What a difference 10 days make (kittens)

lilosophieOctober 23, 2013

They eat solid food, use the litterbox, explore, weigh normal weight for their age, know their names and come when called.
This picture is of Miss Pippi Longstocking

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and here is Pink Floyd - we call him Pinkie

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Oh how cute they are and I just luv their names.
Pippi was one of my favorite books when I was a child. Now, all you need is a monkey, so Pippi and monkey can play together.

Lol, Pinkie, looks like he has some Pink Floyd in him, something in his eyes says he's ready to challenge the establishment.
Makes me smile.

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They are so sweet, I just want to pet them. You and your daughter are doing a great job. Thanks for the pictures and for helping the little ones.

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Utterly adorable! A big thanks to you and Joanne for doing all you can to save these precious little ones. We love updates and photos.

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Lilo, I'm going to have to make that cross-country trek, after all, if these kittens get any cuter! But I'm sure they'll be adopted before I got half way to CA, so I'll stay put.

You and Joann deserve medals for all the rescue work you're doing. Many thanks are coming your way.

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