kathy9norcalApril 24, 2007

Can we have some fun?

I was thinking of this on the way to work today. Of course, I am on the freeways. So,

What are the slowest vehicles on the road where you live?

The fastest ones on the road?

The sexiest ones?

What do you drive?

For me, in my area, the slowest vehicles are: anything driven by a nun, most hybrids, gardener's trucks, semis of course (not at all like the ones I experienced in Arizona, the really long ones, that did 85 mph plus and nearly ran me off the road coming down hills).

Fastest vehicles: The biggest, most expensive SUV's, you know, the luxury ones. They do not have to follow the speed limit in any fashion here; rumor has it they are exempt from speed limits. The more expensive, the faster they can go.

Sexiest? For me, black pickup trucks. The older models, kind of squarish rather than the newer bloated ones. Not the tiny ones, though. Some of the newer ones are sexy, too, I must admit.

What do I drive? An old Rav4 or a Tacoma--not black though.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Slowest-people on cell phones. Seems some haven't mastered it yet
Craziest-women in big SUVs
I have an old Acura but I drive DH's Honda Pilot
Worst memories-big old Catawba County rednecks in their big big loud trucks


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Slowest-Sunday morning going to church ladies in their old oldsmobuicks
Fastest-20 something men in their 4 wheel drive pickups. Seem to be always on my tail.
Sexiest- those new Mustangs. Wow!
What do I drive? A blue Toyota Camry with chrome wheels (my second blue Camry).

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Slowest - Old vans with that "lived-in" look.
Fastest - Young males in tricked-out low-slung Hondas (I think - I don't pay that much attention to the labels on the cars.) Oh, and young Marines on motorcycles racing toward death.
Sexiest - The shiny new Porsches -- the cars, not the occupants.
What do I drive? Gracefully aged BMW 3-series coupe.

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

Slowest: That would be the 'old-timers' here on the Island, many of which come down for winter...Snowbirds...I call'm 'Slowbirds'! LOL

Fastest: The younger generation...they think they're immortal...they have the highest accident/death rate here.

Sexiest: Prob'ly my bike...HD Softail Deuce...Miss Pearl...*snork!

I drive a Land Rover and a 560SL...

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Slowest: the fellow in town who is too old to drive a car so he gets around on his riding lawnmower.
Fastest: idiot who visits neighbor at the bottom of the hill and who leaves his rubber all over the road
Sexiest: some of the horses that get ridden every weekend- beautiful vehicles for transportation
What we drive is functional but none of the above.

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tampafred(Tampa (z9))

Slowest where we live are the Buicks.
Fastest seem to be the moms in the minivans/SUVs.
Sexiest are the Corvettes (hopefully my next car!)
We both drive BMWs: 3-series and a new X5.

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Slowest - me
fastest - everyone here is in way to big of a hurry
Sexiest- big,huge,shiny pickup trucks - like rams and f-250's the bigger the better - with guys in cowboy hats driven em
I drive hubbys F150

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I am enjoying your responses-and laughing. Watch out for ealoudermilk! Seems small sporty cars are beating the pickups for sexiest. Anyone else dare to chime in?

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation


Slowest - teeny old people. Why the teeny ones, I wonder? Or ones in hats.

Fastest - SUV or Minivan soccer moms or college girls. Fewer in number but more terrifying are certain rednecks who barrel down my street in trucks, usually... sans muffler, of course.

Sexiest car? I'm not a car person at all, but the lines of a Jag do always get a wow. Down to the cool-looking 'sculpture' of the actual Jaguar on them. Well done!

Horses are the sexiest still... I agree with Ann!

I drive a Ford Taurus now, having recently totalled my Mazda. First time away from a Japanese car for me... I just go for longevity like the perpetual perpetually-broke college student. My Taurus is pretty though!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

What are the slowest vehicles on the road where you live?
Me, actually. I'm gawking at people's gardens. I pull over and let everyone by.

The fastest ones on the road?
Moms driving their kids to school.

The sexiest ones?

What do you drive
Whatever can carry the most mulch.

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Hoov you crack me up!!

The old farmer I saw today....riding an ancient tractor down the road, looked to be circa 1920 lol. Poor fella had to pull over to keep from being run over by all the soccer moms dropping their kids off at school.

Teenagers with wheels of any kind

I am partial to newer model trucks all shiny and new with a country fella behind the wheel. The only problem is that they dont want to scratch their paint so you cant get them to haul mulch in their trucks for ya. Ask me how I know ;o)

I drive:

A mini van. I have 3 kids and they have 13 cousins (all under age 13) so its lucky I dont need a school bus. One day, when the kids are grown....I want a BMW convertable or some other such indulgent vehicle. You'll know me when you see me....Ill have a hitch attached to that BMW with a load of mulch in tow....along with a passenger seat full of roses and perennials.

