Insanity is reining... b*chfest, anyone??

meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevationMarch 30, 2007

I can't figure out who is the more insane party is what's driving me batty. Got my grades again for another school project. Can I run do a naked primal scream in the backyard? Nope, too much pollen and I'm mad at my pal next door too. I'll scream here...


OK, a little better.

If anyone knows of a degree in mindreading in attendance now, PLMK. If anyone knows if the British higher education system is just designed to make people feel like idiots, please please let me know.

Then I'm not crazy and the world is just its usual silly self.

While I'm at it, nextdoor lass, no you can't dig up my stuff without permission because I offered you a cutting once eons ago that you never picked up. Dad, I know you just flew in with no sleep but p*ssy is still p*ssy, and when can I get this stupid sweaty cast off, dear doc?!!

Aaack, aargggh and such. There's more but its kind of a slow hiss instead of something that needs an argh ;]

I'm sitting alone eating worms tomorrow, I swear.

Please somebody else whine about something or I'm going to scream for a week. Phwew.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

It's. Not possessive, obviously, and a bit of a pet peeve... AAAARRGGHH ;]

I'm checking in early folks, I swear.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Idiot female driver blew stop sign and came yea close to wiping me out on my bike.Well I was supposed to stop because she was in a car and pays taxes etc.,etc..
Tides not right for fishing this week when I am free-next week when I'm not,ideal.
The six liveoaks in back of my house just had their forty bag leaf drop-right on top of my blooming azaleas.
Actually life is pretty good now and I am fitter than a fiddle so what am I beaching about-cuz I can't-man of war infestation.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You guys are too funny - I can't begin to match your writing skills....

But it's been a long day here too, I've had too much dinner and took a benadryl - yep, pollen here too Mere and I don't know what kind, I just know my black ford is wearing a greenish yellow haze.

I predict I'll be asleep in front the the TV in about 10 minutes flat. And I hope tomorrow is a great day for all of us

Pete, didn't you go fishing last Monday? How'd you do?

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Ah, neighbors. Next house I don't want any.

May I scream too? Been trying to buy my dads house, sentimental reasons. Mother promised it to me in December (house was almost off the 6 month listing no other offers) then in Jan with a few weeks of listing left, an offer comes in. She never called to see if I'd counter :(

Moved out the other day without even saying good bye to my kids. Daughter had a bad day at school yesterday due to it - suspended 6 days, I got it dropped to 3.

Been working on my house, trying to get it ready for sale. Getting so sick of painting / touch ups. Next stop, carpet cleaning.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Looks as if my 87 year old FIL may come stay with us for a few days. He's severely diabetic, not taking his meds for diabetes or early onset Alzheimers.
Best cat Ferrett Face is declining from severe osteo-arthrtis. Half feral Elf cat has a possible tumor on her back.
We're probably getting P.I.T.A. back from FIL.
Can't get a decent priced replacement prop for the boat. Can't even get quotes after multitudes of phone calls. Boat is costing $$$in boat yard in AL.
Rose beds not all weeded, roses not all pruned. Watering system not up and running. We've lost a few big roses to using Tordon on trees inside of them.
Gotta concentrate on what to cook for someone diabetic, as well as clean guest room, figure out if its pollen or carpenter ants or bees working on a piece of the outside wood.
Mower I use to help carry heavy stuff has a totally shot front tire...
Happy spring! It's so danged hot that the daffs are crisp and gone for the year.
Will have more to "contribute" tonight.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

New neighbors w/children moved in around the corner, their backyard adjoins my backyard, saw children running through my yard to get a ball. I'm not really cranky, but I hate people running through my property without permission. Next time...

And I've had two issues this week (one with mom, one with me) where our health insurance didn't correctly provide data feeds to provider systems. I was livid when it happened to Mom on Monday, but just laughted when it happened to me on Tuesday.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

FIL doesn't seem to remember layout of house, although he's been here over a hundred times.
Has already confused short haired white cat with his long haired white cat.
Hasn't eaten lunch yet and it's 3p.m.
Must get food into him.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL, whew that was good for me y'all :) I saw that pete had men-o-war to contend with before I went to bed and figured a loony tutor didn't impact my spare time at least ;]

Pete, you're a doll... always there for a b*chfest, lol ;]

Morz8, I love your writing and appreciate the well wishes! I hope your day went well! Mine was fun [even if I am a dunce ;]

Sue, ugh, please do scream. Do you get to try for the house then? I hope you get to. I can just imagine what your bac must be like with painting... may the force be with you [opiates, I mean!]

