Storing fish during pond cleaning

CaraRoseApril 18, 2014

So either this weekend or next, now that it's warming up, I want to drain, clean, probably do some minor repairs and tweaks, and set up the pond filter and waterfall.

It'll probably take half a day.

So during this time... I need to figure out what to do about the fish. I have eight goldfish, five that are a good size, the other three still smaller. I don't have any huge storage tanks, I was thinking of getting a rubbermaid bin or two and filling them with the pond water, then add a small pump to circulate the water and give a bit of aeration. Would this be okay and safe for 4-6 hours?

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I have done this with transporting koi. The only thing different was using an air stone and keeping the top on. They do love to jump.

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I have done it with goldfish and koi, goldfish haven't jumped out of mine but koi tend to leap a lot.. I have lost a few that way, even covered they manage to get out..

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I just finished that job today. I picked up a small 35 gallon circular pre-molded pond from Home Depot. I've used this multiple times. Just remember to place a net over the top. I've had fish jump out.


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Kiddie pools work great also.

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Mine were happy in a big plastic garbage can.

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I got some plastic tub utility containers and they worked great. Fish are happy to be back home, and my new shop vac is a bit shell shocked by the trial by muck I put it through :)

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