...hey....we all have to have goals!!


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Still enjoying the responses. I forgot the slowest drivers DH and I have recognized for years. Old men with hats on. Never fails to happen. We even say to ourselves, "hat alarm". Even slower if their ears stick out. Oh, I am so BAD. Sorry.

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

LMBO @ 'Hat Alarm'!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

True California "raisins". Would be called "blue-hairs" elsewhere.

Anyone with more horsepower than brains. Real speed demons are the "crotch rockets" that weave thru the traffic in a blur.

Saw a little red convertible. Had only one chrome emblem... 5 letters...LOTUS.

Most irritating:
Without exception has to be minivans. They should be outlawed.

I drive a 10-yr. old Chevy S-10 4 cyl. No speed but dependable. It can haul anything I can fit into it.
Body is in good shape so it doesn't qualify as a "beater" yet!


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peachiekean(z10A CA)

I live in CA Raisin country (active retirement community). Besides speeding tail-gaters outside the community, my biggest peeve is those little old people who fall to sleep waiting for the green arrow. They are honked at but then get moving about 3 mph, allowing maybe 3 cars through the light. Traffic usually backs up into lanes where there is always the possibility of an accident. This hardly ever fails to happen when I'm coming home from work. Oh yeah, big flashy Hummers should be outlawed for being obnoxious.
I drive my little Nissan Altima - a very dependable and economical car. Sexy to me is the Nissan Murano in dark silver. I'll have one someday.

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It's NYC nothing moves accept zig zagging pedestrians dodging taxis unless they have a passenger then they try to get behind the slow tour busses which are the slowest moving things in the city. Seniors execs in convertible sport cars in SOHO and TRIBECCA on Saturdays (not sexy)
Saturday most dangerouse day of the week pour several thousand jay walking tourists ontop of all the traffic and it's one big peeeep beeeep beeeeep, blaaah, beeep. Last week a rather plastic looking whats that chartruese shiny shiny whats that low to the ground sounds like it's at Le Mans whats that trying to to drag race a similar yellow bright shiny whats that plastic space age looking whats that on West Broadway both hit metal street plates on the construction that will never end on Houston ST (pronouced House Ton) and ohhhh ugly sounds as they both bounce just a little only a little to the crowds ohhhahhhh tee hee hee a sprinkling of horrays.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

OMG, I had no idea racing would occur in NYC, but those idiots are everywhere, then. We have a bit of the racing/passing on my stretch of road 'cos it's a long, long time till an intersection or stop of any kind in one direction.

Oy, the Crotch Rockets. Wheelies, no less.

We have the tractors, too, lol. "I can't believe I'll be late to work because I was stuck behind a tractor..."

I forgot the cyclists. Is that everywhere, or a are we lucky enough to have so many flocks of these folks?

No offense to them, but people have no idea how to pass them. A guy almost took out me or a swarm of them when I was sitting in a turn lane with traffic to my rt, and his passing of them went slower than he expected. Terribly scary.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

S l o w e s t : Me, last night driving wife's 93 Olds with no shocks, suspect steering, malfunctioning gas gauge, and so on. Sounds like the state of my health! LOL! Yes, I have a sweat stained old Panama hat, my hearing is very acute, and 30% of my hair is grey.

Fastest: Me and my BMW motorpickle.

Sexiest: The car we are going to buy to replace DW's Olds with. So far anything that looks mildly interesting DW snaps: "you can't have that car." She wants a yellow car? Good grief Charlie Brown! I think I saw a Charlie Brown Mustang complete with the brown zaggy stripe. The Daytona R/T also comes in yellow. Can you say "hemi?" We will probably get another boat (like car.) The next six months should be interesting. We are open to suggestions.

Most irritating: a HD sportster (mini engine - no muffler - no speed.)

I drive a red F150 with a long bed for hauling stuff. When hauling, I wear my hat and roll up the windows to cut down on the wind drag, and drive real s l o w .

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Oh, my. Crotch Rockets?? Never heard that term, love it! But can someone give me the definition please. I need to be able to use that expression and know what I am talking about.

Joe, I was hoping you would respond. I have this memory of visiting NY 20 years ago. Stayed on Long Island, cousin suggested we drive in to the Museum of Natural History. Her BF would drive but we were too antsy and left by ourselves, with 7 year old daughter. We got stuck on Broadway in a sea of cabs all honking wildly (they do that incessantly in NYC). No parking left at the museum, not a sign nor a parking garage anywhere. Do they even have garages in NYC? Beats me. We crept along Broadway forever, me terrified she'd need to use the bathroom and what would we do then? Never found a place to park and had to drive back to Long Island. What a fiasco!

