

My parents and I are immersed in great deliberations over the "next move." The disparity in their health issues (she's healthy, he's not) brings increasing tension, especially with his state of denial.

But enough with all of that...and now happy birthday to V, Mistress of Egretwood! (oh, for a crisp image...)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A bit of catching up here at last!

I love having company and haven't had a day to myself in ages. I look forward to DH being away this weekend and doing selfish stuff. ;)

In the meantime, I am excited by many items posted here. First though, a greeting to another birthday girl! V, this isn't a great photo but it is unusual for our area and it is a parallel to your magnificent egret series. This is our Black Crowned Night Heron who has taken up residence here for the past few weeks.

I think you are so lucky to have a gardener for a DIL and one who weeds with you as a birthday gift. :) I wish so much that DSIL and family lived closer!

Saucy's photo is just magnificent! I was thinking of you and of bees when I took a friend to the nearby farmer's market where I spoke to an apiarist who brought a hive with him for a demo. On the home front, DH has had to repeatedly discourage the wasps from nesting at the front gate to our clematis arbor. They are determined!

Mary, couldn't be better news! You so deserve to have your efforts appreciated! I hope things even out for your DH's work and that you will be secure in remaining in the Rochester area.

Cindy, the combination of dahlias with berberis is stunning! You have woken me up to a possible planting of ghetto material in a place I hadn't considered before. YEAH!

This past weekend we traveled with my friend from Ohio to visit another friend's farm near midland Ontario. On our way north and east, we saw 5 parachutists descending gradually through the clouds against a blue sky. What an amazing sight! Guess who THAT reminded me of! Brenda, I hope your jump was amazing!

And so today my one friend has headed home again. It was so nice to at last have her visit again and meet Ivy as well. We had some good talk and she and my other friend have helped me with ideas for celebrating Reed in September. One thing I want to do is plan a walk about the property...the first annual Reed walk. (just for us) I hope to plant the Cornus kousa for him before then. Reed often shouted YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! when he was excited about something and so it just may be incorporated in our event. Also raspberries are an important thing between me & Reed so that will be a for sure aspect of the day. Sarah & Wayne are asking those interested to walk a section of the Trans Canada Trail on the 8th and others who live far away to walk any old place in his honour.

I must go rake....

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Happy Birthday V !! From Chicago August 2008

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Gee, I thought I had commented somewhere on this thread, but I guess not.

Mary, what wonderful news! Amazing how great things can work out sometimes, after all that worrying. :-) That's right, you won't have to leave your garden. Very happy for you.

Marie, you are sounding great. All that company seems to agree with you. I like the idea of walking on the 8th, but I sure wish it were on a section of the Trans Canada Trail. :-)

Denise, your situation has reminded me of having to have that conversation with my Mom at one time. It seems so long ago, I had almost forgotten. I found it very emotional, all of us having to come face to face with the bare facts. My sympathies. I hope you all can come up with a solution that everyone is satisfied with.

Saucy, not only have I been very interested in the bees that you have, but I love That photo of all those jars of honey are delectable. Are those from your hive? Maine in the summer, nothing better. I wonder if you bring along books about Maine for rainy days?

Cindy, even if that is not your garden, you took a great photo. I also love that combo of the dahlia with what looks like 'Royal Purple' Cotinus, yes? They really go well together. Who would have thought? I'm thinking Bronze Fennel and maybe a Nepeta with some drumstick alliums? It just draws me in.

Lots of nice photos as usual. I alway enjoy the Park in Chicago, Kathy. Raspberries are great when they are just picked.

Deanne, yes, Endless Summer, but not a recent photo. My blossoms are already turning color. Your birthday sounded just what I would have enjoyed on my birthday too. Glad it all worked out so well.

V....I'm glad you had that little assurance that you were doing the best thing for Sunrise. We had an older dog who I hadn't realized was hurting so much just before he passed and it is easy to miss. Dogs are so stoic. Tough week at your house. I hope you will all be good to yourselves. ....Always enjoy photos of your property. What is that shrub that is by the side of the house? Such a great color echo.

Julie...I'm exhausted just reading what you've been up And your DD! I guess she has the energy genes. Congrats to her, that is quite an accomplishment.

We almost made it to see 'Julia and Julie' on Sunday. Maybe I mentioned it and it is so far back I don't see it...well anyway, we had a transformer in the neighborhood go and the electricity was off and it was sweltering, so we were going to go to the movies but we were too late. I'm looking forward to seeing it. We gave that book to DD at Christmas and she loved it.

I've spent the day, trying to figure out my Long Border redo and I am getting closer to a plan. Soon I will need some muscle. :-) We lifted and potted about 10 plants on the weekend and they are enjoying the shade until I'm ready to replant. I hope I can do a little bit at a time. ...

That's all from here tonight. I'm running out of steam. :-)

Happy Birthday V!!

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Happy Birthday V.
Your egret picture is very good. Do you have a big telephoto lens or is the wetland that close to your deck?

I'm glad the stranger at the vets could relate what he observed about Sunrise to assure you that you had made the right decision.

Your white garden with the Hydrangea 'Limelight' has confirmed my decision to move my endless summer to more sun. My problem is keeping it moist enough in more sun. I will have to site it carefully. It blooms so sparsely where I have it.

Deanne sounds like you had a fun birthday. Your end of summer colors are fabu. It's good that you have some time to just enjoy what you have created.

Great News Mary! I'm so happy for you that the job and benefits came through. Any pictures from your sisters visit? I imagine Iris and Ivan have grown a lot.

Bug, your plans to celebrate Reed sound very appropiate. I for one will walk in his honor. I imagine you are ready for a little alone time.

Denise, I hope a solution for yout parents will be forthcoming. I really enjoy your different plant pallet from what I am used too.

Julie, That really was a lot of driving the day you watched your DD compete and visited DS. No wonder TCS was wound up. I enjoyed hearing about your meal out with him.
I have so many Julie Jobs awaiting me it isn't funny. I would rather landscape than do anything with the house. My fridge is on the edge of becoming a health hazard. LOL

I'm going to wave to the rest of you and post before I lose this. I know there were things from the last Idyll I meant to comment on, but they have vanished.


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Hola amigas. The WALATS have been quite pleasant here , as the temps have been agreeable and all my clean up efforts have resulted in areas that I can stand to view ! My leaf casting class this weekend has been canceled due to low sign-ups .. disappointing ! It will be re-scheduled for later this fall.

Mary , great news from your world ! It is a rare occasion these days when the employment issue can be settled so happily. I await photos of the new digs for the feathered ones-

Deanne, I got that coleus from my no tag nursery , last year and I dont know the name. It was the only one I took cuttings of and wintered over , but its not in an ideal location right now-that Plectranthus has really taken over the container, and the d*mn tree in the neighbors yard seems to have grown about another 20 ft and is making the area where I have these containers way too dark.

Hi Anita ! We need a post from you !

Cindy that it a great pic form WFF- Im going to look through my pics and see if I got a shot of that grouping. That border was just so jam-packed with great combos, I bet we all came away with different perspectives.

PM , I am enjoying lurking over on the discussion side and reading your threads there you are getting some great ideas I think- And I say go for it with the fertilizer-especially if you are dealing with containers. Alfalfa is very mild and slow release-thats what I like about it. In my garden my mulch is primarily forest products and it does tend to eat nitrogen as it breaks down. May I assume that you are feeling better these days ?

V, loved seeing the views of your garden ! I hope you will post more of these.

Time for dinner . Later friends ..

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good evening, Idylls. First of all before I forget, Mary, I'm so glad that you've found a good job fit! I hope all works out well for you.

pm, the shrub is a nannyberry viburnum that's starting to color up a bit. It's funny, but that photo was taken from the backside of the gardens, and it turned out much nicer than I expected. Perhaps it helps that all the weeds had just been pulled?

Norma, I have a telephoto lens but not a gigantic one (yeah, that's the technical description!). But the wetlands are only about 300 feet west of the house. We sit up higher (duh, obviously, otherwise we would be in the water) and while we have some mosquitoes, they are not the horrible problem that a lot of people think they would be with the water so nearby.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It was a quiet birthday today but that's okay. A good day at work, a nice session of "throw the ball" with Mystic, and an easy dinner for one. Oh yes, and I watched 20 egrets roosting in the trees and took a few more photos. Good enough, eh?

'bug, I was talking with a coworker who is a very active birder and he said that we had a wet spring that led to the wetlands drying up much later than usual. As a result, a lot of the herons and egrets are feeding much further north than they typically do. He thinks that there may be some snowy egrets hanging out with all my great whites.

I just uploaded my photos and decided that this one had to be shared. I hope you all aren't sick of egrets yet!


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Why am I always a day late in getting out birthday wishes? I hope your day was great, V, and that you are still celebrating lavishly. I love your egret photos and am so impressed with your land. Lucky you that you live so close to such beautiful nature. I'm sorry to hear of Sunrise's passing, and know how hard it is to let go. How is Mystic handling it?

I hosted a dinner last night for my DDIL and DSIL birthdays. I love having all the kids and grandkids together where it's just us. The weather was great, so after dinner, we played ball with the kids, and I took two of them for a nature walk. Hoping to sight a deer for three year old, Will, who has yet to see one. Nothing doing, though. I guess they only show up late at night to munch in the garden. I noticed today that they dined on a 'Autumn Joy' sedum. First time for that plant. I did get out today to plant a couple new things...'Blue Fortune' agastache, asclepias tuberosa, a couple of annual asters, mums, and a lady fern. Other than that, nothing new in the gardens. Just waiting for fall so I can move some things around.

Deanne...sounds like quite an active birthday celebration. You must be in awesome shape to ride such distance. The frappuccino added a perfect touch. Not sure what dahlia that is, since I don't usually save the tags for annuals. If I come across it, though, I'll pass it along. Your gardens are ever stunning, and I can never get enough of them. fantastic that you got such a terrific job offer. It sounds like everything you were looking for. I guess the old adage about a window opening
when a door closes is very true in this case.

kathy...Looking forward to seeing photos of your garden projects. You have been a busy bee for sure. The mendo vacation sounds great. I need to google that area, since I know nothing about it. I've never been to CA at all, and want to, so until then, I'll live vicariously through you and denise. Bummer that your leaf casting class was canceled, but hope the next one will work out fine for you.
Sounds like quite a few Idylls are taking on that hobby, thanks to Saucy for the inspiration.