Oh, Ann, you must be about batty by now! How incredibly frustrating. Caretaking is hard enough when the person is just sick. Godspeed and many breaks in the garden alone to you!

Diane, LOL, I love children and hate them mucking up my stuff! Insurance?? Always a really bad day, definitely. Good luck with it!

I joined a Brit college forum and found out that my grade isn't unusual where I go, so I feel somewhat better today from that... but the commiseration helps more, lol. Thanks!

Please feel free to vent more here if you need a good scream!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Mind if I join in? Haven't posted much in over a year. Fell off the planet when I developed a rare nerve disorder in my leg after bunion surgeryin Aug. '05. Worst case scenario was constant morphine or amputation. Was blessed with a full remission after 6 mo. of crutches and leg braces. During that time, I gave away over 200 roses and other plants as I could not take care of them and no one would help me. Then my 81-yr.old father moved in with me a year ago. He has heart failure, COPD, etc. Between going back to work full time, be his chauffeur and go-fer, and trying to recoup a lost year in the yard, I am ready to either run away from home or ship him back to Montana. He thinks he's entitled to be an O.F. Makes crude remarks about women, won't bathe more than once a week, expects me to wait on him hand & foot, despite residual limp and pain in the leg after a 10-hr. day.

To make matters worse, the in-home care provider informed me she is moving back East in Aug. I can't afford to hire an agency-type as Dad's insurance only pays part of the wages. He tried to help me and roached my climbers back to stubs, weed-whacked the irises, stepped on newly-planted annuals and generally mucks up my day. No help from my siblings. I am at my wit's end.

AARRGHH does not even come close! It's gotten to the point where my hair looks like a frightened cockatoo and that's without gel!

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WOW! And I was gonna say that my back was having a bad day! Ya'll have way more going on then me! XOXOOXXO all around!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Oh, did I mention that I pulled something in my left shoulder and haven't finished pruning and putting down fertilizer yet? Happy Spring!!!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Thanks for listening to my rant. It helped.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

It's good to hear from old friends, even if the world is dumping on them. Feel free to rant away.
My temporary problem just left, poor DH is taking him running errands, looking at assisted care and disabling his car.
Find something to do for yourself, even if it's just a manicure once a week. You don't need a manicure? Doesn't matter. You do need that time when you can disengage from the world around you and let someone wait on you for a brief period.
What got me through the most stressful half year of my life (beside the games pong and frogger when I couldn't sleep) was the one hour facial I got every TH after work. I needed it, more than my face needed it.
You could print up and "old fart" card and have it laminated. Give it to your Dad in the morning and tell him he's allowed to play it once a day, but no more. After than one play, you don't have to listen to him. When he plays it, you take the card back until the next morning.
Once a day does, after all, beat the heck out of continued OFdom.
Hugs to us all.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

FARMGIRL!!! So good to 'see' you again! Wow, it sounds like you need a special naked-primal-scream spot for daily runs ;] Truly, I'm so sorry for your stress. I had a run there where Mom was sick and needed care and my back [nerve pain, too] was awful and career was still an issue... I thought I'd go insane or just melt away somehow from the pain.

My very bipolar sister tends to just add to the stress during those times because her stress turns her into a Tasmanian Devil [gallows humor laugh].

It will figure itself out somehow... you are in the bands of the hurricane and of course it looks awful. I do like Ann's suggestions, definitely try to remember that you are being wonderful. Maybe he's crazy enough to 'ignore' more often... just nod and don't argue and write it off in your mind as a pity. I don't know if that makes sense or is relevant in your case, but there are certain moods of my sister's that require complete grace and a little deception ;] Just go yell naked in the backyard!

Good luck with your roses, too... may they do their thang with little effort on your part. I've seen it happen; OK maybe with a forgiving eye here in my own yard during those times :)

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Elise(9b BayArea CA)

My two sheltie dogs got sick from the contaminated dog food and they both spent a week at the vet on I.V.s and getting blood tests, etc.. Thankfully I can b*tch about the cost ($1200) but the only important thing is that they survived and are doing much better now with my home cooking (they lost a lot of weight).

