Budget cuts

farmgirl(9 NoCA)April 5, 2007

The US Postal Service has requested (and will probably get) another rate hike. The rising cost of fuel, materials and labor are the main reasons...or so they say. Recently, a memo came down from the lofty towers and one item they are cutting from the budget in an effort to control expenses is rubber bands. No biggie unless you're a carrier like I am. While it may seem like a trivial matter, the wizard that arrived at the decision to eliminate rubber bands didn't offer an alternative method or solution to the problem of controlling several hundred pounds of mail per route per day. In my office, there are 30 routes.

Imagine a fireman without a hose; a cop without handcuffs or a soldier without bullets. String is time consuming. Tape, either Scotch or duct, is destructive and costs more. Baling wire is not an option; neither is plastic strapping. All of the aforementioned binding materials would require some sort of sharp implement with which to cut it. Yes, we are allowed to use scissors but they must be used with utmost care as they can be a safety hazard.

It seems that the USPS wants its personnel to provide their own supplies. Tax deductible perhaps, but considering the current ruling that one must spend more than 7% of adjusted gross income before it is allowed, that is not cost-effective for carriers.

Being the brash individual that I am, I went to Management and suggested the USPS cut the positions of a Budget Specialist, the computer programmer who developed the current useless program, and my personal favorite, the Time Management Specialist who has never sorted or delivered a single letter in his/her entire career. It took all my will power not to suggest they eliminate useless managers.

Write your Congressman/woman and demand rubber bands for your mail carriers. It's the right thing to do!

Warmest Regards,


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WOW----That is ridiculous---

I'm not a mail carrier but I'm well aware of how useful rubber bands are-----

I will try to help.


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Thanks Florence! Every voice is needed. To add insult to injury, the memo that came down from the Ivory Tower suggested we, the carriers, needed to treat our rubber bands with more care so they would last longer. These are not premium rubber bands. Nothing the government buys is top quality unless it's a $2,000 toilet seat or $1000 hammer. They think nothing of test-firing and destroying a $10 million rocket to see if it actually works. Or my personal favorite: the millions spent on studying the sex life of a fruit fly. And they quibble over a $5 bag of rubber bands? This is our government at work.

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Come to my porch. THe mailman just throws them on the porch every day. Like they will decompose and become compost for cement.

It's a stupid cut but the budget director didn't eliminate those. The manager who got his or her budget with whatever reductions they had made that decision rather than eliminating something else. Supplies are an easy thing to cut - in my office they order pens by the boatload and somehow they always disappear. How? So your rubber bands are considered something like office supplies. They should be considered equipment instead. If your local manager has any brains, he or she will be able to figure out how to finance the purchase of some rubber bands.

And lastly, there is the Washington Monument issue when it comes to the ways agencies fight budget cuts. Say the Parks Dpt, or I guess it would be Interior, has a budget cut. They don't want to take that hit. So instead of cutting something like extra donuts for meetings, they close the Washington Monument 4 days a week. The public is outraged, the funds are restored, and the donuts never get mentioned. Who knows - it may be why the rubber bands got cut. So you squawk, everyone raises hell, and the money for rubber bands comes back.

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