PM2...Looking forward to hearing your plans to rework the large border. Hope you take pictures of the before and after. I love redos.

'bug...How lucky to have good friends, and especially ones who you can confide in about Reed. I will take a walk that day, and will light a candle in this honor. Your plans so far sound perfect. Will you install a bench or a plaque in his honor next to the Cornus Kousa once planted?

saucy...enjoy Maine. Is that your honey in that photo? It looks so good. How nice that you got to visit with Sue, and nab some new leaves for casting.

Hi chelone. How's the bathroom remodel going?

I'm running out of steam. Hello to all that I missed.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

I woke up at 4:30AM and couldnt go back to sleep so Im up before the sun today. I just love birthdays on the Idylls because of all the great pics. So much fun!

V. I just love that egret shot! What a beautiful in flight shot! What focal length is your telephoto? Glad you had a nice birthday. Quiet can be great too.

Kathy, Id be willing to bet real money that the coleus is Eclipse. Have you ever grown it in full sun? That particular variety can be really pink in full sun. ~ What a great photo from Chicago!

PM love that container for Vs BDay card. Very pretty!

Great to have a post from you Anita. How lovely that you can get together with your family so often. ~~ Ive never heard of deer eating sedum before. Mine are just starting to bloom here. What a bummer for you. ~~ Thanks, Im not really in as good shape as Id like to be but Im working on it.

Bug, so glad to hear you had such a great visit with your friend. Yummy raspberries. Are they from your garden? ~~ Fantastic youve got a Black-crowned Night Heron. Great photo too!

Cindy, I LOL when I read the photos were from IU. Great pics!

Denise, so sorry about your Dad. Thats so difficult. I hope all gets resolved soon with minimum stress for everyone.

OK, time to have some breakfast and start my day. Have a good one everybody.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy Wednesday!

I too am late with the BD wishes - congrats V, and you know, a day of peace sounds like a fine way to celebrate to me! How exciting to have your own egrets, so to speak!

And Mary! Yay! about the job. Great news and a big sigh of relief in your house I bet. Does school start on Monday for you?

Bug - I will take a walk for Reed on the 8th - maybe I will walk my grandboy to school that day and think of yours....Life can be awful at times can't it. Hard to pull out the good stuff but it sounds like you have some good friends to help in that department! I hope you and Woody had a cool visit. It must be nice for all of you Idyllers to be able to see each other periodically....

Kathy - what a nice shot from Chicago! You sure do get around!

Michelle, my DH has had diabetes for over forty five years. He has always been insulin dependent, and now wears a pump to keep things in check. There are very few things that the disease has prevented him from doing. His motto is "I'm a person first and a diabetic second" and it has helped him to continue to live a great life in spite of the disease. But she will certainly have to take charge of her own health, no doubt about it.

On that note I have decided to try to take some streps to manage the stress in my life. Yesterday TCS had a huge meltdown about not having a Mother, and although I think I handled things well, I was a mess for the rest of the day and all night. In addition, DS is having some difficulties, not of his own making, which, although not my problem, still causes me some upset. I'm really not much help to anybody if I don't eat, don't sleep, and have knots in my stomach and tears in my eyes half the time. Oh well, I'll take my own advice, as I gave it to Michelle's daughter! Take charge of your own issues!

Deanne your plantings still look absolutely gorgeous! I love to see all the posts you put up of the different containers and combinations. I need to take notes!

And Saucy, yes, you are inspiring many of us to work in concrete....I think I will take a class next summer - there is a nursery nearby the offers leaf casting, hypertufa, stained glass garden stones etc. And I will not miss out next year!

Denise, I too recall having to become the parent for my parent, as many of us here had done. Very difficult to shift roles, both for you and the rents. Hang in there.

and PM2, Anita, Triplecreek - hi! It's always nice to hear from you!

I hope I haven't left anyone out - it seems like there is always interesting things going in your lives!

Get going on the JJobs all! Mine today is rolling know, those jars and bins and whatever that you toss those coins in. I swear they procreate in there. Better rate than the bank!

Cheers, all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Howdy, all!
Just a quick check-in. I survived the jump :)

Michelle, I'll be thinking of you and DD. I skated right up to that point a few years ago. Fortunately, I was able to turn things around with changes in diet and exercise. Hope the same is true for DD.

'bug, I will gladly go for a walk for Reed on the 8th. My favorite picture of him is of him eating a raspberry.

I have to run, I wanted to upload a couple of pictures, and one of my brothers is coming over for coffee.

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Enjoying a nice rainy morning. The plants were thirsty, and if I stand still long enough, I swear I can hear them slurping it up. :) I am also enjoying watching the antics of three baby chipmunks who pop their heads up from under the deck. Tequila (our Maltese) goes crazy with anticipation to get a play date with them. Not gonna happen!

Norma...Limelights can take more sun than macrophyllas. I believe the Endless Summer would love morning sun and afternoon shade. If you can find a spot like that, make room for mine, too. It blooms so sparsely, that I know I have to move it, but I'm just not that into it to go through that much effort, unlike the paniculatas...those I love.

Julie...Hugs to you today for being such a great grandma. Everyone would be better off to have a DG like you in their life. TCS will by nature have issues regarding his mom, but with you there to guide him through the tough times, he'll end up in a stronger place. I hope your DS will work positively through his issues, too. Boy, being the nurturer can get demanding at times. Dont' forget to take care of you, too! I like your DH's attitude about his diabetes, about being a person first, and a diabetic second. Great motto to live by.

Michelle...Hugs to you, too, to help you with your daughter's new health woes. Pre-diabetes is popping up with alarming speed. My sister is dealing with it, too.

On with the day.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning (almost afternoon)

Congratulations Mary, so glad you have the job situation figured out. That must be such a relief. I am happy dancing for you here as well!

'bug, so nice to see pics of your DD and family. Looks like a wonderful visit was had by all. I know you will develop a fitting tribute for Reed. I'll be sure to walk on the 8th in his honor.

It is a hot one here today, but cooler weather should be arrive tonite and stay through the weekend. It was cool early this AM, and I got a bit of much-needed weeding done after the watering. I do love having a day off in the middle of the week!

School starts one week from today, I can't believe it is that time already. My kids are mostly set for clothes and shoes, no major summer growth spurts this year. DS's school supplies are purchased. DD is heading to high school this year, and a school supply list has not been provided yet. She has orientation this afternoon, hopefully she will come away with some idea of what she needs.

DD has been busy with marching band practice. Last week was band camp, where they practice outdoors daily, 4 hours in the AM and 4 hours in the PM, with a break mid-day. She made it through both practices in the 90 degree heat on Monday, carrying the bass drum, but she was sick Tuesday and most of the week. DH diagnosed heat exhaustion when he checked her water bottle after the Monday PM practice and it was still 1/2 full. We spend most of last week following her around the house with water and gatorade. She really wanted to be on the drum line, but has made the hard decision that she just is not strong enough to carry that drum this year. She has switched to ensemble percussion, which also means no marching. Tonite is her debut with new music - she'll be fine. I think she is a little relieved that she doesn't have to march, she said that the drill was complicated.

Well, have to cut this short, kids have announced that it is lunchtime. Good thoughts to those having family difficulties; Denise, Julie, Michelle and anyone else. Waving hi to all I missed!

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On rereading -- my "oh, for a crisp image" referred to MY poor photo skills with V's birthday photo, but it seems to imply a request of V for a clearer photo of an egret. I wonder how many of these snafus I make in haste but never notice!

Just a flyby as I contemplate repotting a massive Salvia Limelight about to bloom, which will probably kill it, me, or both. But it is so rootbound, even twice daily watering won't suffice.

Such a good read this morning, thanks one and the immortal words of Mary Poppins, best foot forward!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We had a lovely day yesterday, weather-wise and friend-wise. I mowed and raked and weeded what I could, then cleaned up the house a bit as well before Woody and her DH arrived. There are embarrassing sections on the property, but what can one expect after a month of company and rain?!

Phoebe performed a few tricks and received cookies as rewards. DH is finally understanding the message that she must do something properly before being rewarded. I think Randy caught photos of her antics. We'll see in a few days when they return home.

The men folk also performed their tricks...namely some guitar playing and singing.

The Indian restaurant was better than usual, probably because Woody selected the menu. We followed them back to their B&B after our meal to check out the place. It is only 9 minutes from our home. If ever anyone visits here, that would definitely be a place to consider if we are overflowing at our place. The place is presently surrounded by corn, but Woody and I were most impressed by the garden edging! [The lawns are weedless doubt thanks to chemistry. :( ]

This morning I got a call from them asking how to locate Mapleton Ice Cream...a special treat for them I hope! We have met the owners socially and I think they'll have fun at the farm.

I tried weeding a bit this morning...too wet. So I'm finishing laundry and getting DH ready to head off to his 50th HS reunion.

In the NEWS is the fact that I have been paid for bridge and wheelbarrow damage. YEAH! And also, DD has called to share her excitement in registering for a course on Renewable Energy. Not only will she get out solo once a week, but she is excited about the very qualified instructor and the topic. Some day they hope to build a place using what she learns.

Happy today to one and all!

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Anita, thanks for the hydrangea info. I think mine used to get morning sun but due to growing trees is now mostly shade.

V, gorgeous shot of the egret, but why does it make me think of "the flying Nun"?

Julie, I hope you find a way to deal with the stress. I am there with you worrying about everyone. I try to live and let live and what I don't know about I don't have to worry about. It's a bit different in your situation though.

Wendy, good to have a post from you. Those band camps are always during such hot weather anyway. My grandson lucked out this year and had a cool week. He is not crazy about marching band. I think he said this would be his last year in it.