When my first dog became lethargic and started throwing up, I thought it was a virus or something disagreed with him. A day later the second dog started acting ill also; vomiting, glassy-eyed, no appetite, wouldn't even drink water. The pet food scare was just starting to appear on the news and the dog food I was using (Eukanuba Adult Premium dry kibble) was not on the recall list. But my dogs were so sick--they are 9 years old and have never been sick one day in their lives before-- so I took no chances and got them to the vet right away and on fluids and that saved their lives.

I'm sure I'll never get reimbursed by the pet food company for the vet bill, but at least I still have my pets. I read today that the death toll is now in the thousands.

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That's awful Elise. I'm glad to hear that the dogs are doing better now. One of the women that I work with just adopted a puppy and found out last week Monday that the dog was sick from contaminated food fed to him before they got him. If the dog isn't better soon they'll have to figure something out. Her kids are already very attached to the dog which makes it very hard on them.

As for me, I'm way behind on my gardening (mulch is still on the roses but it's getting colder so maybe that's a good thing), my project at work is a failure (there isn't any RNA in human saliva as it turns out), but otherwise I'm fine. Honestly, my problems seem very small now which is a nice feeling.

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Ann & Meredith:
Your words of encouragement were greatly appreciated. I can't tell you how much it helped. I try to let things slide, but there's only so much I can take before I reach critical mass. With all the roses in the yard, planted & potted, running nekkid would not be an option and the screams would be from genuine pain. I don't think I'd look good as shredded wheat!

One saving grace is the unconditional acceptance from my cat, FatCat. I read the horrible reports about the contaminated food and made sure her grub was not on the list (Purina ONE and Friskies canned). However, I found that I had been using a jar of peanut butter on the recall list. Oh Joy!

Instead of fighting the situation I'm in, I'm going to focus on dealing with one thing at a time, one day at a time. If I fail to meet other's expectations, they can adjust as I'm doing the best that I can. Maybe I should say: if you don't like the way I do things, here are your options: do it yourself; help me; or leave...temporarily or permanently; the choice is yours. Put the responsibility for their actions back on them. And I will start taking mental health time, even if it's just a stroll thru a nursery or a bookstore.

H&K's to all!

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Carol, is he on Medicare? If so, go to their web site and sign up, it will open up a whole new world for you. You may be able to get help, they have a very good list online.

I cared for my dad for 9 months, wish he would have had more time. Dad was a great guy, loved by many. I feel so special that I was the last person he looked at when he passed. Cancer is a lot different then what you are going through, was there a time when the two of you were close?

Mere, one sister that hadn't spoken to my parents since the early 90's came into the picture a few weeks before he died. She was more interested in insurance then making peace with him. If both of my sisters only knew what he said about them, it would give them a reality check. Having my dad say the things he did to me about them a few days before he died lifted a weight off of my shoulders; as he now understood the pain I had growing up due to things they did to me.

The house - I was supposed to get 1st dibs, they put it for sale while I had my back surgery. Hubby drove by & saw the sign, I called a realtor, put in a bid; rejected of course. Sent a counter bid, which I countered also; no response. Somewhere around end of Oct, I went to talk to mother. She said she'd speak to my older sister - me buying it off of contract would give her more money. She said ok. By Decembers end, she once again confirmed she'd sell it to me. When I saw it under contract online my heart sunk. They refused to call the realtor to see if I could increase my bid. Hired an attorney that decided 5 weeks in he couldn't take the case, so I got screwed.

The only thing that saves my sanity is that as creapy as it sounds, while I was on my bed crying my eyes out; my dad visited me. A few things happened, I know that they will get theirs - all 3 of them - mother & both sisters. They will get back the bad kharma, I truly believe it. The offer coming in was a last chance for them to make amends with my dad and do the right thing, since they didn't, I think they are in for a surprise.

I'm heartbroken I won't be able to make the memories in his house that he wanted to make. I helped him pick the house, took her shopping to decorate the windows & beds. I lovingly planted gardens for my dad; just like it was my house. The house was perfect for my family with a few improvements.

I'd asked my mother for things I picked out, purchased some, a bathroom set, bedroom linens & curtains for both rooms. She hated them anyway, why couldn't I have them? Also asked to buy his desk. She left giving me nothing. I'm sure my spiteful little sister was the one behind this, so I hope she chokes on all of it. I'm sure she will.

