Cats Who Drown Socks

michaelalreadytakenMarch 6, 2008

Dear Abby,

My cats keep drowning my white socks in their water bowl.

It usually isn't a problem until I wake up to go to work and find they've "liberated" my socks from the laundry basket and drowned them all.

I have tried fussing at them but all I get in return is this dazed, detached, passive, disinterested "Children of the Corn" look in return.

Occasionally, they begin to purr loudly as I'm fussing, which I find disrespectful and counterproductive and, frankly, somewhat sado-masochistic.

What should I do?


Having a Catfight in Vacaville

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LOL -- my mom's cat feeds and waters her babies. She even lines them up in anticipation of "their turn". At any given time there is a mineature mouse or other toy floating while others lie in amongst the kibble. hehe

Maybe your baby needs her own special basket of 'baby' socks to nuture.


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

When my dog was a puppy she thought it was fun to drop her ball in her water dish. Then she would slop water all over the floor getting it out. Once she dropped the ball in the toilet.

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Well, I'm not alone then! Mine splash water all over the place too, especially the Bengal (Mr. Touch Me Not). He actually bathes in the water dish.

Next cat item on the agenda: electric blankets and the inability to sleep in one's own bed. :) They get upset if they can't have the bed to themselves. Of course, I do too but it's my bed afterall.


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Terry Crawford

It's now 5:30 a.m. and my 17-yr. old cat woke me from a sound sleep at 4:00 a.m. She charged up the stairs into the bedroom yelling "hello" like the house was on fire and then proceeded to leisurely give herself a bath. It's so weird...she sounds like she's mimicing a parrot when she talks.

Now that I'm up, she's nowhere to be found. Probably sleeping peacefully somewhere.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Project cats in charge. You need to get another bedroom for yourself.


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Am I the only one who questions whether placing objects into a bowl of water, is nuturing behavior?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

This should make you feel better:

Here is a link that might be useful: failed dogs

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HOOV, those are HILARIOUS!



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terryjean keep an eye on your older cat's vocalizations. If it happens frequently at night, you may need to tell your vet. I thought my kitty was just getting senile but his loud talking was a symptom of early kidney disease. Also, some kitties are losing their hearing and some are just being playful. Its good to be watchful if it gets to be frequent or happens in a pattern.

I love to hear about everyones cats. Mine have staked out all the best places for themselves as well. They live better than royalty here.

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Terry Crawford

Kitty - I have an appt. to take Stormy to the vet on Wednesday for a check-up. She is starting to miss her litterbox as well. I just read an article in this month's Cat Fancy magazine about older cat dementia, so I'm concerned. She is still talking loudly at night, which the article said older cats will do because they get lost at night. She's had trouble with her kidneys before also. Thanks for the concern and I'll post after Wednesday.

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jody(7b - NC)

I've had several cats that are sock retrievers, but none who would drown the socks. Very inconvenient I agree.

DH says our bed is not a bed, but an ark. Two humans, three cats and one dog. Its not always conducive to sleeping well for the humans although the fur balls seem to do okay.

Do you cats look for the softest place in the house. If there is a throw pillow on the sofa, Baxter, will knock it over and then paw the throw off the back of the sofa onto the pillow and lay on top of the whole heap - sofa, pillow throw. Must be comfortable you know.

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