Where is Don and Missy?

west_gardenerOctober 9, 2012

And how are you all doing?

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Wondering too, hope they are well and just in the same slump as the rest of us here.

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Don had so many medical problems, and he was schedules for heart surgery (heart ablation), so I am a bit worried. I am suggesting we all send healing thoughts, sunflowers and other mojo his way.
I have not seen him on Hot Topics or on Facebook either.
He surely is missed, hope he is done with all the medical stuff and is healing.

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He just posted 4 days ago on Hot Topics. You have to skip to the bottom to see it, but he's there. I have them in my thoughts, but I assume they're just taking it easy. Or busy putting up Halloween webs in trees! I can hope, can't I?


Here is a link that might be useful: Don's post on Hot Topics

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Hi and thanks for the interest. Just too glum to be social lately. Read some days. The ablation may or may not happen as the cardio Dr. I saw last week says I have been stable in the ekgs they have done lately. That would mean indefinite time on the heart meds, possibly permanent. my goal is to be off them so I want more opinions. Have to call San Diego and talk to the coumadin guy.

Worked on the truck that has been sitting since April and got it running to do some work. Activity will show if the flutter/fibrillation is still there so may request a monitor to wear and record. The truck and I seem to have a symbiotic relationship of things to fix.

Thyroid is out and Gallbladder is out so am off the pain meds that had me light headed an off kilter. Trying to loose weight that was gained back from them. Getting busy with calls from some that are worried about fall Santa Ana winds after not doing much of anything for months. Stretching muscles that have not been used for a bit and adjusting.

Did find a new goodie at an antique store for a great price.

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Hi Don, glad you posted. Sorry you feel a bit down, but that is understandable. You've had some heavy medical issues lately.
Nice to see your post no matter what mood you're in.
Take care.

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Rob. a lot of fodder in the quotes in "Hot Topics". Thanks for posting.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm very glad you have given us this update -- I was beginning to worry. Your new/old pot is cute. Best thoughts for your well-being!

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Hello Brother!
So happy to see you! So glad you are taken care of and are back to a more "normal" life, don't miss the appendages taken away. I'm glad you are doing a bit of what you know best, though be careful and don't overdo.
Missy - how about your cataract/vision problems? They are really not a biggie, if your Doc is like mine. Except for post-op and follow ups it's not an awful thing, and besides having to put eye-drops in for a couple of weeks, recovery is not a biggie.
Love you both, think of you often

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Am I glad that you are doing better and up and around. Love your coffepot. Looks like something out of a lab.

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(((Don, Missy, and their critters)))

Thanks west. I mostly wanted everyone to see his most recent post, his poem. It is Don's thread and he adds to it every now and again, but his post the other day was a good poem.

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