Bug sounds like you and Woody and DH's had a nice visit.
Nice that they can play music together. I have almost lost my finger calouses since I have not played much this summer. I will pay for that when I start again.

I had to grocery shop this morning so my day was shot. I have been doing laundry and I blanched some zucchini for the freezer to add to soups or stir fry this winter.

We need rain again. It is supposed to be in the area the next two days. I hope it don't miss us.

Michelle, Our son was diagnosed with diabetes about a year and a half ago. He has done very well controling it with pills and monitering. His job in construction takes care of the exercise part. I hope your DD can perhaps do like Brenda and get a handle on it. I have always thought I was probably pre diabetic, but nothing showed up on tests.

Not much else here. It is rather warm here . Think I'll go find a cold drink.

hiyall N

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The week is moving along a busy one at the awfice with many projects in the queue , it will be Friday before I know it. I dont know if yall recall my tale of woe with my Celosia spicata seedlings- the plant that is in the ground is still about 2 inches tall- but doesnt die-just sort of hangs out. The container plant at long last has started to grow-(it has been fertilized unlike its garden bed dwelling brother) and it about 10 inches tall with several flowers. My unscientific assessment is that next year I will direct sow when soil temps are suitable. I think they dont care for being transplanted when young. Any thoughts ?

Anita, lol, my garden projects so far have resulted mostly in bare ground not a bad thing , but not much of a photo op ! So start putting the tips in a jar to save for a trip to California for IU7- I guarantee you a trip to the Mendocino coast. Its on my prototype itinerary.

Deanne, I just cant put Coleus in full sun here, but for the more sun tolerant varieties morning sun is a good option.

Julie, I took the Chicago pics when I was there last summer on business- will probably go again next year, and I have a better camera now ! I have tubs of coins all over the place, I really should haul them to the bank and let them sort them in their coin machine- So sorry to hear the difficult times with TCS but you know Julie, sometimes mother is a relative term , and he clearly has one just without the title. There are plenty of women who are in fact mothers in real biological terms, but dont provide the real nurturing , love, devotion and discipline that you do to that little boy. He will surely come to understand that some day.

Brenda ! Thumbs up to you !

Hi Wendy ! I bet DD will be fine with her change in plans..I think if you are a musician eventually the venue becomes less important that the music , and as long as she can perform , thats a positive. She still has time to march if she wants to as a sophomore and beyond. My kids HS had a great jazz band and I think that can be a bit more expressive that just the marching thing if you know what I mean.

Lol Denise , I had to evict S. Limelight, which I love, but the thing gets absolutely gargantuan . Id plant it again in a heartbeat if I could figure out somewhere to put it.

bug, glad you had a nice visit with Woody and her DH. Awaiting photos

Speaking of photos, prompted by Cindys B-day card for V, I looked at all my pics from White Flower Farm last night and here are a couple I would like to share. From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

Buenos noches my friends ..

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Weird things in the garden, no doubt attributed to weird weather. I have a very nice bloom on my tree peony and one columbine that is happily blooming. Its been cool here after 3.5" of rain last week. We really needed it so that was wonderful.

Thanks for the concern for my DD. I think she is concerned because a friend of her's died a few years ago due to diabetic complications.

Deanne, I meant to mention that the coleus in the birthday container was one you sent me a few years ago.

Mary, great news, I'm glad your skills are appreciated. It sounds like a perfect fit.

I will surely walk in Reed's honor on the 8th.

Waving to all


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning :-)

How is summer clean up going for everyone so far? I have been planning a lot but not doing too much. It's still pretty hot here, although it is supposed to be cooling down starting today. No rain until Saturday at least, so the water brigade is on the schedule all day. I am looking at my Long Border with such a critical eye, it will be amazing if anything survives the cut. [g] I would love to get a jump on spring so everything is ready to just grow.

DD is moving next week and I'm very excited that she will be out of the apartment she is in now. According to the crime map, the new apartment is in a much safer neighborhood than the one she is in and the landlord seems to be much more responsible.

Norma....I have the same situation with Hydrangeas. I love them and I'm very satisfied having them. I think they would bloom more with just a little bit more sun, but my yard is dry even in shade, so I can't imagine how often I would be watering it if they were in sun. They bloom okay with a couple of hours of morning sun, but I have seen some in yards with more sun that were just covered with blooms.

Kathy....Thanks for the Alfalfa tips. I think it has become my favorite fertilizer. I've been feeling okay mostly, thanks for asking. .... So, you are just ripping things out but haven't started adding plants yet?

V.... I love that photo of your egret. It looks so huge! Reminds me of a Pteradactyl, it's wing span is so large.

Anita....I have Honey Bee Blue Agastache that I enjoy but I try to be careful to deadhead it before it reseeds all over the place. I love the smell of root beer on the foliage. I end up spending money on mums every year just to throw them away after the frost hits them. A few years ago, I started buying mums at Bluestone that winter over. Some of them aren't large enough yet, so I'll be buying mums again this fall. .... I have my before photos of my Long Border project but with me, you never know when the after photos will be able to be taken. [g]

Michelle....Sorry to hear DD is facing possible diabetes. We have not had that problem to deal with, but I do have metabolic issues that effect blood sugar, so I've done some reading on it. There is a lot of new information about blood sugar and a new book on the subject that looks intriguing. I haven't read it. See the link below.

Julie....I agree with Kathy, you are 'mother' for TCS and hopefully someone can help him to consider that, since it probably hasn't occurred to him. Looking at the glass as half full is not easy to do, so he might as well get a head start practicing. :-) I worry over every problem large and small that the kids are dealing with, too. I'm sure 99% of all mothers do that. [g] Stress management is survival sometimes. :-)

Wendy...a daughter in high school, what This is going to be the summer that wasn't I think. I can't believe it is fall either.

Denise....did you get your Salvia replanted? .... I loved Mary Poppins and had forgotten she said that. I bet I could talk my DD into watching it over with me sometime soon.

Marie...DD's class sounds really fascinating. I would love to take a course like that.

Kathy....LOVE the first and second photo from WWF. Do you know what the yellow plant is in the front of photo #2? I haven't even got a guess.

I'm doing Julie Jobs in the garden until November. :-)

Flamingos take flight at Lake Magadi in Kenya.
Photograph by Robert Haas

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

The cooler temps have arrived and its 58 out this morning. Im loving it! When I turned on the weather this AM they are now talking about a brush with hurricane Danny on Saturday. Im shaking my head because I didnt see that one develop and now its a threat. That was fast.

Ive got to get back down to my studio for the foreseeable future as I have several deadlines looming and its time to get back to work. Im working on the fourth in the series of fuchsia plates and this one will feature Swingtime.

Kathy, I just love your photos from WWF. I should check through my archives and see if I took the same vignettes. What fun! That place was really lovely. Wasnt their Russian Sage fabulous? ~~ I keep forgetting to comment on your dahlia stumps. Well, I see what you mean, and I have the same thing on my plants, I just dont notice it. I think because the dahlia garden is so full you cant really see where the flowers were pruned. Those plants are really packed in there.

Michelle, like Brenda, I was considered pre-diabetic but changes in diet and lifestyle and Im fine now. I hope your daughter can reverse that too. ~~ BTW, I love that combination in Vs BDay card. Which Wigela is that? ~ How neat that coleus is one from those I sent! I still have your lovely geraniums.

Bug, so glad you had a great visit with Woody and Randy. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the get-together?

Norma, I lol over your comment about the Flying Nun. I loved that show.

Julie, ditto what Kathy said.

Denise, I had to repot a huge Phygelius yesterday. It had gotten way too large for its plastic container and kept getting blown down. I hate repotting things this time of the year but it had to be done. It survived and is much happier in its new digs.

Brenda, I love your enthusiasm for jumping! Are you going to go for a solo?

Anita, you are 100% correct with Endless Summer wanting morning sun and afternoon shade. Ive got one that is in the reverse light, afternoon sun, it blooms like crazy but wilts every afternoon when the temps are over 80 degrees. If it gets really hot the flowers burn.

Wendy, what a worry about your DD. I cant imagine them marching those kids around in those awful temps without making sure they are staying hydrated. You must be relieved shes changed her music program.

OK time to water then get to work. Have a great day!

Kathy, I found one! I think this is from the same
spot as you took your pic. I like yours better as it shows the Russian Sage off better.

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Good morning from Vacationland! I've just enjoyed a great cup of coffee and reading all of your postings. Nick has read the paper (I enjoyed the photos of the Kennedy clan) and Sarah has built a domino castle.

I always feel rushed when I Idyll, so this morning is nice :)

GB, I have a special place to walk for Reed. It is a place that I have always wanted to go, but never seem to drag myself to do it. I will carve out the time on my calendar and take myself there for a special walk. My favorite picture Reed is of him in the field of grasses with his big happy smile. I do not see raspberries without thinking of you with him.

Michelle, lots of good advice regarding your daughter. It's just hard when you become an age where you find yourself no longer impervious :)

I can't wait to check out the flying princesses thread...

Deanne, the weather is giving me fits, too, I hate being far from home when the forecast changes...I didn't plan on a hurricane! I can't wait to get home and see how the big leaves turned out. I plan to start your hosta leaves when I return. I got a good look at Sue's little vignette, and I think they're plaster of paris...that gave me the idea to make a few for the interior of my home. I have a spot in the kitchen where I hang the leaves to paint them (I like to paint at night) and the kids always say that they look good there....maybe I need a permanent leaf.

When school starts, I'll get in touch with you for lunch!

Wendy, whoever is in charge of the marching band has ticked me off this morning! How wreckless! Every student should be made to stop and drink and someone should be watching. Heat sickness is no joke! I'd write a letter if I were you....

Okay, off my soap box.

Julie, TCS has a long row to hoe to be sure, but we all have our hang ups and he's lucky to have you and your husband. You're smart to realize that taking care of YOU is what is best for all. You've had a lot of stress of late. Maybe you need a special Princess weekend. Consult Brenda for details...plane jump is optional for you, lol!

Denise, I have a manihot, too, and will forever think of it as Man its Hot! I bought a lot of little twigs from a mail order nursery this year.

