You know how it goes.....

agnespuffinOctober 22, 2012

... the house needs a lot of itty bitty repairs, touch ups, etc.. But who to get???

DH is out mowing up the leaves and guy stop by..."anything need done?""

the name of his company.. "This, and of course, That"

with a name like that how could we give the job to anyone else?

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I do know how it goes, and we, too, need a "handyman" to do the many things that DH can't do, anymore, and when/if I try to do them, sometimes they work--and sometimes, they don't!! A good handyman could find lots of work in our community, b/c most of us are seniors and need help doing the home repair stuff -- not major projects, sometimes not even repairs, but things like replacing the battery in the smoke detector--which is on the wall at the 12' level (!) or going under the house to turn off the outside water for the winter.

Agnes, hope the "This and That" guy worked out well.

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Yes, I know how it goes. DH is a very handy man, but age is starting to slow him down. He is willing to take on any task, but I'm the one that says no, so it's up to me to find someone.
I found a family through a realtor that hires them to get a house ready for sale.They can do a variety of things. Clean house, clean windows and clear gutters.
Several of us hire a licensed contractor by the hour when needed. For example, when I wanted a gas stove, we hired a contractor to put in a gas line and hook up the cook top, we did all the other work ourselves. A neighbor was upgrading the kitchen, doing most of the work himself, but when it came to wireing , he hired a licensed electrician.

These days we need some "muscle" help, to move things around. Our city has set up a day labor center, where we can hire people legally. The center sent out an ad, saying they had people who could help during the holidays, such as hanging lights etc...
We've had a gardener for many years, all he does is cut the grass, rakes the leaves and cleans up weekly.

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Agggie, I have a rule.
I never hire anyone that rings my doorbell or puts a note in
my mailbox. I have never had good luck with any of them.

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Love that name!

Jan, how do you get someone? My mom just picks up the phone and calls me. Or Mark. Or Susie. Whoever is free. We're all fairly handy. But maybe she wouldn't have to wait sometimes. Mark and I live farther away and are busier these days. Susie is really busy these days, two jobs and a husband whose health is really beginning to fail. The last person I got from word of mouth? He kept putting my projects on hold because of the person who sent him my way! Ha! But that didn't work so well.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm with Jan... using door-to-door is a big no-no unless they have the county-issued ID to prove who they are. Interestingly, since that policy was begun the door-to-door folks have just about disappeared from our neighborhood! The last one was one of those "driveway sealer" guys, and when I asked for his ID, his eyes got big and he literally ran to his waiting pickup truck which then tore down the street like the hounds of h3ll were chasing. I wonder why :)

Rob~ three handy-andy guys advertise in the local senior's newspaper (issued by the county); and of course neighbors have word-of-mouth. The last word-of-mouth was for a guy to help with yardwork: mediocre English and just a bit slow in understanding, but a very steady worker.

Me, I'm looking for the handy-andy who has a bit of carpentry skill to install some sliding shelves in an awkward base cabinet....

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Joann and I have several handy dandy worthy things to be done and there are three fellows who said they would help - actually 4, but Hank is only good for mow and weed whack, and there is no such job now. Trouble is there is other better paying work available right now - it is harvest time in the "secret" gardens and to manicure the product pays well.
Wine and Pot, the major agricultural industries in this neck of the woods

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Rob,I have someone that can do everything.
He has worked for us for years.

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Wine and pot. HA! It sounded like a restaurant name (like a "pot of soup"). oops! Not what you meant. You mean they hire someone to do that? Wow. I'm floored.

Send him my way? Nah. Oh well. I'll find someone someday. He can work for mommy and then a few years from now, for me.

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