krista_marie(5)October 7, 2011

sigh. I have a problem with this. The guilt of wasting perfectly good plants. Today, I edited out the excessive Knautia. I do pot up things to share, swap and plain old give away. Sometimes, there are just too many to pot up. I let 20 sunflowers grow to full height in my perennial bed because I couldn't bear to rip them out. I let the Caryopteris seedlings grow. I let the Knautia freely seed because the yellow finches love them (and the sunflowers). The Salvia seedlings were more manageable to pot up. Five years ago, I had a hard time nixing the purple asters but I have no problem now. This year, my pink asters have spread. I think I may throw them in a box with a sign "free to good home" and put them on the sidewalk. I don't understand where the guilt comes from. Am I a.....plant hoarder? I hope my guy doesn't call the T.V. show on me. I would look like an arse.

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You are not alone. I can't throw plants out either and have a couple of African Violets which are about 20 years old. When they get too stragely and don't bloom anymore they get a root cut, replanted and about 3 month later they start to grow again. Throw them out? No way, they are members of the family. A rosebush has about 10 blooms a year and they are from the root stock. Dig it out, the poor thing is trying!

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Oh, the words "thin out", "cull", "edit" makes me cringe when it comes to gardening. Now, "trim" , "shape" and "prune" has less of a cringe reaction. Who knows?
On the other hand I have no problem cleaning out a bed for next season's plantings.

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