how should i grow Amadeus climbing rose?

jeff262March 13, 2014

i have ordered 4 Amadeus climbers, how should i grow these, i'm new to rose vines. should i let one large trunk grow strait up and let the cains grow off of that like a grape vine or should trim the trunk really low and take the cains and let them grow up. also it is a zone 5 plant and i'm in zone 4a. dont know if that make any difference in how i let it grow so it easy to over winter? what will be the best way to over winter, i have heard of the tipping the roots method and the other is to grow in a buried plant bucket so it can be lifted out and removed to the garage and wrapped in plastic. i really have no idea so i thought i would ask early so i can prepare

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

You have not received responses to your post, and I live in zone 7A. Since you live in Minnesota, have you considered finding your nearest rose society, and asking for a consulting rosarian or posting this on the Discussions site of the GW?

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