30 minute workouts

bellarosa(z5/IL)March 25, 2008


Does anyone have any suggestions for a quick 30 minute workout? I have a long commute and I'd like to, when I get home, do a quick 30 minute work that's a good mix of cardio and weights. Any suggestions? I'm trying to tone and shed a few pounds...

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Walking is always good and anyone can do it anywhere. Even better if you can find a hill to go up and down. Find a stadium or other outdoor place with many stairs, go up and down, carry a water bottle in each hand. 30 minutes will be a veru good workout on stairs.

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I walk my dog and collect aluminum cans while I do. My rule is I have to fill one Walmart bag with crushed cans. Everytime you pick one up, do a squat. I used to be really trim when I did this. My walks got longer and longer and my goals changed until it was "30 cans" etc.

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Nice idea to do the can pick up, but in NYC you could probably find 30 cans in about 5 minutes. Catkim has a great idea but be careful going down the hills and steps.

When my father was 50 he had a heart attack. Doctors said to do some aerobic exercise but that generation didn't get it. I was about 18 and figured I better take precautions so I started running and did several miles a day for about 30 years until last autumn when I was in Lake Tahoe and I ran down a mountain. Halfway down I got shooting pains in my right knee and could hardly walk for a few days. I tore the cartilage and decided to take some time off. Now I bike for about an hour a day but it's not the same. But every doctor I talked to said that going downhill or down stairs is harder on your knees than going up. So by all means do it - but take it easy on the down side even tho that's where you feel like going fastest.

Anyhow, incorporating some daily exercise into your life is a great idea at any age. good luck to you.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I have a 30-minute workout to develop my 6-pack abs. With my strong work ethic, I can now finish one in 25 minutes. And my abs have developed to the point I can rest a can on them leaving both hands free to garden.

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