Wow, felt great to vent. I actually typed it without crying. My dad & I were very close; as weird as it sounds we were sole mates. 2 peas in a pod. Both would do anything for the other. In the end of his time here, he blew off my sisters, he was so disgusted with them; wouldn't take one's phone calls. I OTOH was always by his side and welcomed to be. He didn't want anyone being with him when he died, nor hand holding; but its what he got, myself and my son, who was like a son to him. He'd never had a boy and cherished my son like his own....

wow this is long

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

I've looked into options for Dad. Adult daycare is not one of them. He is a smoker, a racist and dislikes women for the most part. "We" do have our uses, but he would rather we remain invisible until needed. He is quite capable of doing most things for himself, but doesn't because he chooses not to. After all, he has me to do his bidding for him, doesn't he? Some of the social services are not an option as he has too much in assets, both money and land. Which brings me to the next part.

The raw deal you got from your family regarding the sale of the house is similar to the situation I am in now, altho I want to sell the property as it will resolve some long-standing family issues. One item on the b+++h list is, while I am part-owner of the property, I cannot use it. Nor will any of the other "partners" buy me out and give me my freedom. The ranch was becoming a dump site for dead vehicles, useless equipment and a harbor for some unsavory "friends" of my younger brother. I took the family to court and won an order to clean it up and sell it. That was five years ago. Dad pulled a vanishing act and hid out in Montana with his "adopted" family until he got sick. My younger brother did everything he could to be a PITA. I ended up being the one to appear in court on land use violations as I was the only one with a permanent mailing address. Both of these miscreants refused to open the mail I sent them regarding the sale. Two attempts with different agents failed. I learned about "double escrows" and "dual representation" the hard way. Now I get to hear Dad gripe about the deals he missed because the ranch didn't sell.

My plan was to take the sale money, buy land in Tennessee, sell my house, move my 500 roses there and semi-retire. I do not know how long my leg will last with the daily abuse it takes on the job. The neurologist told me the RSDS I developed never goes away and would get worse with the next injury. The family doesn't care as long as I can be of use, especially when it comes to shuffling the papers and doing the leg-work on the ranch sale. (No pun intended!) I can't walk away from the ranch money as it represents a lot of hard work over the years. I just didn't inherit a portion of it; I earned it. I am on a rainy Saturday doing laundry, cleaning and scrubbing out the refrigerator as I seem to be the only one who can smell something rotten in there. My daughter's dog has dug holes in the yard, ripped up plants, chewed labels and generally thrashed the place. Dad is glued to the tube watching the same vintage Westerns he's seen many times before and at an unbearable volume as he refuses to use the headphones I bought for him.

I've tried talking honestly with him. It hasn't worked. He tries to use the guilt-trip thing and it is all I can do to not nuke. I thought this would be an opportunity for him to mend fences with his sons. He won't even try. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong. He can't figure out why no one calls or visits. He feels they have to make the effort.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Carol, I am so sorry... I'd give you a big hug if I were there! Sue, that does just s*ck, and it's not too long ;] I love the icons, btw!

Elise, I'm so sorry about your dogs! And so glad they made it! I hope they are well. My Lulu kitty died 3 days after I gave her a can of food by one of the manufacturers [but not the flavors listed]. She had pre-existing kidney issues, but I do wonder. It was a silly, irregular 'treat' too, not my regular habit at all.

Today I'm blue again... today's shootings :[

And the pharmacy screwed up my endo meds [2 days MATTERS] so I'm a big crampy migraine on legs... with nausea;] In time for the last week of this school project, no less! Full circle from the 1st post, lol.

C'est la vie [my vents I mean], but venting is the Rx for me, anyway. Thanks

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Carol, I'm sorry. Sounds like you have your hands full. You would think that since you are the main caregiver, you'd be able to sell the house :( Now that your father is with you, can you try to sell it again? There has to be something that can be done since the boys aren't opening the mail you're sending.

I recently researched RSDS after reading about Paula Abdul and think I may have gotten it added to my records as a diagnosis. It would explain why none of my back surgeries worked. I haven't had much time to really dig into the info, so I'm not sure if cutting nerves would help, but I'm not ready to go that route.

Mere, sorry about the meds. After my last surgery I had close to a week where they wouldn't fill 2 of my meds. Thankfully I had stuff stashed. There are days when I don't take all of the meds for what ever reason - when filling my weekly pill holder, I will only put 3 of the 4 doses in it. I then take the other 7 pills and put them in an a.m. / p.m. container. Right now I have enough pills stashed to last me a week in case it happens again.

