Checking in ...... Very Long Time

hippychick(z7b Abilene TX)April 8, 2008

Hello to all who remember me.

I was outside this morning looking at all of my negelected roses ...which are still so beautiful they take my breath away... and I thought I would drop in and say hello.

My my, how fast time passes!

My grandson Jeremy is now 5 years old and sweet as can be. I am about to graduate (summa cum laude) from Hardin-Simmons and have just been accepted at Abilene Christian University for my Masters in the fall.

The last two semesters I have had to overload my schedule in order to make it in time for Masters in the fall; so I have done just about nothing but school for a year now. I even had to give my best friend Diana around 20 or so of my more delicate roses as I have no time to care for them. I still have around 80, and they seem to do just fine with absolute negelect. I am always surprised at how hardy they are.

I hope that you are all doing fantastic. I plan to spend some time here at the forum after this month when I graduate. I am sure I will need advise on how to get my garden back in shape.

Take care of each other. Terri~ The Happy (but now educated, lol) Hippy Chick

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Terri, how wonderful it is to hear from you. I can't believe you are already done with your undergrad studies. You must be so proud of yourself! And Jeremy is 5? It just can't be! I am glad you are doing so well and even more glad that you will be able to rejoin us here. Congratulations on your graduation.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

It's so good to hear good news from you.

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Terri---great to hear from you---You must be bustin you buttons with pride---as well you should



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carla17(Z7 NC)

Terri, this forum is so dead I quit checking. I am so glad to hear from you! I miss your posts. Congratulations on your graduation, you are so smart and focused. Please do drop by soon.
PS, how is Rachel?


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hippychick(z7b Abilene TX)

Hey guys (or gals anyway!),
Carla, Rachel is doing fine, thanks for asking. She s doing well with my grandaughter Savanah. They seem quite happy and healthy. Sorry to hear it has been so dead here. I used to love our conversations.
I will be back to check on everyone later... read about Pete, a shame.
See you later, Terri

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

But now that your all smartened up will you still love me? Yer, Jerry Lee

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Terri, congratulations on your degree. What are you majoring in?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Terri, as you can see, the forums have changed quite a bit. Some people are just crazy and talk in other character languages.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Why so many people left, due to other people causing trouble and trying to get others in trouble and general silliness. And hurt feelings. Sorry, I HAD to say that.
WE need more people like you, Terri.


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Wow so good to hear from you god luck with school!

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hippychick(z7b Abilene TX)

Hello again,
Joe, so sorry to hear about the problems with Edd. Have you been to ? Interesting stuff.
Carla, I read that Spike is gone... I was always thankful the time he warned me instead of bouncing me off to Disney.... Sad that people can be bounced for life. That doesnt make sense to me.
Tobr... well.. I certainly know more words now, lol.
Linda, my undergrad is in Psychology. I had a double major with Political Science but had to drop it to a minor to make this springs graduation. I owe three classes to finish that degree. I will get my Masters in Clinical Social Work. I start in the fall. I hope to squeeze in the poly sci classes during my first couple of masters semesters. We'll see. Then I would have three degrees for the price of 12 (I go to private universities at quadruple the price of a state school).

I have a test in the morning and a very large paper due soon so I need to get to bed. See you later.

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Terri, that's a good field. Whenever I've considered going back to college I thought about majoring in psychology. Am not too sure I'd like the statistics though. My husband completed all his classes & passed the comps for a masters in psychology but then changed his mind about it, and started over in something else.

Good for you for your accomplishments, though! It really doesn't make sense to me either about people getting kicked out of the forums...I haven't seen any reason yet for this happening.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm so happy to see you back here -- keep us posted, ok?

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Hi Terri!!!

You have been missed!! I also just finished my BS and now am in classes for my Masters in Higher Education. I have never written so many papers in my life!! It will be worth it, but I am taking this slow. I fast tracked my BS degree and it was very tough. I am single now (divorce) and I have the 3 kids so every minute of every day must be planned. I admire you for following your dreams.

I do hope you continue to update us. You certainly have been missed here!


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