What kind of criters can be added to a pond?

Mike56(7a)April 27, 2013

Has anyone ever tried a panted turtle in a fish pond? If so what was your experience? My grandson found a baby panted turtle in the wild two weeks ago and I am thinking of adding him to the pond if he wont bother my fish.
What else can be added to a pond with koi, catfish and frogs for diversity?

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I have a huge turtle in mine, but I have raised sides so she cant escape. She has learned to hunt this spring so she is biting tails on goldfish. I went out this morning and she had her sites on a fantail and was chasing it like crazy so I had to catch the fish and put him in my koi pond cause she wouldn't be side tracked by the food I thru in.

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How huge and what kind of turtle? Mine is only about one inch.

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A turtle can be added. They can climb and are likely to move out of the pond. They can sometimes bite small fish. They will eat snails and some plants. You have to worry about how they will cope in winter.

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Thanks for the turtle input. I don't think he can climb out while he is so small but I will need to keep an eye on my skimmer. I think I will have to take it inside for the winter.

What other wildlife can coexist in a fish pond?

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