I found out that the patches are much cheaper by mail order, saving me $20. Every little bit helps. I've developed a sensativity problem, and can't use them every day like I used to.

Heard about the shooting yesterday, but didn't read about it or watch it on the news. Can't handle stuff like that. My heart goes out to the families...

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

RSDS is difficult to diagnose. In the beginning, I saw 7 drs. in 3 weeks trying to get some relief. At first, the drs. said it was tendonitis or arthritis. Shot me with cortisone. Worst thing they could do. Told me to walk on it as much as possible. Incredible pain! Physical therapy was a joke. Was put into a cast even though I didn't have a broken bone. MRI showed I had bone marrow edema and a couple of spots of bone necrosis from the bunion surgery. I didn't get the full diagnosis until I was sent to a Hindu neurologist. Was then sent to a pain management specialist. Vicodin didn't touch the pain. Was put on Neurontin to override the nerve impulses and that really screwed me up. At 1800 mg a day, I was a basket case. When told I needed to double that, I refused. Told the dr. that he was frying my brain in an effort to control my leg. Have you had a phentolamine test? Check it out. You'll get a laugh about the uses for the drug. It was the only chuckle I'd had in a while. The test has to be done in an OR setting as it can drop your BP suddenly. But it did show that it was RSDS. For the first time in months, my foot and leg were a normal color and I had no pain. After the drug wore off, I was back to having a swollen technicolor leg.

I also looked into experimental drug programs. Regrettably, one was for an analog of thalidomide in So. Cal and I couldn't join it. The other was at UCDavis, only 30 miles away, but I was too late. It was a study of the medicinal uses of marijuana to control the pain of RSDS. My kind of study! I started Bowen massage treatments and I think that helped more than any of the drugs. No quick fix, but worth looking into.

I am very fortunate to have the use of my leg and foot back. I still have some residual nerve problems like intense itching, twitches, weird sensations, occasional episodes of "cold foot" where it feels like there's a block of ice at the end of my leg, but definitely better than what it was.

As for selling the ranch, it is vacant land. No house. We had to demolish the ancient trailer Dad lived in as the frame broke when we tried to remove it from the property. All that remains are the barns and they are not in good shape. If we demolish them, the county will raise the taxes as it would be an "improvement" to tear them down. What makes the land so valuable is the view. It is one of the last remaining parcels in the area with a spectacular view of the Sacramento valley.

I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I'd be devastated if something happened to my FatCat. H&K's to you.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

I'm confused, imagine that. I don't remember Carol aka farmgirl and I think I should. Mentalpause will do that. Carol, I am sorry! Can someone shake my brain loose?


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Carol and I had conversations on and off line about the possibility of her moving to Tennessee and (mostly offline) what some of the good and bad things were. And are.

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Hey Ann!
I still haven't given up hope on relocating. Just have to postpone it. Things are not getting better here in Calif. My neighborhood has become somewhat treacherous with episodes of gun-waving road rage, cops chasing arson suspects, car thefts, vandalism and other weird stuff happening. However, I do have the prettiest yard in the 'hood!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Carla, she's just take-no-prisoners Farmgirl, feared by man and rosa bracteata, lol!

Just teasing, Carol, but it takes a tough gal to deal with chronic pain! I was going to say nerve pain a la my back and now wrist [movement only there thank God]... but the past few days of endo/migraines have reminded me otherwise. Ever felt like a ship's hull being descaled with a machete? ;]

At least they very rarely all come together, [at which time I get sleeping aids and just 'heave to'].

Good luck, y'all and thank God it's nothing terminal or threatening to be, I swear. It may s*ck s*ck S*CK but it's not scary, and that means a lot.

Sue, lol, I have a secret stash of the good stuff too ;] This med is hormonal and I ALWAYS have to take each dose, darnit.

I'm going to beg and plead for a couple of extra on Rx since I can't find a pharmacy that doesn't occassionally call the wrong doc and not follow thru till I've missed doses. They all even did that with Mom's CHEMO prescriptions on occassion.

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Meredith: reputation has spread far and wide! I don't know if R. bracteatas fear me as they are armed and one has to be quick with the loppers to get the upper hand on them. As for men fearing little ol' me? I wonder if it is the array of saws, drills and other implements of mass destruction in the garage that scares them; or, since I am of that (un)certain age, perhaps it is the possibility of going menopausal at any given moment that makes them shiver in their sneakers. However, as long as I don't run out of Estrace, they are safe!