OMG, am I old enough to be called a California raisin? God forbid! Never heard that expression either. I am caffeine powered and never fall asleep at intersections.

Lots of bicycles here, too. Too many. Hate them on winding country roads, when they ride in the middle of the road and you can't get past them. Ugh. But being a rider myself, I am very careful passing them.

What car would I buy if DH would let me? A Cooper or a mini Cooper. Are they different? So absolutely cute. Anyone have one? What color?


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

My definition of a "crotch rocket" is one of those fast motorcycles where the driver has to lean way over the front, like they are almost laying down on their belly with their butt in the air. I can't see how it could be comfortable to ride that way, but they sure do go fast.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Yep, the smaller red Hondas, etc. is what I've been told... not Harley's etc for sure.

It sounds like a word to be bleeped sometimes to my ears, but that's what they call them! :)

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

I'm not up on the current list of manufacturers of "crotch rockets", but Yamaha sticks in my mind. Riders have a "point & go" mentality. These 'cycles belong on a race track, not a public road. At speed, steering is not done be turning the front wheel, but by meerly leaning to one side.

I had an '86 Chevy Spectrum, 4 cyl, 5-speed front-wheel drive. My brother dubbed it "The Rice Rocket". It was an Izuzu in disguise and the only thing Chevy about it was the name. It was pretty quick and cornered like a slot car. I loved that little red car.

I have to agree that Hummers are obnoxious just on general principle. Built to be a true all-terrain vehicle, as sold to the public, it is too expensive to take off-road. Another ostentatious vehicle is the Ford F250 Super Duty. One needs a helper step to reach the running board in order to get into the thing...or at least I would need one. I guess it is one way to rise above it all. Add the Dodge Ram Hemi 1-ton dually that never hauls anything heavier than the driver and his "crew".

Almost got wiped out by a soccer mom driving a white SUV, on her way to pick up the kids from school. With cell shouldered to the left ear, ice cream cone in left hand, she attempted to make a left turn while shifting cone to right hand. When she angled into my space, I aimed for the curb. The look she gave me was not apologetic.

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ok, I'll play...

Slowest - my step-daddy. He drives around so slowly we call him Flash. And my MIL - she is petrified of traffic and always wants to stop until other cars pass her - no matter where she is or where THEY are.

Fastest - usually police cruisers and idiots on the interstate being CHASED by said cruisers!

Sexiest - the ones I can not afford - would have to be convertible beemers...

Mine - a beat-up paid-for minivan...

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vjcamp(Z7 Euless, TX)

My Suzuki Samurai has a top speed of about 65 mph so I stay off of the BIG highways.
Here in Texas the fastest people are always the ones behind you. They always seem to be 'drafting" the car in front.
Slowest- Old people with humungous Motorhomes towing boats
Sexiest-Porsche Boxster S ( I have to say that, my 11 y.o. daughter wants one for her first car)
Most Numerous- Oversized 4x4 Ford or GM Crew Cab Diesel Pickups

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I'll play...
Slowest: Local yocals after church on Sunday. OMG. SO stinkin slow! The speed limit is really the limit, to them. They're lucky to get UP to 10 mph LESS than the limit. Drives me nuts.

The fastest ones on the road? Crazy young people who think they'll never be in an accident, and new transplant Californians who *have* to get there quicker.

The sexiest ones? local standards, new lifted Dodge trucks with every bell and whistle. Some of the newest coups are pretty sexy. And of course, my car...

What do you drive? 2007 328xi BMW in custom-ordered dark green; my dream car. I could say I adore my car.

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rokkis_mom(z7 Atlanta)

I live in Metro Atlanta....
slowest....hmmm..... what's that?
fastest... probably me
sexiest... Cadillac XLR
What do I drive? We have a couple of Explorers (have to have an SUV in self defense here) and an '88 TBird Turbo Coupe with only 44,000 miles that lives in our garage, except for the occasional maintenence ride.

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Looks like this thread has been resurrected. Ok, I finally got to use the term, crotch rocket, on two occasions. Always like to add new words to my vocabulary. DH wonders where I have been all these years to have never heard that one. I must live a sheltered life.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL, Kathy @ using Crotch Rocket! I first heard it a few years ago from a guy at work who wrecked on his... I know exactly one gal who's had a motorcycle who never wrecked.

RokkisMom, Metro Atlanta? Ick on the traffic there. A lot of my family lives there but I just couldn't do it [I get migraines, lol].

MadameH, there are no fewer than 3 churches "within spitting distance" of me, and MAN are they slow. My grandmother used to say at about 11:55 when she lived here "Y'all better go before they let all the Baptists out!" LOL.

