Donnie, how are you?

carla17(Z7 NC)April 19, 2009

Donnie, just wondering how you are doing with your healing injuries?


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Good question Carla.
I referred her to a post on the same type of injury she had on that other forum I go to and haven't seen her there in a while either. Last she posted it was time to get seeds going IIRC.

She also had started driving.

Hopefully she comes and checks in.

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I don't remember Donnie----what was her Forum name---

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, argh, I don't remember her forum name either but she is from NC, had a rose nursery and was in an auto accident this fall. I can remember her e-mail though. Selective memory is great, huh?


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Her post was on the top of page 2 Carla.

crushed ankle, anyone dealt with this? by sheerbliss - Aka Donnie

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Hey Carla,
I'm so busy. I'm healing and happy. My leg and ankle are still considered broken and I'm suppose to be wearing an air cast still, but I dont. I'm getting around with a cane now and back to working full time. Working with my roses has done more to help me heal and regain usage of my leg than any kind of therapy I can think of. My husband and son have worked hard to help me with the nursery. We made it to market on time and the season is going well. There is nothing like working with roses and being around people who love them in the spring time. Thanks for your concern and know that I'm a tough old cookie who is unwilling to give up my favorite job!

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