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Caro,, I injured my back in 99; it slowly got worst. I know I have piriforus problems, and am not ready to have that operation as it will leave 2 18" scars. It does seem to be the only thing that will get rid of the spasms. If I'm no better at my 1 year fusion anniversary, then I may have to go that route.

I googled Phentolamine test and will read about it. I was going to switch pain management doctors, but decided to move so I may stay with the one I have. If so, I will mention the test to him and get a diagnosis. I haven't really had time to do real research.

My problem is that I don't think my doctors are listening to me. If they read my pain sheet with diagrams of pain, they may have diagnosed me years ago.

I also went the Neurontin route years ago before I was this bad. Was on it 2 months and stopped. I hated it. Would you mind if I emailed you to ask you a few questions?

Ah, when you said ranch, I thought house lol. So what will you do?

Mere, I still have to get used to checking the scripts to make sure no generic is checked. Worst thing to drive 50 minutes to the doctor, get the script after waiting an hour, to drive back to the pharmacy and find the box wasn't checked. I usually pay the few hundred dollars and be done with it instead of wasting 3 more hours.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Getting ready to call doc for a possible cortisone shot in thumb. Major joint is gone and now I can hardly use it. $itchy thumb!!!


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Hello Again! can email me anytime.
Carla: Have you had cortisone before? The podiatrist that adminstered the shot in my ankle said I should get some relief in 24-48 hrs. When I called his office to report an increase in pain, his assistant told me it could take 4-6 weeks before I felt any relief. Be prepared.

Well folks, it has gone from bad to worse. The caregiver called to let me know she is leaving for Connecticut in about a month. I did some research on state assistance programs and Dad has too much in assets. Talked to my brothers and I will not be getting any help from them. Informed older brother that I've been talking to a mortgage broker. She wants to put me in touch with a real estate investment specialist; someone who might be able to find the right buyer for our property. I was brutally honest with Big Bro and told him I am going broke trying to take care of Dad. Losing my mind is just part of the package. Had a minor meltdown Friday morning after juggling his checkbook and mine. Despite telling Dad just how thin the line is, nothing has changed. He still blithers thru the day as though nothing is wrong.

I've had to wear velcro wraps on both wrists to ease the pain of tendonitis and arthritis. My usual pain med is not doing anything. I can't take Vicodin and drive. I'm not doing well at all. Anyone have a magic wand I can borrow?


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hi Carol, before my hip replacement, I had a cortisone injection and either I didn't take it easy enough or it just wasn't meant to help, i.e. hip replacement months later. However, my mother has benefitted from the injections. I fell this morning in the yard and hurt both hands. I see no other solution for me but I'm not sure if they can give an injection in my thumb joint. I cannot take more anti-inflammatories, even OTC, it's just too bad on liver, stomach, etc. And the surgery is way too complicated that I won't even consider that.

Oh, Carol, my sister had one in her foot recently and it helped her a lot. I don't think it should take 4-6 weeks to have relief. Try to find another doctor. Do you want me to ask my sis's podiatrist for one hear you?


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Hi Carla,
The cortisone injection was given to treat what was diagnosed as arthritis following bunion surgery. The injection may or may not have helped as I actually have RSDS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome). Also called CRPS (Complex Reflex Pain Syndrome). I am with Kaiser and have access to other podiatrists. The one I really liked was outside the system and recently retired. I do appreciate your offer of a referral though.

In doing research on RSDS and the other complications I developed, bone marrow edema is the leading indicator for joint replacement. However, ankles are not rebuilt or replaced. I know they fuse spinal vertebrae. Since I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in my spine, I may face that as well. Have you tried any of the joint repair formulas containing chondriton and glucosamine available OTC? Supposed to help. There is a procedure where they inject anesthetic to block nerve impulses to eliminate pain. In RSDS, if that doesn't work, they sever the nerve. In my case, the nerve would have been severed at the spine. Not a simple procedure.

Whenever I had to see a new dr. at Kaiser, I had a script prepared to inform them of what my symptoms were, the tests done, the diagnoses given and the drugs prescribed. I prefaced this all with "I am not your typical 15 min. patient. This may take more time than you are allowed. Yes, I am a difficult patient and it is noted in my records."

