I never thought I'd say this

tibs(5/6 OH)October 25, 2011

But I have had enough red raspberries this season. They have been very happy producers this summer. We had a frost last night and the dang things just shrugged it off. Anything over produce in your garden that normally you just get a taste of?

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I experimented with a couple of new pepper plants this season. One is a sweet, long Italian pepper, and it is producing an incredible amount of peppers. We'll never use all the peppers. I won't plant them again. The other is a sweet long banana pepper, it was a modest production, but we still can't use all the peppers.
I planted a few Marigolds from a six pack to ward of snails and slugs, they seem to work, because I have not had any snails or slugs. But the marigolds have grown into monster size and taking up precious space in my 3x4 raised beds. I have to rethink my plantings.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Not this year... but last year I planted a 36' hedge of basil. Never again. I had six plants this year and froze a ton of pesto. Guess how much I froze last year. (Hint: when I'm overwhelmed, I tend towards inaction.)

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Tibs, I've never had that happen, but that's because I am a flower/herb grower. I only grow one of each type of herb plant each summer. When I have a house again, and time, which I have plenty of now, I'm still likely to only grow 3-6 of each plant. But I do buy as much corn and tomatoes as I can stand each summer until I can stand it no more. Afterall, it has to last until next year ;)

Yes, but you got to pinch and rub that good smelling stuff on your fingers Jazzy! When I met some GW folks in Atlanta, we found mounds of it, root intact, at the Farmer's Market. It was so warm and delicious smelling. Wish I could pet some cinnamon basil right now. :( Guess I'll have to wait.

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No such luck, had now the 2nd bad year for the garden. Basil I have to grow more than I need, since a woodchuck seems to like it and we have one squirrel which takes a leave or two a day. I let the basil go to bloom for the few bees we have and yesterday said squirrel bit off a stalk and went with it up to his nest, don't know if it goes in it's pantry or good smelling bedding.

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I have a small orchard, and in addition to the five apple trees I planted, a bird must've pooed the seed to start one wild, and I inherited four old ones already on the property. They're all standard sized trees, and I grow mostly heirloom varieites organically, so that means they tend to bear heavily every other year. This year practically nada, but last year.....oh my.

I made apple sauce, apple butter, apple jelly, apple pie filling for the pantry. I stuck apple pies, apple crisps in the freezer. I incorporated apples into the diet at least twice a day. I gave apples away.

Apple drops are a yellow-jacket and wasp magnet, and there were so many drops, my husband had to take the front end loader and push them to the back of the property in piles. The deer eat well those years. It's the old 'cup runneth over'

I had to go to my son's farm to pick this year, because our harvest was so lean. sigh.

This has also been a banner year for black walnuts. Like your red raspberries, we harvested and my husband husked, cracked and pickout out a few hundred dollars worth, most of which are in the freezer now. We just said 'enough is enough' and left the rest to the wild-life.

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