I think Deanne's passion flower looks like Coral Glow, which was another twig I received with my mail order, lol.

Hello to all I missed. Congrats to Mary! Kathy, your preliminary IU plans are exciting! Chelone, what are you going to do when that little screened area is cleaned out? PM, your daughter's move sounds pleasing to you :) You'll have to get her another housewarming plant! Anita, teach the 3 year old to make noise and scare the deer :) They're very covert in the shaded woods...they're always there, freezing in the shadows until the humans pass by!

Time for me to plan the day. It is cool this morning, but just the kind of weather I enjoy. Looks like we might take a ride up the Songo River and then tomorrow head to Franconia Notch.



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I've really enjoyed the photos on this thread! Honey and egrets and birthday shots of beautiful blooming gardens and National Geographic too...

Happy to hear that Honey and Michelle will be having a get-together! Give her hugs from me, OK?

DH is already late for his trip to the airport...but soon my day alone will begin. Already tomorrow a friend has invited herself over, so my solitude will be short lived. That's fine though, she's an easy buddy. They predict a rainy weekend too, so I wouldn't be gardening anyhow.

I'll share a few photos from DD's visit separately, but here's one to indicate that it was exhausting for Nana...


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Sneaking in- PM I'm hoping someone will ID that shrub with the Russiian sagein the WFF pics that Deanne and I took of the same area-I know I saw it in more that one garden and I noted to remember what it was and now I've forgotten ! It seems to me it was an oddball variety of a faily common plant....

Sneaking back out...

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Could it be an Amsonia variety?

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

I think it's Spiraea thunbergiiOgon, I must have that shrub!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi PM, I finally got outside and checked my tags in that container with the Cordyline and the yellow coleus you asked about is 'Penny'.

Bug, what a cute pic of you snoozing with Ivy! Love it!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

That's so funny, Deanne. I used to want to collect every coleus under the sun until I figured out I wasn't up to the work of wintering over. I still have a collection of photos of coleus on my computer and I was looking through them to see if I could figure it out and I have one of Penny and thought it looked like it. Yours is better and brighter than the photo I have. Of course! :-)

I looked at photos of both Spirea and Amsonia this morning too. I don't think the Amsonia turns that color this early, does it? I thought it might be 'Thor' but photos were not like it at all. Online photos of 'Ogon' do look like it. I really like that one too and I'm not usually a Spirea fan. I think I would like to get to White Flower Farm at some point. Nice display gardens.

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Just where has chelone gotten off to? I look forward to her morning greetings.

'bug...I don't think a better rest exists than one in the arms of an infant. It's so restful. More company? You must be the hostess with the mostess, they just flock to your place. Glad you, woody and mates had a good time together.

kathy...IU7 will be in CA? I will have to seriously think about that. But next Oct. is our 25th annv. and we're hoping for a trip to Italy. If only I could do both, mmmmmm.

michelle...You sent your Iowa rains to us, but I'm loving it. The spring green has returned...almost. Nice vignette in your b-day card to V.

PM...good luck to DD on her move. I bet you're so relieved that she'll be in a safer location. We mothers never stop worrying. Beautiful shop of the flamingos, you find the best photos.

saucy...Have fun at Franconia Notch. That's the state park with the Old Man of the Mountains, right? But it collapsed, or something? Sounds like a beautiful place. Thanks for the tip of rousing the deer. I'm always amazed when I can't see any lurking in the shadows, but they are good hiders.

denise...I wanted to mention to you how sorry I am to hear of your dad's failing health, and the upcoming hard decisions facing all of you. I can only imagine the tough times ahead, and the emotional tide you'll be riding.

It's a work day, so I don't mind the all day rain in the forecast. I just don't want to encounter any flash floods, they are worrisome.

Have a great day,

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We're back from a nice mini-vacation in gb's part of the country. I've just finished downloading the camera so should have pictures to post soon....

Mary - what great news! Congratulations!

Julie - is your DD sore after her amzing athletic feats?!

Deanne - the orangy flower is a 'Paprika' OSO Easy miniature rose I bought a few weeks ago. The flower is only about 1-1 1/2" wide. I also bought a 'Peachy Cream' one. Since Randy wants to keep the 'Hot Cocoa' weird red rose, I'm going to turn the herb bed and south sideyard bed into a 'hot' bed so have been adding things like various rusty-orange and red daylilies to coordinate with the odd red of the rose. I need to transition from the existing pink angel roses at the bottom end of the bed, so I've added some peachy pink daylilies and the peachy miniature rose, which will then transition to the stronger orangy one and then on to the rusty oranges and reds. In the spring the colors will still be pinks, blues and lilac but change to the hotter colors for mid-late summer. That's the plan at least... :-)

Brenda - we enjoyed your skydiving thread! But think you're nuts! :-)

Michelle - I hope your DD adopts Julie's DH's approach to things. One needs to learn to 'respect' one's medical issues but do one's best not to let them define who you are. Admittedly, major changes happen with major medical issues and it can take some time to integrate it all into your life; you just have to keep on keeping on....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well I wound up not getting down to the studio today, It was just too gorgeous outside and there were a lot of Hummingbirds around, so, I decided to put the behemoth lens back on the camera and see if I could get any Hummingbird photos. I'm happy to report the birds cooperated!

What a cutie!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!
It's been another rainy day. We've gotten quite a bit of that lately, but I think the soybeans are enjoying it. Lol, maybe they'll make lots and lots of baby beans :)

Marie, I'm counting the days until I can take one of those naps. That's some of the best sleep there is!

Kathy, great shots of your garden. I can't wait to see it in person. I imagine I'll think of it a lot when we're knee deep in snow this winter.

Woody, you would not be the first person who thought that of me. Lol, and many thought it before I took the first jump ;)

Deanne, those hummingbirds shots are just too amazing! DH wandered in while I was looking at them, and ooohed and aaaahed. Hopefully, you'll inspire him to be the photographer in the family, since I so seldom get around to it.

Wow, I can't believe it's back to school time already. The school bus doesn't even come down our road anymore. I got my hair cut today, and when I told the receptionist I wanted to reschedule in 5 weeks, and she said October....HUH?Sent a little chill up my spine!!

I think I've managed to skirt the copyright problems on the skydive video. The link is in the post I made. So far, it has sound. The old stand-by, Photobucket came to the rescue!

Hubby says a dish of ice cream sounds good, and I concur! See ya all later!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lots of odd jobs done today, including some weeding, laundry, grocery shopping and more. The interior of the house could certainly stand improvement still! :(

I'm trying to teach Phoebe to roll in both directions with hand signs and treats. I obviously need to learn a better technique. She just doesn't understand...

We too have hummingbirds...but certainly not the photographic skills. Just wonderful Deanne!

Seems September is the time when ex wife is getting in gear to make trouble. DD is trying to think peaceful thoughts and help DSIL through these times.

Can someone tell me about Spiraea thunbergiiOgon? Does it bloom with pink flowers? Sure is lovely!

Night Night!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Greetings from the ark. It's been raining for two and a half days now. On the plus side, I don't have to water when I get home at night! On the downside, the Northern Sea Oats have done a major flop onto the front sidewalk and will require some shovel pruning this weekend.

I had the nicest chat with my niece (my late brother's daughter) on facebook tonight. They are not close to us geographically, so it's nice to be able to keep in touch this way.

This is going to be brief because I need to pay some bills tonight. ugh!


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Well Deanne, I'm happy you opted to take hummingbird pictures, they are neat.

Michelle , I really like the combo in V's card. My wiegelas never look that nice all summer, to hot and dry here.

Hi, Saucy in vacation land. Enjoy.

Woody did you take the sunflower picture on your mini vacation? Looking forward to more pictures.

Anita, you can pass that rain on to me please.

Kathy and Deanne, I like that combo at WFF too. Could it be Mellow Yellow Spirea? I could just about duplicate that combo by moving a few things.

PM . nice NG picture.

Bug, Like the cuddle nap picture. Niki is my excuse for sitting still sometimes while she takes a catnap in my lap.

I knocked some weeds down with the tiller in the veggie garden this morning and cleaned this pigsty this afternoon. I'm wiped out. So off to bed. Norma

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Bug, I'm thinking it has tiny white flowers. Need to check my pictures.

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A warm and muggy evening here- IGoogle weather gadget says 95, and that is close to believable. Weve had very little weather like this in August so I cant really complain. Cooling trend is on the way for the weekend.

Saucy , nice to get the reports on the road from Maine, and we will of course expect photos upon your return. Ive got about 6 lists with possible IU itineraries scattered about my desk., lol.

Deanne, I think you are right about the Spirea ID and I think it was either Sue or Monique(the Shrub Queens ) who IDd it.I'm going to write on Moniques wall and ask her to come and look. Those Hummer pics are fantastic !

Brenda, I wish that was my garden , lol but Im afraid those are photos that I look at White Flower Farm last month ! I will however pledge to post California pics this winter to help you imagine yourself out of the snow drifts !

Woody I like your plans for the hot border I think there are many many red flowers that have the same tone as Hot Cocoa Gallardia Burgundy , which is way more terra-cotta ish than its name implies, and the Terra Cotta Yarrow too.

Needing a visit from Chelone.

Ship Ahoy V !

All for me, Im heading outside ..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I just checked Google. You're right!

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We also have confirmation from Monique---'Ogon ' it is.

Kathy in Napa

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Another pic from WFF- did you get a shot of this area Deanne ? From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well it looks like we are going to get the fringes of that hurricane tomorrow. Apparently there is a low pressure area coming up from the tropics and that storm that V.s been dealing with are all going to join up with hurricane Danny to create a hybrid storm. Should be interesting around here tomorrow morning. Ive got to run around today and move a few things and secure others. I think Ill put a cage of some kind around my fuchsia standard. It listed to the right after the last wind storm and I really dont want to lose that. ~~~ Im so happy you all enjoyed the Hummingbird pictures. These are the first good ones Ive ever gotten and Im so pleased to have caught t hem. I dont know if you noticed the polled on her head. So cute!