Do your research. Go prepared with a list of other possibilites, including experimental drugs and procedures being done elsewhere. If your facility can't provide them, have your dr. refer you to the program. Just because it isn't available within your HMO or PPO package doesn't mean a treatment doesn't exist. I found a dr. in India that was doing a paper on RSDS and needed histories from patients.

BTW: RSDS affects 4-6 out of 100,000 patients and can be caused by something as simple as a sprain. What makes it so difficult to deal with is the level of pain exceeds the initial injury. Most of the drs. I saw at Kaiser thought I was being overly dramatic, difficult and/or was looking for an early disability retirement. Like I wanted to go thru the rest of my life on crutches and faking a leg that was mottled purple, swollen and very painful to touch. Gee, Doc, thanks!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Carol, it's nice to see that you are explaining chronic pain conditions... it took 3-4 years in to mine [back] for close folks to realize that I really shouldn't do what I say I shouldn't do. I was floored that they'd need telling so much, lol.

In my case, the pain comes on later from something as simple as picking up a milk jug, and I MUST schedule my motions accordingly. On days where it is going to hurt so bad anyway, I may throw in the occassional cartwheel, though... gotta live a little, lol!

I'm still floored by some folks who 'forget' all the time [like I'm going to pick up that heavy plant for my friend's kid while shopping... I don't think so!]

I guess my point is that I've found that it's nearly impossible for most folks to think of often, and imagine. I hope you give your dad a little what-for like I had to do mine for several years [he's good now, except forgets to hold the door].

Carla, I'll say on this thread too how sorry I am about your thumb! I looked up the surgeries 'cos of my thumb/wrist bone-swelly nerve thingy and some of the thumb ones did seem to cause further complications :[

Mine turned out not to be arthritis either, and fortunately the bone involvement is not progressing 'cos there's a whole collapsed-bone ordeal I'd rather not think about... although my friend had it happen to her horse! I'd never heard of it and she comes out with that, lol. Fortunately, it's supposed to clear up on its own, and I'm counting the days.

I wanna REALLY garden, darnit!!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

I'd read so much material on RSDS and bone marrow edema that the two started running together. What stuck in my mind was a reference to navicular disease in horses. In the case of a horse, it is often put down. Altho there were times when I felt like I might get better treatment if I went to a vet instead of a dr.

Keep the faith. That's about all that kept me going for quite some time.


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Carol, sorry it's taken me so long to get back here. So much to do with selling the house & having 160+ roses lol

I forgot to bring the test name with me last month but remembered yesterday. I saw one of the other docs since mine is on maternity leave (how dare she lol). The doc said the test was old and not done much any more. He also said he's not so sure it offered any real results. How long ago did you have it done?

I'm going to email you as soon as I post this just to make sure it goes through. Let me know if you get it.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Mere, I've already engaged in a b&&&&fest over there


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

If you sent an email, it did not arrive. I had the phentolamine test about a year ago. Since it has to be done in an OR setting, that may be why more drs. don't do it. This was a double-blind test. The nurse administering the drugs thru IV injection was the only one who knew what drug was given and when. I can't remember the name of the other drug they used. Since I had a remission, I did not have to go thru the nerve block procedure. As it is, there are five nerves that control the foot and they run down the spine against the vertebrae. Hitting the wrong nerve could have left me with more damage than what I had. I'm so thankful that I didn't have to go thru it.

Since pain is a subjective issue and your pain level is different from another's, doctors are cautious when it comes to treating it, especially back pain. With RSDS, the brain reroutes nerves and blood supply around the injured area. That's why it is so difficult to treat. Once the brain goes into repair mode, it can rewire other simple injuries. It is a very strange situation. Upon reflection, my ankle was the second episode for me. The first was after a breast biopsy and I thought the pain I experienced for months was from scar tissue forming. Both surgeries required metal implants of some sort. The biopsy required a wire to be implanted prior to surgery to mark the abnormal tissue. With the bunion surgery, I had a steel pin projecting from the instep into the bone they severed to shorten the big toe. I had to deal with that for seven weeks. I am senstive to all metals except gold so I wonder if that triggered the rewire response.

