First ever[for me] tomatoes ready to pick

pete41(9ab FL.)April 14, 2007

tomorrow or monday.Some cherry tomatoes-our lettuce crop is done for the year but it sure was good.Herbs freshly picked on every thing.

So how's the garden going up there in the north, he innocently asked?

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

The poke is frozen but the dandylion greens have held their own. The frosted chickweed is not fit for chickens, much less as a substitute for arugula.
Twelve potential venison loins on the hoof were checking out the roses Wednesday.
Thank you so much for asking.

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"Twelve potential venison loins on the hoof were checking out the roses Wednesday"! I laughed so hard...
Potential humongus nor'easter for the next two days. Very scary since I
live right on the harbor. Highest tides of the year. Help!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

"Innocent"??? Since how many decades ago, Pete? We all know how some ex-northerners (read Pete) like to gloat over their escape to the regions of sun and fun (and hurricanes and chili thrips, it should be added). The more we northerners complain about cold and snow and ice, the happier he is.

All I will confess to is that tomorrow we are slated to see the sun. So there.

: )


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diane_nj 6b/7a

No sun for us until Wednesday. I haven't even started my tomatos, I'll have to get plants. I did see what looks like lettuce starting in the big pot of mixed greens I seeded last year, I hope that these are reseeded. I don't have the packet, but some of them were nice and spicy (not a lot of arugula though, I'll plant that this week). I can't wait to get my eggplant plants. My French tarragon that isn't supposed to be hardy is now in year 3, it was green late last week, I hope it survives the story. Always have large sage, need new thyme, basil for later, and I'll do rosemary and bay laurel (neither hardy) again, love them. Time for a day trip to Well-Sweep Herb Farm.

Pete, many times my little tomatoes don't make it to the front door. I just consider them an appetizer. Sounds tasty, what time should we be there? Oh, we can't get out of here today, maybe later in the week! ;-))

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My peas and radishes are afraid to come out of the ground and see what Mother Nature is going to throw at them next! Tomatoes are on the windowsill of the kitchen and glad they aren't outside. Post the question in August for a better reply!

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

I was just looking at tomato plants the other day. Too early to plant them here. I also love African Blue Basil....its so beautiful and so tasty with tomatoes. We have had lots of rain with sun breaks, the sweet alysum and some other annuals that reseeded are coming up. Can't wait until summer.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Pete, you nasty soul. May the nematods mutate and eat your Fortuniana (sp?).

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