Kathy I forgot to tell you what that plant was in the chartreuse pot - that is a variegated Pepperomia. Im really loving that plant and would like to be able to keep it over winter this year. ~~ Love that other vignette you posted! Im really going to find a spot for that Echinacea Coconut Lime. I didnt get a picture of that one. Gorgeous!!!!

V. so that rain you are dealing with is coming here. We really can use the precipitation but Id like it better without the wind. Stay dry!

Woody, love the plan to shift the colors in your bed around the Hot Cocoa to hot colors. Im looking forward to see the results.

Brenda, you might be nuts but then so am I in a different way. I think it is so very neat that you do something so adventurous.

Anita, yes, Canon Mountain in Franconia Notch used to have the Old Man of the Mountains. The rock formation cracked off the face of the mountain about five years ago now. It is still our state logo.

Saucy, I Googled it and that passion flower vine is Passiflora aurantica. You should get some cuttings of it when you come up.

Another couple pics from WFF. I want to know how they keep the slugs off the Rex Begonias.

Have a great day all,

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good morning everyone, and to quote somebody famous, TGIF!

Today I have to follow in V's footsteps and pay bills. "UGH!" is right. But must be done.Yesterday I started to clean up the area around the garden shed. Since we moved it to its present location, I had left extra bricks, some rubbish, and whatnot behind it there, so now I have cleaned all that out and have started the cardboard-and-mulch thing. Who was it that posted something a long time ago about dumpster diving for cardboard? That came to me yesterday as I was wondering how I will get enough....

In mid-task we got a call from DD, who had taken TCS to Silver Lake camping - that they were freezing and could we just drop by the campground with a few warm clothes and a quilt or two? A glass of wine and a sit-down by the lake was offered, so we downed tools and away we went. A pleasant respite from our self-driven routine! TCS is fine again, just had to openup a bit maybe. DD is amazing with him, so her visit with him is well timed. Also DS called to say that his situation has been dealt with satisfactorily and my worries were for nothing. Isn't that the case with lots of parenting? You worry your head off, and things resolve, then another thing raises its ugly head, you worry your head off, the thing resolves....

I did manage to get the Tanguticas planted along the Spite Fence yesterday, and sprinkled some Critter Ridder there to keep Tucky and Ajax away from them. A little water each day will help the plants establish themselves and perhaps my Wall of Yellow is on its way! Today after I finish yesterday's interrupted tasks I will plant the Virginia Creeper on the remaining sections. Theoretically, my "heavy" garden work is done for this year.

Last night it was 7C here, 44F, and we quickly removed the glass from the fireplace door so we could clean it and put it back prior to lighting the pilot light. It won't be long before we need the fire in the evenings.

Thinking of the need for warm fires makes me think of Marian, MIA for a few weeks now, and Chelone, with her two soapstone woodstoves. I hope they are both o.k. And of course 'Bug will be hauling some wood closer to the house soon too. Fall is upon us in the North and East....

Deanne, the hummer photos are, well, fabu fabu! When I first read about the Hummer pictures, I thought "But they drive a Suburban...." *LOL* I should have known better!

Woody, your mini vacation sounds and looks wonderful. I too would have yanked the two errant dandelions, much to my DH's embarassment! Once a gardener, always a gardener!

'Bug, your family pics are great. I too love the DD, Skyler, and Ivy singing together one, Ivy is just so intent!

I have to run off and get my day started now. It is forecasted to rain for the week-end here, so outdoor stuff will take precedence this morning, and then I hope to shovel out the inside of the house and maybe cook a decent dinner for once. TCS will be back home then, and he and I must sit down and plan our exhibits for the local fair next week. And have some serious discussions about back-to-school routines. Already! Amazing how the days just fly by!

Cheers all!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi time to post this morning. It is gray and cool outside in anticipation for tomorrow's touch of Hurricane Danny and I need to get outside and get some things done, since I don't think there'll be much gardening going on all weekend.

I had to stop by and say how amazing those Hummingbird photos are Deanne!! I don't understand how your camera can almost stop the action on those wings. I read that they beat 50 times a second, so that's pretty fast! I hope you don't mind, I sent them to my DD this morning. She has seen some of your other bird photos and found them just amazing too. Wonderful!

I'm sure I'm missing lots, but I'll catch up later. Have a great day!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Friday all - wow what great photos. Im stunned by them all, but particularly those hummers, Deanne -- I actually love the first shot the most just because one so seldom sees the backs of them in photos and it's such a stunnning green....

It's been a really really busy work week along w/ the "usual" commuting nitemares with metro... so no idyll time. but Im now curious to see what other vignettes at WFF I took too -- I have that lily & echinacea shot, Kathy -- in fact it's been on my monitor at the awfice for daydreaming....

Hope to get back later to comment. Hope everyone has a not so drenching weekend - I'd like some rain, but not the tropical sort...


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Good morning

I've been working like mad to get the new coop completed to the point where it can be wheeled into position at the bottom of the yard. I'm not sure I'll make it before this weekend's dousing but the end is in sight.

Yesterday was the ultimate cheapskate's dilema. Determined not to spend any more than absolutely necessary on materials I picked up some "Oops" paint for one dollar at HD. I'd been eying the selection for ages and this was the first outdoor paint I could live with (or so I thought). Instead of a muted brown it came out looking as if lavendar and pink had been mixed with chocolate. Not an "Oops" but rather a "Yuk"!

The chicken's won't care two hoots (or clucks) what color their house is but as it will be visisble from our living room window I decided to plonk down the money for a can of a decent color. I was at HD when they opened and had the whole thing painted a soft brown called Fawn by the time DH got up. He had seen the henhouse late last night arriving home at 1 AM from a trip, but had not formed an opinion. When he saw the newly painted version he announced "You're quite right, it is a gross color!". What's a hen keeper to do?


PS the pictures have all been fabulous and Deanne's hummingbirds are totally amazing - one of the neatest things I've seen.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Catching up here after a quick Edge & Eliminate Weed session. (EEW) It looks better only near the edges and not all roots were dug. BLUSH!

Julie, I'd really like ideas from you (and everyone else) on the return to school routines for Adrian. Sarah quizzed me on this for their house and it is a real dilemma. Skyler needs major work on morning preparation, lunch AND school work. Last year Sarah sent him with whatever he gathered, which meant that books and assignments and lunch were often missing. Her theory was that it is HIS issue and he must deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, even after priming the teachers, they feel sorry for him and feed him junk food etc, share books, don't penalize for late homework. His mother of course gets into the act as well. She'd really like ideas for this. He, unfortunately, loves the junk food and attention and doesn't really care about pride in doing better on the responsibility front. His mother's solution? Send him to private school next year at Dad's expense. Yeah, right.... So all suggestions accepted!!!

Off to prepare for my houseguest now.

Happy TGIF buddies!

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Hello, Mr. Hummer! Deanne, you've really bagged some amazing photos, even by your standards of photography.

Mary, the chicken coop paint escapade brought a smile, especially DH's dry reaction...

Sounds like batten down the hatches on the Eastern seaboard for the "hybrid" storm. Here the firestorms rage, brought on by the heat wave.

Julie, it's good to hear things are smoothed over a bit. I agree, it does seem sometimes we go from crisis to crisis...good job on the Spite Wall. Shrouding it in plants must be very satisfying!

The WFF perennial photos are sensational. Perennials just don't behave that way in zone 10 and grow all out of sync like an orchestra off key, if they break dormancy at all. Ditto that lovely spiraea that's been group ID'd.

Brenda, way to go! Has your example increased any desire to hurtle myself from a plane? Honestly, no...

I've been mulling over 'bug's DH going to his 50th HS reunion, who knows why. Can people be evenly divided into two camps, those that go to HS reunions and those who don't? This morning Marty commented that on last night's work shift, around 10:30 p.m., while out working on the fountain he maintains he bumped into a work mate, same age as Marty. What are you doing out this time of night, Marty asks. Work mate: Attending my eighth grade reunion. Marty: Really? How was the turnout? Work mate: Great! (for Kathy's local knowledge, this reunion took place in San Pedro, a very clannish port town)

Lol, Norma, is that a real pigsty or just a term of art for housecleaning ;)

Yesterday I had a bone density scan scheduled for 9:50 a.m., but upon arrival receptionist informs that no such appt existed. I could have one later that day at 1:50 p.m. What to do? Accept appt and head off to nurseries for the interval, of course. For the gaps where the crocosmia has been cut down I bought some bronze fennel and also found small pots of Libertia peregrinans, a good deal. All were planted last night around twilight, and temp was still over 90. In my interval wanderings, I found an exotic plant nursery that had amazing bromeliads and tillandsias, some gorgeous cultivars of neoregelias for $20, tempting but still pricy for one plant. Today brings non-buyer's remorse -- wished I'd brought one home, as it was a good price for their size. Check out Raphael below.

I did successfully move that salvia into the biggest receptacle at hand. Took at least an hour to "mongo" it out of the pot, with two helpers (bet the helpmeet knows the provenance of that verb, a certain Mel Brooks movie...)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, Idylls!!
Lol, well, Kathy...that'll teach me to think I can speed-read! Great pictures, all the same. I see you and Deanne liked the same combo. Is that sedum "Hab's Grey", by any chance?

Now, Denise...there are people who are perfectly willing to hurtle you. No need to do everything for yourself, lol! I have a feeling I'm going to spend a great deal of time this winter figuring out what my next move will be with the skydiving thing. That salvia is CRAZY big!

Today has been chilly and rainy. This morning, I thought I'd really take the bull by the horns...catch up laundry and housework. Yeah, none of that happened. DS came over and hung out for quite a while, and I don't know..the day just went by. Tomorrow for SURE!

I'm going to pop over and see Woody's mini-vacation. When I'm away for a while, I forget what a goldmine of wonderful pictures this place is :)
Take care, all.

