Fun chicken video

west_gardenerOctober 26, 2013

Lol, a fun video about chickens. Makes me smile. Turn on the music.
I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a link that might be useful: The chicken whisperer.

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That was cute, wg, and the music was very nice. I don't usually think of chickens as pretty, but these were good looking "birds". (Are chickens birds? I know they're fowl, but also birds? I could look this up on the 'net, but don't really care that much!)

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ROTF. mwheel , good questions. I think I saw a Rooster in there somewhere. Is he called a "chicken". I don't know.
Anyway, the maker of the video called them all chickens.
Glad you thought it was cute. And liked the music.

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Nice looking Chickens - technically they are all chickens, the girls are hens and the boy is a rooster. Of course, they are birds and they are Fowl, so are ducks and turkeys. If you ever have to muck out their quarters, you know why they are called fowl LOL

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Reminds me of my favorite picture of my father. He is sitting on the doorstoop to the shed, a chicken on his lap, another one on his shoulder and the rest standing or sitting around on a peaceful afternoon.
Thanks for the memory trip past - long past.

Lilo, I agree with your reason why they are called fowl!

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gmatx zone 6

Amen on why they are called fowl! Should have been spelled foul - IMHO...........

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Thanks for the clarification of chicken terms.
When I was a kid, we saw the pigeons (sp) in the square, Those fowl left foul stuff.
anneliese, my grandfather would have loved to sit with chickens all around him, but alas we lived in the city. Chicken were not allowed.

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