They grew some!

lilosophieOctober 12, 2013

Today's picture, I am baby-sitting while Joann is at work, they are four weeks old now and have grown to appropriate size and behavior - starting to use the litter-box, but still are mostly bottle-babies. I think they are going to grow into handsome cats - sure are cute kittens

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Oh, they are so cute.

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They are so cute. I think they look a lot like Siamese kittens.
Thanks for the new picture,I was about to ask you for one.

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gmatx zone 6

They are cuties. Tell Joann that she is an awesome person for doing foster care work with animals. You, too! If only we had more like ya'll.

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They're adorable and it's wonderful that you babysat them.

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They are approaching gorgeous. Looking all soft, supple, happy. What more could they want or need.

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