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TGIF to one and all I note that Denise and I are having the same unpleasant weather we are still experiencing this weird afternoon overcast hot and cloudy do not usually go hand in hand here, it feels a bit tropical. I am going to kick back tonight , have a glass of wine or two, do a couple of piddly household chores , and tomorrow morning its off to the garden center with my ever-expanding plant list. One of my fave garden centers over in Sonoma County starts their annual fall sale next week- it lasts the whole month , and plants are 30% off. I will take that journey on the holiday weekend-they usually have fabu succulents there .

I just had to laugh his morning when I snuck into the Idylls at the awfice and saw Deannes photos of WWF ..I wonder how many more pics we took of the same views ! Deanne, I have to say that I am gratified that I saw some of the same compositions you did it really makes me feel like I am improving in my photography skills. I sure have learned a lot from looking at your photos over the last few years. I find myself going through my photos with a critical eye multiple times I often can see what my shortcomings are and try to correct them the next time.

Denise, nice repurposing of the trusty galvanized garbage can ! I am in the non-reunion camp , although I went to the 5th. I attended a relatively small all-girls Catholic school -I think there were maybe 100 girls in our graduating class.

More tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good evening! It is raining softly now, a prelude to the expected tropical downpours for tomorrow. Things are getting dry around here and we could use a good soaking, but couldn't it be on a work day?

The Red Sox are playing tonite, and I removed myself from the viewing area. DH and DD claim that if I talk during the other team's at bat, they tend to score (nice, huh?). I think talking to my imaginary friends on the computer won't count since I am not opening my mouth.

Deanne, those hummingbirds are spectacular. Such amazing detail. Tell me, who followed who around at White Flower Farm, LOL? Great gardeners think alike!

Hi Norma!

Mary, maybe DH really loves the new color but thought he was looking at the old awful color and wanted to agree with you? We bought several cans of "oops" paint for DS's backyard fort a few years ago, and my brother had the idea to mix all of the various shades together to get dark brown. The structure sort of fades into the background in the woods now, just what I had hoped to accomplish.

'bug, my son is 12 and entering 7th grade this year. He is very disorganized, and the morning get-ready-for-school dance has always been a struggle. When he was younger, I posted a checklist on the fridge of things he needed to do to get ready. He now pretty much follows a set routine; getting himself out of bed with his own alarm clock and going on from there. Sometimes I feel like the goat herder, moving him along when he stops to "graze" - he is easily distracted. Homework is always done at a set time each day (usually discussed in the car on the way out of school - he gets to choose the time, within reason). Completed homework is placed in the backpack immediately, not allowed to linger where it will be forgotten. He has spent a few lunchtimes with a certain math teacher, re-doing forgotten assignments; after that he was pretty good about remembering. The school actually gives each student an agenda book that they carry to each class to write down assignments, then they can be checked off at home. As far as lunch, I don't pack a lunch for him anymore, he buys lunch in school. The school started a debit system last year which is great, I send a check each month he enters a PIN number when he passes through the line. When I did pack a lunch, I usually placed it either on the backpack or on his coat so it would be seen on the way out the door. Once in a while DS saunters out the door without the essential backpack, at that point I have to step in and say something. I think the key is to prepare as much the night before as possible, and stick to a routine.

Well, I'm going to give up my computer seat, DD has passed through this room several times now, waiting for her computer turn. She is writing the great American novel, who am I to stand in her way?

Have a great night all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

We've finally shipped out the rain to the East Coast Idylls and it was a pleasant evening here. Unfortunately, we may have record low temps in the low forties before the weekend is out. Please note that is also before August is out. I am not relishing the thought of shuttling the tropicals into the garage.

It was a pleasantly successful day at work today. I designed an attractive order form for a new product we are carrying, gave a tour to some prospective customers who were full of praise and bought quite a bit on the spot, and I was very pleased with the weekly photo email that I pulled together. Hmm, somewhere in there I actually did a little accounting work, but the other stuff was a lot more fun, even if we did tour in the rain!

Mary, I suspect that I know exactly what your first color looked like - it sounds like the paint my DH's grandfather used in the cabin many years ago! We finally repainted the benches there a deep red and it was a huge improvement. As for your DH's comment, I vote for moving him into the chicken coop!

Kathy, I would echo your comments about Deanne teaching you to be a better photographer. I know I have improved my skills from viewing so many of her great photos over the years.

Well, I was just roped into helping DH pick up a ginormous generator to use in his weekend project, so I've now run out of time. later!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This houseguest is DANGEROUS! I've bought a new shirt, a quilt and pillow shams, and then there was a nursery visit! (a delphinium, a cimicifuga and 2 gentians...) I'm beyond my checking account and have moved on to Visa. Tomorrow is another day too...So I for one will be happy to see September's money in the account soon.

I planted a whole bunch of ghetto plants today. Hope they all work out well together: heucheras, foxgloves, grasses and gentians by a rock...and also the cimicifuga. There's a BIG grass that tempted me too. Maybe tomorrow?

It is raining harder now than before dinner...and I'm glad. I'm sure it will make weeding easier next week. ;) Trouble is, Phoebe didn't like to go out before bedtime.

Thanks Wendy for the rundown on age 12 organizational skills. We've been through checklists and rewards etc in the past. I wish his teachers made lunchtime dates for make-up work! No support there in his case. They all feel sorry for him with his hearing loss and don't see that they are not helping the situation by coddling him. Another friend suggested that we make a tape of reminders that must be played each morning on his i-pod. For him that just might work too. UGH. Anyway, easier for a tape to repeat than a parent.

Missing the busy ones here...hoping it is holidays and fun keeping them quiet and not overwork, health or computer woes. Marian? Chelone? and others too!

The rain sounds really pleasant tonight!

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Good evening

A doze on the sofa this evening is the kiss of death for a good night's sleep for me so I thought I'd peek in at the Idylls.

GB - what a hard situation for Sarah. It sounds as if she has exactly the right ideas but little backup where it counts. Perhaps a new teacher will be more supportive, especially with Sarah's straight forward and practical approach. If nothing else, a firm stand against feeding junk food should be possible, with as stash of healthy but boring rations deposited to cover missing lunches. Obviously the rules at Skyar's other home will be different but if he learns independence at one house it will be more than half the battle.

Wendy - Annie is writing a novel too but has her own word processor (but not internet) in her room which relieves the family computer. It is completely private at this point in time so I couldn't tell you a word about it. She did get a poem published in her high school lit mag last year - the only freshman in a publication of mostly senior work.

V - I hope you're not sending your cold our way too, Brrrr. What project is your DH embarking on?

Kathy and Deanne - I love the shared views from WFF. Deanne - did you ever get a Begonia?

The saga of the henhouse continues. Fearing the ground would be too wet if I waited till the weekend I enlisted DH's help to move it the hundred or so feet from the garage, down the slope of the lawn to the chicken enclosure. The crate/henhouse is on wheels, but is heavy and unwealdy. Dragging it down was not our finest moment of working together and I hope the neighbors were not listening. We got it in place just before the rain started.

Deciding DH might be a little more kindly disposed to my handywork if it were painted a better color I headed back to HD, chaffing at the thought that he had not appreciated any of my hard work. DH called while I was selecting paint to make ammends and asked which brand I was choosing. When I told him he responded that was good, as he heard they had a special color called "Sh@tty Henhouse Brown" LOL! Meanwhile the chickens will go nowhere near their new home.

Well, I should probably have another attempt at sleep as I have a market run early in the morning and it is David's 13th birthday. I'm still trying to figure out how I've come to have two teenagers.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning.... :-)

Nice to see chatty posts this morning from the night shift.

Wendy, I thought of you yesterday when I read about what's going on in Louisville Kentucky with the Football coach that's on trial because of a boy on his team that died from heat stroke. Made me angry to read about the lack of common sense this coach had. He's been charged with reckless homicide. The town is having a meltdown, taking the coach's side for the most part and ostracizing the poor parents of the dead boy because they pushed for prosecution. There's a lot of talk about changing football practices so they're not done in the heat. I don't understand why it takes something like that happening before people make real changes. Four high school football players died last year of heat stroke. So kudos to you and DH for making a good decision for your daughter.

Saucy....I was laying in bed this morning thinking about what to have for breakfast and for some reason a picture of your bottles of honey came into my head. lol It got me thinking...I wonder if anyone in your family has been stung since having the bee hives? .....The housewarming window box I gave DD didn't work out too well. She is not consistent enough with the watering. She is a very busy person though and I figure, at least she has had an opportunity to discover that it isn't as easy as it looks. [g] I think she will get around to learning to grow things at some point when she is ready. Her new digs has a roof deck above three stories with a view, but I can't see her growing much up there without a water source. Maybe next year a couple of pots of succulents and sedums? But I'm planning to give her mums and pansies for her large pot for near her front door. Her second house warming gift is a water filter for the shower head.

When is Honey and Michelle's get together? Hope we're going to see photos.

Anita, a trip to Italy is a great idea for a 25th wedding anniversary. Is that a year from this coming October? Has that been something you both have wanted to do for awhile?

Denise....I was watching the coverage of the fires out your way. Very scary! I can't imagine how you all deal with that every year, just about. I wonder how many years that you have been having these fires?

Deanne and Kathy, great shots of WFF and that photo of the smokebush and spirea is almost exactly alike. lol Does anyone know which spirea that is? 'Goldmound' maybe? Does anyone have that particular smokebush? I can't decide if I like the dark one or the gold one. That smoke bush looks perfectly pruned. it has such nice structure. I wonder if they are difficult to get right?

Norma....are you getting the rain we're having?

Well...I didn't get to read everyone's posts, but I'll come back later. I'm starving. lol It is raining and I'm very happy about that. I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs about rain. It reminds me of a few summer vacations when I was a kid....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, its pouring buckets outside today and they are predicting 3 to 5 inches of rain. Im not at all unhappy with this as its been very dry the last few weeks and things under the trees were really dried out. Its a good day to hunker down in the studio and get some work done and deal with some indoor projects. Hopefully Doug will fix my closet shelf with pulled out of the wall a couple weeks ago. ~~ I ran around yesterday getting all the plants on pedestals off of them and onto the ground and pruning back many of the coleus getting ready for this storm. I also put five stakes around the head of the large fuchsia standard in the cement urn. Id be really sad if that one broke and I cant move that urn to a safer location.

