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pagan(8b)April 2, 2007

OK all, time to make plans for the PAGAN PARTY OF THE CENTURY!!! Saturday May 12, be there or be far too square!! I'll even make the ultimate sacrifice and forgo presents just so I can see your smiling faces!!! Champagne and chocolate for all!!!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I'll be there with bells on! Dad has programmed it into his cell phone, so it is on The Official Agenda.

List the roses you are seeking, just for curiosity's sake ;]

And plagues on your houses for choosing a nursery... how can I not buy a few? Rotten enablers, I'll have to wear a potato sack in Europe this summer! ;]

If it's not something you are squashing out of your head, how is your back now? Not Hideous, I hope, or sure to be getting better...

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carla17(Z7 NC)

We need one more roomate for a room. Any takers?


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I wanna come!!

Where the heck are you Pagan! sniff, cry!!! I will not be able to come. Just going on a trip, we leave this weekened, stay with friends in Calgary and then go on an exotic trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train through the Rockies. We are going all gold star service, so it will be a treat of a lifetime. Even more special it is with a group of frineds. So looking forward to it. It finishes off with a party at our home on VI. Already done the food preparation that I froze to make life easier.

Oh, But it would be sure nice to come to your Champagne and Chocolate do and meet some of these really nice people here. Thanks for extending your invitation to all. Ummmm!!
Pauline, Vancouver Island.

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OK, maybe we should all just accompany Pauline on HER trip??? Oh yeah, the money monster rears it's ugly head... Pauline - I am about 4 hours drive from RU, in Charleston SC. Your trip sounds awesome - have a great time!!

Meredith - the back is better. Found out we were rushing things in PT, so have had to scale back tremendously to just massage therapy, no active/passive stretches. I still have to be careful about moving my left arm, but my neck movement is much improved. Pain has been manageable - good days and bad days. My biggest problem is that I feel great when I DON'T do anything, so it makes me feel well enough to DO things, which makes the pain flare. The Doctor in FL advised that I should wait 12 weeks post surgery before I start trying to garden or anything... twiddling thumbs here. I have about 6 more weeks to wait, then plan to burst from the starting gate!!

How do we get in touch with some of the old-timers from the forum who might vaguely remember me and might be interested in coming to RU?? Does anybody keep in touch with Jean, Ann, Rosebud, the Asheville Contingent, and the rest of the gang??

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jody(7b - NC)

I'm putting this on my schedule, although I may make a run for my roses before then and then come for companionship and to top up.

I'd volunteer for the roommate position, but Drew may (or may not) accompany me.

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does Drew snore?? For that matter, do you?? Since Ron isn't sure he is coming, I may bring Max the Moo for company and the cuteness factor... He would have a great time and could amaze and astonish all with his adorable puppy dog act.

I e-mailed Pat to let her know we are on the way. She is battening the hatches...

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jody(7b - NC)

Pagan, Drew remembers you. He said to tell you he is very pleased that you are better.

Yes, he snores. Sometimes so do I. I think it may be a Dad's weekend (i.e., Drew has the kids), if that is the case, I'll be on my own.

I think it's a Dad's weekend, but that whole thing gets flexed a lot.

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My husband and I are planning to go to Pat's Open House too, so I hope to see some of you there. Can't wait!

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I sure wish I could make this trip--

Pagan---please don't "jump the gun" with the gardening-----I realize how difficult it is to take it easy but in the long run you will be happy you did.

When I had my back surgery it took a year to be up to par.
(whatever that is)---LOL

Take care and have a great time.

BTW---I lived on Beaufain St. back in the 50's--and worked at the Telephone Co.
Charleston is a lovely city.


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Hey Flo, maybe you and I can plan to join them next year? I could meet you in Philly.

Wish I could go this year but we decided to sell the house. Since we were pretty much packed up when my mother promised she'd sell us the house, we decided to go for it anyway, even though it won't be dad's house we're buying; she screwed me and sold to someone else. Unfortunatly, I have about 100 roses to dig, a 40 foot daylily garden plus various perennials. This year is out of the question but I'd love to go meet everyone.

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bumping this thread so it doesn't vanish. Out of sight out of mind and all that.

I am entering day 4 of NO, NONE, ABSOLUTELY NADA PAIN MEDS!!! I have darvocet on hand, but haven't popped any since... what is today - Monday, which makes this DAY 4!!!!! Couple of glasses of wine last nite - we got some rain overnite and seems my back can still predict the weather, but otherwise good to go!! Haven't been very active - a walk around the block every day with Max the Silly Moo... deadheading on occasion, and cutting back a few of my one-cane wonders. Last count I had 4 roses that I am just not sure will make it, due to the freeze and being stepped on or relocated to death. Going to alfalfa them and see if it works...

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carla17(Z7 NC)

But you rode on a plane for 4-5 hours?

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Well I am planning on being there that weekend but I have never met any of you so I dont know that I would recognize your faces. What is the agenda?

I am trying to get Tommy to come since he is my best success at converting someone into growing roses. He always loved them but never grew them...and now I have to take the shovel from him 'cause he is always looking to 'take' one of my roses over to his place. LOL He has never ben to RU or to Pat's and I want him to come with me because its a real experience, as you all well know! Anyway...I live in Greenville so I will probably drive down in the morning.

Here is a pic of me and the convert :


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knash6(z7 GA)

I might be able to come up for the day, I would love to see everyone again and maybe pick up a few roses...;-)


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Ronda, did get you get my e-mail?


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Carla--I did!


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