I forgot that we have a car I do find very sexy! My Mom's old '54 Austin Healy, originally with the black/white racing colors and convertible windscreen! We don't take her out on the road, obviously...

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I tried to get DW into a Mini Cooper s, with a decal of Moma Smurf on the roof, but that was a no go. That is a nice car. We are now thinking of a Mazda6, but the Speed only comes with a manual trany. Bummer! The MazdaSpeed3 is more fun. She wants a boat.

My old Mustang 2+2 390HP, that I wish I still had, was stick and she did fine. But now that she qualifies for Social Security, she wants an A/T.

My co-workers just think it is an excuse to argue with her. They may be right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crotch Rocket? No - this is just a cool bike!

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slowest- little kids in their electric car in the middle of the street on saturday afternoon when they know they should stay on the sidewalk.

fastest-teenagers on motorcycles on the freeway.

sexiest-a car that looked exactly like the one driven by a guy I had a crush on years ago. Seeing it got my heart instantly pounding.

I drive a toyota pickup mostly because I'm always hauling plants or mulch and sometimes I drive my corolla because it's more fuel efficient. I'd like a hybrid Camry or similar someday soon.

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SLOWEST: old folks, especially women.

FASTEST: me in my truck. I'm not kidding. I've got a serious gold foot. I routinely drive at least 20 mph over the speed limit, run stop signs, careen around slower vehicles and drum my fingers on the wheel at stop lights. Please don't hate me ... I'm just trying to get somewhere.

SEXIEST: Leonardo DiCaprio in his little Prius hybrid car.

I drive a silver GMC pickup truck

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Patrick, you are just a passionate soul- what are you listening to while you're speeding? I had to give up Wagner because it made me speed- plus I blew out 2 sets of speakers ( ride of the Valkeries et all )

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rokkis_mom(z7 Atlanta)

Momma Smurf???? There's a Momma Smurf now???? I always wanted to be Smurfette, because she was the only girl!

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Haha Patrick, I can picture exactly you, driving...sounds like me when I'm in a hurry. On Sunday after church. When it seems like every person on the whole entire planet is out for a leisure drive with ALL WEEK to get home.

On drivers in a hurry: The other day I had one of those "I have to get somewhere" drivers behind me, and who knows?--maybe she was late for a hair appointment or something...Who am I to judge? She came screeching up to the four-way stop sign where I beat her to the stop. I went ahead of her, because...I beat her to the stop. She made gestures like she definitely wished I was still at home. Then, the whole mile into town on this 35 mph street (I'm doing 40-41, my max--I hate tickets--plus there are like TEN CARS in front of me, also all doing 40, so where am I supposed to go??), she's freaking out, rightuponmybumper, screaming soundlessly (from my viewpoint anyway), waving her hands around, yanking on and frazzing out her hair, and making these claw-fingered "I'm going to scratch your eyes out" gestures in the general direction of the whole line of traffic. I just laughed. She looked like she was ready to blow a gasket, poor child. They really shouldn't let teenagers drive...She looked about 16.

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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

WHAT ARE THE SLOWEST VEHICLES ON THE ROAD WHERE YOU LIVE? The snowbirds that come to Arizona in the winter from the north Washington,Oregon etc.. ( sorry if you are one but you guys drive to slow and cause to many accidents here in my area).
THE FASTEST ONES ON THE ROAD: Are the California's that come in the summer to use the Lake, they take over our town and drive like crazy people, sorry Californians, I love ya california, I was born and raised there.
THE SEXIEST ONE? The Bently GT, beautiful car!
WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? A 2006 SS Monte Carlo and a 2003 Chevrolet 2500 Silverado HD for hauling my compost and other garden items.

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iwoqax(z4 Qbc City)

Slowest: any Toyota sedan. Corollas are especially and it doesn't seem to depend on age. I really think it's the car...

Fastest: Honda Civics. Usually repainted and tricked-out with thousands of dollars worth of spoilers, mechanical upgrades and so on. Hey, a hot dog with foie gras, imported relish and Grey Poupon is still a hot dog in my book...

Sexiest: Hummm dunno...I'm a sucker for a long-haired girl on a sport bike. I'd never drive one, though....

What I drive: Either a 2001 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom or a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager. You can fit a lot of compost and plants in it...

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Terry Crawford

Here's what plays in Peoria:

Slowest - Definitely Buicks; THE vehicle of choice for everyone over 65

Fastest - Ashamed to admit it, but in our household the last month, it's me and our daughter.

Sexiest - DH's car; see below

What do I drive? Pontiac Torrent SUV; carts lots of roses and plants. DH drives a shiny, red Pontiac Solstice covertible.

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