Julie, I LOL over youre reading about the "Hummer" and thinking "but they drive a Suburban". Too funny!

PM for the hummer shots I had my camera set at a high ISO setting (800)with aperture priority at F10 (to gain enough depth of field for the whole bird to be in focus) Anyway, in full sun that will give you a shutter speed of 1/1200 of a second or so, and at that it amazes me that it doesnt quite completely eliminate the wing blur. ~~ I really like that purple smokebush as well and think Im going to replace my lilac in the front of the house with one.

Mary, Im rolling on the floor laughing over your chicken coop stories. You are just too funny! And I can imagine you and DH moving it to the chicken enclosure with much discussion.

Denise, that salvia is enormous!!!! What is it planted in? it looks almost like a galvanized can. Is that a Xanthosoma Lime Zinger? I lust for one of those plants. Gorgeous vignette. I loved reading about the plants and really adore that Neoregelia Raphael. I have to keep a search window open when I read about the plants you find. So many are unfamiliar to me.

Kathy, I absolutely cannot believe those two pictures!!!!! What a HOOT! I guess we think and see alike. They are framed exactly the same too. Its amazing. Many thanks to you and V. for the kind thoughts about my pictures. I really believe that taking good pics is a matter of taking thousands of pics. As with everything experience and practice make a huge difference.

Wendy,, Seriously, I dont remember paying any particular attention to what Kathy was photographing and vice versa. So funny we saw the same vignettes.

V. The sedum is blooming again and yes, the flowers are that yellow. I kept thinking to myself that they werent as bright yellow as Id remembered but they are. The plant is slightly larger than last year and Im hoping it gains some size next year so I can move it to a better location.

Bug, sounds like you are having a great time with all your company.
I ran out and took some pics yesterday with the slight overcast we had in the AM. Perfect light for garden photography. I cant get over how much color the container garden on the west fence line adds to the back yard.

Bug Polish Spirit is giving me a nice rebloom right now.

One of the window boxes on the shed. Dont you just love the color of iresine?

Have a great day all!

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Some thoughts from one watching the Idyll train speed down the track and head into a far off turn... ;)

Amusing thoughts involving a grudgingly mobile henhouse in a less-than-pleasing palette, and hens that want no part of the entire operation, either. They certainly are cautious, aren't they? Sensational news on the work front, Mary... what a relief that must be for you. Excellent news all around!

Hummingbird shots are some of your best, I think, Deanne. I particularly like the palette in them... the handsome "Army green" punctuated by the brilliant blue, very pleasing to my eye. And the stop action is really super.

Pre-diabetes must be scarey, Michelle. But as Julie's DH points out, it's a question of maintenance and taking control of it. And a fine example he offers. Love what you've done with the entry to your home... I'm so far behind here I've probably missed the completed project, but did chuckle about running over the screen door. Happy no lasting damage was inflicted. :)

Wood for the house stove is all under cover and properly cured... two cord, nicely packed into place no doubt providing Section 8 housing for an assortment of displaced mice. It will provide countless hours of entertainment for the pride in the coming months. Wood for the Salon has been neatly stacked along the north wall of the bahn next to the door and has a discreet cover that can be neatly and easily flipped back as needed. Have more on the ground and ready to split, too.

Tree Boy was here earlier this week and took down the arching maple trunk in the centre of the circle, yielding still more firewood to be split and stacked. The Hydrangeas will appreciate the increased sunlight, though it arrived too late this year. The eastern side of the remaining trunk is looking pretty puny but it will fill in nicely in the next few years. In all, a nice improvement to the overall aesthetic. Garden work is progressingly at a glacial pace, but that's how it goes when you undertake building and landscaping on your own.

Next on the radar is getting the fencing for Vegetable World in place; this is something near and dear to the Helpmeet and something that will greatly "clean up" and give a little "polish" to what has become a rather seedy part of the Compound. I get terribly discouraged when I look around and see the extent of what must be done and the amount of time and money available to accomplish it. But, again, these are the choices we've made and the burdens under which me must labor.

It feels as though everything is just plain "hard" these days. Work is presently a challenge but not without bright spots, so I can't gripe too long or too loudly and maintain much credibility. ;) All the machines I really use regularly are in the Salon but the mechanic still needs to be contacted for "mechanical spa day"; I just haven't gotten around to getting that done. I have as much work as I wish to undertake right now, perhaps a little too much actually. There is much I wish to do on a more personal level that seems to fall off the screen with maddening regularity.

No reunions for me, either I know there have been several over the years but I've never received any sort of notification nor have I exerted much curiosity as to their timing/location.

Chilly and clammy today, just as predicted. I've noted an increasing NE wind, which is decidedly raw. I've scurried around closing all the windows for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. I doubt there will be a fire tonight, though I suspect the loads of laundry will require more than a few hours to dry. Boiler room capacity is limited.

That's all for now.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's 57 degrees at 8:00 am. Brr? But it will be a good morning to yank out the common goldenrod that snuck into a couple of my beds.

Mary, are you quite sure you don't have three teenagers? ;)

The project that DH and two of his friends are working on has been dubbed the "deer condo". It's going to be a large, enclosed platform, with a stairway instead of a ladder, back in the woods for deer hunting. Of course, deer hunting is only a handful of days per year, so it will be a nice spot to go with a bottle of wine, or thermos of hot chocolate and a camera and notebook. Here's a photo of it in progress:

DH thought it was a rather flattering shot of himself. I actually climbed up the ladder and went onto the platform, but I will be much happier when the stairs go in. You'll notice the ladder does not quite reach the top right now; my fear of heights did not like it when my feet were dangling over the edge looking for the first step. (I threw my birkies down to the ground first, not because I thought they would slip off my feet but because I wanted to FEEL that ladder under my feet!)

After the stairway is done, they will add walls, a roof and sliding windows with screens. There will be no electricity and no lazy boy recliners!

Time to get some (warm) clothes on and eradicate the goldenrod. Enjoy your weekend!


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V - what an excellent project. Throw some chicken wire around the lower level and it could double as an excellent chicken coop!

Thank you for the dose of morning gorgeousness Deanne:0) The Irisene is a fabulous plant and looks amazing with your combo.

Chelone - nice to hear from you. DH was up your way this week, in Cushing, Maine. He drove through Boothbay Harbour and I told him how much fun we had at the Lobster Shack. Wish we could do it all over again.

I've smartened up my thinking and decided to have DH pickout the next color for the henhouse. Painting could be in my future if the rain lets off long enough. Meanwhile, I have a birthday cake to bake - a Plum, Almond Torte.


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Where can I get me a can of some Sh*tty Henhouse Brown? (lol, I think that may be the color our house has faded to...)

Very exciting to read of two budding novelists in our midst.

Love the deer condo. I think I'm perpetually stuck in a childhood fort/clubhouse mode and really enjoy such small spaces.

PM, I've got some reading for you regarding fires, lol. Short version: the ecosystem is based on fire, going back tens of thousands of years. Many species of plants require it for germination. I'll hunt up an article for you.

Doing more reading than commenting this a.m. Off to show my folks a mobile home park open house. Tra la!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Here's the story for the day. Yesterday, my in-laws' church had a BBQ pork chop dinner as a fundraiser. They had "Drive Thru" service, so I chose that option. While I was waiting for our two dinners, a lady offered a tray of desserts (think drive-up bake sale) and I selected a piece of chocolate cake. Rummaging through my wallet, I apologized that I only had a $20 to pay for my $1 dessert, but she said they had lots of change. She returned in a few minutes, and I just set all the bills in the center of my wallet, not in the bill compartment, closed it and headed out so I didn't delay the line.

Today, I opened my wallet - you should have seen my jaw drop as the bills splayed out, revealing a $10, 4 $1's and a $50. OOPS! It was a lucky thing that I had left that change separate like that, otherwise it would have been days before I discovered the $50 and then not known where it had come from. The $50 has been delivered to the in-laws, who were going to call the person in charge of tallying the receipts to let her know.

You're all probably sick of hearing this, but the egrets have been flying around most of the morning. One flew right over the garden, then did a sharp turn and and dive into the wetlands - it was like an air show!

Lunch is beckoning!


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After 3 days of heat (100 on the agenda for today) my entire garden will look like Sh*tty Henhouse Brown. Glad I got to the garden center early, but planting anything in this heat is out of the question. Already closing the house up and expecting the A/C to cycle on relatively earlier than usual- its set at 78. Salad for lunch and more salad for dinner !

Hi Ho Chelone, what goings on there are at the compound- and I wish you well on the quest to beautify veggie world. I can imagine how daunting it must be at times to address issues on such a large property, and finding the balance between the wild and the cultivated in a sensitive way. There are times when even my eeny little garden seems overwhelming. However, that does not seem to prevent me from Buying More Plants.

Nice treehouse there V !

I gazed at that very Iresene at the garden center this morning Deanne, very large plants in gallons, but at this point in the year I opted out. That window box looks fabu ! What is the name of the trailing coleus on the right ?

Ok, time to finish up the watering and start on inside stuff

Heres a photo from the lovely garden of Les and Moniquewhat great shrubs and grasses they have ! From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

Later folks...

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

How fine to visit Les & Monique's tonight! Also, fun to see Polish Spirit blooming away at Deanne's. That's one great clematis, reliable. I like Blue Belle in the same way. Both achieve a good size.

I will NOT tire of Egret photos or Egret tales.

Today was another busy day of adventure. Houseguest and I ventured forth to collect Honorine Jobert anemones for her city garden. I of course collected the Prairie Fire grass that was calling my name. I hope to plant that tomorrow instead of a sickly shrub.

Later we shopped a bit in nearby Elora and then bought take-out sandwiches to eat later on. Onward we went to visit a welder who makes garden ornaments and structures. I fell in love with this man...woops, with his structures I should say I guess. He is so sweet and cute though. Anyway, I placed an order for 3 supports for clematis to attach to my garage, one for Betty Corning in particular. This man likes to modify designs to suit the purpose, so I asked for a 6 foot height rather than 5 1/2, longer spikes into the ground and an added horizontal bar. I'm very excited to find exactly what I want at a reasonable price. They should be ready by October. YES!

