anneliese_32(6)October 24, 2012

For the last three days I have been thinning out and cutting back the 2 large Forsythia hedges. Crawling in, cutting, pulling, dragging to the curb and cutting to manageable length for the city pick-up. Was about done for the day and my back started to hurt pretty much.

Stubborn as I am, I had to finish and then almost did not make it to straighten back up. Now I got what in German is called a "Hexenschuss" - shot by a witch.

Aspercreme, a hot pad and Motrin for the moment, later a bout with the Pilates Performer and I hope I will be ok in the morning. Have to pulverize a lot of leaves.

Found 11 dilapitated nests, got chewed out by sparrows and the mocking bird and the cat gave me dirty looks because her favorite hedge hidingplace has been exposed.

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Oh, I know what you mean about wanting something cleaned up, it is so satisfying when it is done.
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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My date with the crabgrass this afternoon has me eating tylanol 3s. I hurt all over.....

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I love Forsythia, it's the first thing to bloom in the spring.Don't think I've seen one as large as you describe,lucky you.

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My Tante Elsa would get Hexenschuss from sneezing, she had hayfever big time in spring.
Hope you get relief, looks as though you have enough remedies to deal with it.
I am a Hinkelbein since I broke my femur two years ago, so I am vary careful, but I do manage to stack my firewood, as long as I don't do it all at once - usually 30 minutes each day gets it done.
It is hard not to push, but I think I learned my lesson.
Take care, Anneliese

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

Was ist ein (eine?) Hinkelbein?

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It means you limp on one leg.

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