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lunchlady8March 16, 2009

Hello everyone,I haven't posted in along time,but read all the time.My question is ,allot of my roses are dead on one side of the crown.what has cause this?Should I dig them up?


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

I'm sorry we've all been so rude as to not respond to your post before this but you see, this forum is for off-topic conversations and doesn't get as much traffic as it once did. If you re-post your question on the Rose discussion page, you'll probably get some help. Just one thing - your description of what is happening to your roses is not quite clear. Could you give more information? I myself don't quite understand what you mean by "dead on one side of the crown." It could mean that canes are dead on one side of each plant (same side on each?) There are so many possibilities to your question that I think that is why no one has taken a stab at it. If you come back with more info (and photos would be wonderful) maybe you'll get more answers.

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