This sweet man showed us baby puppies at his farm, gave us a tour of his barns, then showed us this amazing back room of his house with a wonderful red trim around windows and cupboards. There was an amazingly long farm table for a large family too. What a lovely room it was! Then he wanted to show us work he did on an old schoolhouse cupola, the fencing for a churchyard and other items for neighbours. Then he took us to see his friends whose house was built by the same man as his own. The friend is the carpenter who built the long table, the wife is a gardener who was moving lady's mantle around to edge a long bed. She had a fine bush clematis in intense blue, a kirengeshoma palmata in bloom, and several other nice plants. A very interesting couple who have taught in Nunavut in the past.

What interested me in particular were the young trees they have planted in an orchard type space. There were Mountain ash trees, cornus alternifolia and many more. She chided her husband for always buying 4 inch plants in styrofoam containers. I got a good laugh over that! But best of all was seeing her Heptacodium in bloom! This tree was so gorgeous and mine so pathetic that I had to take note. Hers is in full sun...mine in semi shade. I MUST find a sunnier spot for mine to flourish fast!

(I didn't take my camera because I'm having trouble posting photos while DH is away.)

On our way home we located Mapleton Organics and came home with Capucinno ice cream for dessert. (Gluten free Mary!) Beforehand we gobbled shrimp and had a nice salad with toasted almonds and feta. The white wine was good too. ;)

Mary, I'm awaiting news of DH's choice of colour for the hen house...Your tales of DH and various requests for assistance are so familiar. Why must each one be met with such critical response? Having my house guest OFFER to help install a new bed "dust ruffle" made things so easy! Then having the gentleman OFFER to DELIVER the new clematis supports was like the answer to a prayer. Makes me wonder why I jump when DH asks for help. Oh well, 41 years and onward!

Time to try for a long night's sleep. Wishing all well on this fine weekend. (Supposed to be 41F tonight too!!!)

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How I enjoyed reading the story of bugs day ! And anticipate photos of the new supports when they are delivered.

My day was spent mostly indoors not the way I like to spend my summer weekends, but it was hideously hot today here. I have just now, at almost 9pm , started to open the place up ;the AC has been going all day . New plants are in the garage- I was home from the garden center by 10am. Some of the newbies:

C. Summer Sorbet
Phormium Tiny Tiger
Salvia Wendys Wish
Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout
Eupatoriam Chocolate
Acalypha La Bamba
Hebe Wiri Blush
Chasmanthium latifolium

Only supposed to be 82 tomorrow- hope that is accurate ! In the meantime I ponder the rains and cool temps that my friends in NE experience as Danny winds down.

Waving to all, and wonder what Marys DH will select as the color on Bettys new digs ?
Here is a really bad photo of the Chicken residence at Annies Annualsnot my finest moment with the camera, but you get the idea. From Annies Annuals June 2009

Waving to all

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good evening.... :-)

I fell asleep with the TV on about 10pm and it woke me up at midnight and now I can't get back to sleep. So, I'm up, using the battery on the laptop until it runs out.

Kathy, I can commiserate with you, I also spent the day indoors except for a brief trip to Lowe's just before dinner. It was wet and instead of getting right out in the garden as usual on a Saturday morning, we decided to try to tackle some of the attic for a couple of hours. Later in the day, I found myself in a very glum mood. Hurricane Danny, Ted Kennedy memorials and sorting through boxes is a lethal combination. Danny, btw, was a non event here for me. Very little wind and fairly steady rain but that was about it.

I did pick up another shrub at Lowe's. 'Scarlet O'Hara' Pieris. It's been on my list for awhile. GWTW is my favorite book so I love the name and the shrub is not half bad either. [g] I have too many shrubs in pots right now. Their new homes are presently occupied waiting for someone to evict them, and I'm starting to feel a little tense. Will they get into the ground in the correct place this year, or not? That is the perennial question. I called someone about a bobcat actually a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a call back yet.

That hen house is a riot, Kathy. I hope you are inspired, Mary. :-)

Love your new tree house, V. I've always been a fan of tree houses. Especially love that your son can build it and has friends that can help. Very useful skills to have.

Denise, I didn't figure out that you had that Salvia in a galvanized can until Deanne caught it. omg, that is HUGE! lol

I have been enjoying everyone's news, but my battery is already low, which it shouldn't be, so I guess a call to Apple this weekend too. Off to read a book....

Good night....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

As PM said the storm here was a non-event as regards to wind. We did get quite a bit of rain out of it and that is a good thing. Of course it is probably my fault that we didnt get any wind, I ran around like a crazy thing all day on Friday putting all the plants on pedestals on the ground, putting a few things in the garage, adding extra staking to things and pruning off coleus foliage I thought would get broken in the wind and rain. Well, all that extra work was unnecessary as we didnt get any wind. LOL Too funny.

V, I absolutely love your tree house! How cool is that to have an adult tree house.

Mary, LOL about letting DH choose the color of the hen house.. te he.

Kathy, love the pic of Monique and Les gardens. They are amazing arent they? ~~ Love your plants list, is Acalypha hardy where you are? ~~ love the artwork on the henhouse!

Bug, it sounds like you had a fabu day! Cant wait to see those clematis supports. I wished you were closer as I need a trellis for my Betty Corning too. She is behemoth!

OKie Dokie, Im out of here, have a great Sunday everyone

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

This one is a bit different but the same vignette

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, love the chicken house at Annie's!!!

Now Chasmanthium latifolium is gorgeous stuff, but I made sure to cut the beautiful seed heads for indoor use, otherwise it would take over the universe...

As to Chocolate Eupatorium, I love it. I have two. It blooms very late here and has not begun so far. I have to be careful as it wilts in direct sun unless watered daily. I enjoy it even if it has no blooms at all.

You are a tease with your C. Summer Sorbet. Is this the new Caryopteris? Photo please!!!

I got a mixed report from DH's reunion day 1 experiences. It is hard to identify anyone, it seems, particularly after 50 years. One woman was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary as well! One man was not attending because he was in hospice care for pain, but somehow he managed to pull himself together and charm everyone. The most interesting tale from my point of view is this. DH went to school in Switzerland while in grade 7. He wrote to his friend, named Sarah, while there. His mother saved all those letters and they were given to him last Thursday night in box from his sister. He decided to give them to Sarah at the reunion dinner. Upon arrival, Sarah handed over a similar box of HIS letters that she had saved from grade 7! In university she had written an assignment, a character analysis of someone she had known. She wrote about DH and handed that paper over to him as well. He's not sure what to make of that at all, but still, interesting. Then there were two stories of people he hoped to meet again only to discover that one had died in 1955 of cancer and the other in Vietnam. It is interesting to hear him so curious about the lives of people, something he doesn't always make time for. It is good.

Time to get moving on breakfast for my house guest....

The sun is trying to break through here, so hoping for a FINE day for all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Deanne, Betty is a MONSTER! There are frequent tales on websites about her knocking things down in wind storms or being uprooted. Mine tends to fall off her trellis and pull it off the garage wall, so that is why I am searching for another solution. As Woody knows, she's a beauty. People often try to grow another clematis of contrasting colour with her, but often that ends up suffocating the companion. !!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - if I give up on Vyvyan Pennell because she is resolutely refusing to climb, do you think I would be able to plant Betty Corning there and have her climb all across the front porch railing? That would give her a lot of scope to wander without being able to pull anything down. There is no question that Betty is gorgeous and I want it! The railing is the only place I can think of that might accomodate her. Vyvyan's time is up - she is showing no signs of ever growing UP again! Trying to dig her out might be impossible though - it's a very tight spot and I have no idea how I got her into it in the first place!

The house smell like Christmas - we made a batch of mincemeat yesterday. Tomato chutney is on the agenda next.

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Good morning

I LOVE the decorated henhouse!! While the silly birds are not yet sleeping in their new digs here Betty did lay her morning egg in one of the new nesting boxes on the lower level (Yep, its a two story condominum!) I'm feeding them in there too so hopefully they will get the idea. The fact that they are so feather brained only adds to their charm:)

The lone quail has is becoming tamer and tamer and today he fed out of my hand. They are beautiful little birds and I'm so glad he appears to be staying with us.

GB - interesting to read about DH's reunion. I feel much is lost in the way of letter writing in our cyber age.

Woody - I have been on a bit of a preserving binge. So far I have made:
Red Currant Jelly
Blueberry Jam
Honeyey blueberry preserves with nutmeg.
Pickled garlic
Spicy dill pickles
Haberno gold jelly
Balsamic glaze

I make small quantities of each but we seem to be going through them at an alarming rate.

David's birthday was fun, spent with neighbors and family. He started the day by running over the road at 7 AM where his best friend made him breakfast. She had slept on the sofa to be ready when he arrived. Their family had ordered him a case of his favorite natural cherry soda from Michigan which he thought was the coolest present. He had another family breakfast with us, opened presents, swimming in the afternoon, dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, then cake with neighbours and a round of Pictionary.

Today there is a window of opportunity this morning before the rain starts up again so i should make hay while the sun shines (or at least pull a few weeds).


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Mary - we need pictures of the hen condominium!!

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Good morning everyonefingers crossed that the weather pundits have handed us an accurate forcast, my garden could use an 80 degree day (me too !) and I need to get around this morning and snip off crispy flowers and burnt up foliage. First task is coffee however.

Bug, My Summer Sorbet is not much to look at right now, it appeared to have been at the garden center for awhile and lucky for it that it got to come home with me. Its been on my list for ages and I was so happy to find it link of a decent photo below. So I now have Longwood Blue, Worster Gold, and Summer Sorbet.

Well, Deanne, better to be safe than sorry I guess ! And least youll be ready with an action plan for the next big blow , lol.

OK, I better get outside with the pruners

Waving to all !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Looks fantastic Kathy...but zone 6 I am NOT... :(

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