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kuriouskevMarch 16, 2007

Hello! My Wife and I have recently moved into a house in MO. and have counted 165 rose "plants" in our backyard. We were told that the couple that last owned the house would create hybrids, and sell them to a local nursery. That said, we have no knowledge of roses, or how to cultivate them. We are seeking answers as to the proper cultivation techniques. It is looking as though the plants are changing for the season, and we would like to make sure they are going to be o.k. I guess we will be able to provide more info as the different plants take shape. Ah, one is at least 7 foot tall (single shoot) Hm, please be gentle, we are newbies!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Hi kuriouskev--welcome to the rose forums. However, next time you post a rose question, try to find the main "Rose Forum" section. You will get more responses there. (This section is more of a general chat forum for posters who happen to be rose gardeners.)

Do you have any idea what gardening zone you are in? I'm in southeast KS (near Joplin)--that is Zone 6. If you are more in the northern part of MO, you may be in Zone 7. In which case, postpone some of first tasks I mention for 2-3 weeks.

I'm going to give you the simple version to get started. When you get experienced, you can experiment around with other possibilities.

1. When the forsythia bloom (look around your neighbor--someone has a forsythia bush), your roses should start to put out tiny little leaf buds (they may be green or red--depends on the rose). Get some pruning shears from your garden store (Wally World has them), and cut off any dead parts--they will probably appear brown and will usually have no leaf buds. If any of the canes have big purplish blothes on them, cut below the blotch. Don't worry if you sometimes have to cut back to several inches from the ground. It is best if you cut back to the green portion of the cane, right above one of the little leaf buds, but leave as much green cane as possible.

2. Buy a time-release rose food like Osmocote (WAlly World) that lasts for 4 months. Follow feeding directions on the container--spread it around the base of the rose but not real close to the stem. Water in well.

3. Buy bags of garden mulch (Wally World again) and put 2-3 inches of it around your roses. It conserves water and suppresses weeds.

4. Give the roses one inch of water every week. If your July-August are boiling hot like they are in Zone 6 KS, you may have to water a couple times every week during hot weather.

5. Buy a fungicide like Bayer Advanced Disease Control (careful, there are many versions offered--don't get the others--again at Wally World). Follow directions on the bottle. You may need to invest in a sprayer--simple 1-2 gal. plastic pump-action one with a wand will work fine. You may need to spray every two weeks--or maybe not. I spray very little here, but I make sure I buy disease-resistant roses. Hard to say what you have, so you may need to keep up a regular spray program. The main culprit you are trying to defeat is "blackspot" which looks just like what it says--black splotches on the leaves.

OK--that's it. But come visit us with questions if something else arises during the summer. And read a lot of the posts on the Discussions forum--you'll learn a lot there.

Should warn you--growing roses is addictive. And you'll love every moment of it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the main Rose Forum

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oops--I goofed on the zones. If you are in the northern half of Missouri, that is probably Zone 5 (not Zone 7). Sorry for the slip-up.

: )


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Kev - you may need to wait a bit longer to see what you have out there. Roses are tougher then everybody thinks - give it time and see what they do! Also, any chance you can contact the previous owners and ask them about the garden? If they hybridized I'll bet they kept careful records.

Kate - now I have to ask - whereabouts are you in southeast KS? My mom's family is in the Pittsburg area... I was born in Leavenworth, and lived there a few years before moving south!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

pagan--yup, Pittsburg. Why don't you email me some info about your mom's family. Wouldn't that be cool if I already knew them? My daughter worked in Leavenworth for several years, but that is all I know about that area, though she still lives in KC.


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Newbie------Would it be possible to get in touch with the previous owners. Sounds like they know a lot about roses. It would be great to talk to them and I think they would be thrilled if someone wants to take care of their roses.
Keep us posted
Kate is right ---The best place for your answers would be the Rose Forum or the Antique Rose Forum and then check the Gallery for pictures.

Warning-----roses are addictive--- LOL


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Unfortaunately, the previous owners cannot be contacted. We are left guessing. We are excited to discover exactly what we have got cultivating in the back yard. SoOoOoO many plants all lined up, and in sections. One question, one of them is a single thick shoot that must be at least 7-8' tall, any ideas as to what it might be?

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It has begun!! We had a strang lady at our doorstep (un-announced) on a Sunday. She claimed that the owner of the house had given her permission to "dig up" a few rose bushes from our back yard. Hm, my Wife kindly rid this lady from our doorstep using napping children as an excuse. We talked later, the lady has not returned, and when she does, we will not be so kind.............we are keeping all 160 bushes, thank-you. They are all bursting into action, we are very excited!!

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Sounds like you are off on a wonderful rose adventure----

Keep us posted ---

Don't let anyone dig any up ---Let them bloom first---then decide which ones you like and which ones you can part with.

what a lucky purchase---a house already blessed with roses.

Please post pictures so we can all share your excitement.


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