As for the situation here, the population has thinned out dramatically. The caregiver's last day was last Friday. Dad flew to Montana the next day. It is so quiet around here now. I have a ton of work to do to get the place back in shape, but I don't have to deal with "them" anymore. No more insurance or employer paperwork, no more go-fer runs to the pharmacy or dr. appts 35 miles away. I may have one casualty : my tv is on the fritz. Probably not used to being off so much!

Had two appointments with different real estate agents to try to put the property on the market again. One had to turn down the opportunity. Don't know the reasons yet. The other is waiting to set an appointment with my infamous vanishing brothers. To top it off, Lil Bro almost blew himself up when a can of black powder he uses for his home-made cannons blew up in his face. I don't know the full extent of his injuries. I offered to help and he got nasty so I removed myself from the situation. I wonder if I'm living in a soap opera!

H&K's to all!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Carla, LOL... I missed it but it's good to embrace your inner b**ch sometimes. Authentic, anyway ;] I hope it went well.

Carol, it's so good that things are back on track! Sorry about your brother! Removing yourself is often the best option.

My tutor wuvs me now ;] Seiously I kicked butt and got a really good grade last project. I'm glad that I spoke up for myself [didn't want the grade changed but explained where I came up with what I did].

The regular docs won't give me pain meds again till I go back to the pain clinic to get them, so that ends my procrastination on that, lol. It's coming up on my Summer School trip overseas and time to think about what to do with the ole back anyway, for sure.

Oh, there is a little breast surgery first! Almost certainly benign... I have a history of benign tumors in many spots, so it's no real surprise. Scheduling a surgery, etc. wasn't in the plans but it's good to know all is taken care of. Anyone familiar with fibrous adenoma surgery tips, if any, drop me a line.

Hugs and kisses to all, too!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Oh, oh, wait... here's a HUGE, um... gripefest:

Insurance isn't covering a DIME of my mammographies or ultrasounds regarding my above post. It's private, expensive-as-hell insurance that is covering less and less and less as they raise my rates more and more and more.

NOT COVERING MAMMOGRAPHIES? What IS that? I'm not 40 yet, but the family history certainly dictates it.

Oh, I'll be back to b**ch up a storm if they don't want to cover the surgery and related expenses. I'm expecting to pay 20% but there's just no telling anymore with them, and it REALLY REALLY sucks.

It's looking like Medicaid time. Sorry, folks... we tried, but My God this is craziness! You don't wanna know what we pay these folks each month...

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I have one, even though I'm having a good day (but not getting anything done--gripe #3)

1. I just spent days working on repairing broken irrigation pipes in several areas that we broke when we augered new holes for new roses, so I was *really* ready to be done fixing irrig and just turn the dang thing on. DH then brought skid steer home to trench some of my newly fixed and ready to go irrigation lines and reset them deeper. Everything's done, just need to tidy up a bit...In the process of trenching them, he ripped one of my new splices apart (argh) and actually managed to catch a 2" water main with the trencher and mangle a whole joint of the irrigation system majorly, causing me to have to spend three more days rounding up parts, fixing, and refixing the stupid water system!! ARGH (I was like, " for bringing the machine home." NOT)

2. We finally got all the parts together for the last elevated garden head to be fixed and staked upright (broke the stake while fixing the LAST undone splice), and we brought the machine home with a different attachment to till the veg garden space (cool idea). But this morning I was watching him tilling away and thinking how cool it was, and just as I turned away, I saw out of the corner of my eye--the machine ran OVER another 3' elevated sprinkler, breaking the stake on THAT one. ARRRRRGHGHGHGHG I just shut the door and went back to my desk. Can we puh-LEASE just turn on the @^#!~ water!?!?

3. Not getting anything done today because ...well...I must just be dawdling I guess.

That's all I have, but it's starting to be a running joke here.

I'm going out to mow the lawn before it rains.

Sorry about all your troubles above--it's good to rant here now and again, isn't it?

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Ooooh, MadameH, those are good ones! Definitely b*tchable situation there. Good luck :)

Yes, b*ching is a key point of life around where I come from... from passive-aggressive huffing to full-on tirades, my family and friends show no mercy ;] I like to try to confine the sessions a bit, but I think I'd actually explode without at least the dogs to pretend to listen ;) ;)

My favorite views on b*ching come from our LaBrea here... I hope he shares those again some time.

Well, Joe's tied with that Frasier where he and his dad try to yell at each other like Frasier's Jewish girlfriend and her mom but end up not doing it right, lol. That was hilarious!

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