Degrees/jobs in horticulture

bett_julibrissin(5b/6a)October 18, 2010

I've been a biology major since last year, but I recently became interested in a local university's horticulture program. I have always been interested in plants (my favorite places in a home improvement store is the nursery section). The current school I'm in only offers a general biology degree, but I do not find myself enjoying the program too much. As much as I like biology, I do not really agree with current research ethics, and would not really enjoy going into research to work in a lab. I enjoy being outside and around nature. The horticulture program at the university seems to offer a lot of hands on classes, and they pertain to things that interest me.

I'm writing to ask if anyone else here has a degree in horticulture, and what have you done with it? Though I plan to send a transfer application in, I'm not sure if I'll get into the program (it's a big university and thousands of people apply a year). I would like to hear about other people's experiences so I can know what to expect if I do get in, and to have an idea of where this degree may lead. I'm putting a lot of thought into this, and I would like to discuss it with others with similar interests.

Thank you.

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Since you are into the college situation, you may want to seek advice from the counselors at the colleges you are interested in. I don't have any knowledge or experience with horticulture programs,but I do have experience and credentials with college counseling.

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I've already talked to the transfer advisor from my school (wasn't too helpful) and mentioned it to my biology advisor. I'll talk to an advisor at the school I'm applying to eventually, though I'd rather do that either after I've been accepted or if I need to chose spring classes that'll transfer to the other school. Right now I'd just like to hear about people's experiences in the field to gain some knowledge of where I may be heading in the future.

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Glad to see that you took advantage of the professional advisors in your college system. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I have a BS in Horticulture, as does my husband. You may or may not know that there are many different fields of emphasis under the Horticulture umbrella. What are you interested in doing? You'll need a bit more direction that 'being outside and around nature'. Any ideas?

Email me personally, if you wish.

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I'm interested in multiple different fields, and I really can't choose one or the other as it is now. I like to take the direction that life leads me, and though I've not even lived 20 years, I'm happy with the direction I'm going. As a child I always loved animals and wanted to be a vet, and though I didn't develop that plan further, my interest in biology led me to.. well, a biology major. Now I feel that my interest for a future career is narrowing down to the plant based field of biology, and with my like of working with and growing plants, I think horticulture may be the way to go. If I get into the program, I'm sure I'll eventually narrow down my career interests more if I need to.
So really, my current direction is just I like plants and feel I could do something in life with them. Just a short list of things I've thought of recently (some might be a bit uncommon and far fetched, but hey, an idea's an idea):
Working with endangered plants (read an interesting article the other week about bringing back an extinct type of date palm), landscaping or growing the plants needed for it (there's probably a ton of people out there doing that already though, no?), invasive species control (can you fight them with horticulture?), and maybe working with native species for gardening. There's a lot of other directions I'd be happy to go in as well. Since I'm only in my second year of college, I think I should still have a bit of time to find the right path.

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