Too Many Years, Hello to All

hippychick(z7b Abilene TX)April 1, 2007

Hello to any and all who remember me.

It's spring now and as my roses begin to bloom, I think of all of the wonderful things that I learned here, and all of the wonderful people that I met. My Gosh, it all seems so long ago!

My grandson Jeremy is doing absolutely fabulous. He is the light of my life. He is just about to turn 4 years old now. My daughter Rachel is so much better that I have become so very proud of her. Her other baby, grandbaby Savanah (sic- deliberately), is just beautiful. The only blonde haired, blue eyed baby in my family�s history. She looks nothing like us, but she sure is a sweetie pie.

My sons are wonderful, things are so great.

Dewayne and I are still together. We became officially engaged a couple of months ago (no plans to set a date yet, my choice, lol). He has a very good and stable job (hard to find in Abilene) and is doing great. The ring he got me almost dropped me to the floor! I admit that I love diamonds, but I never thought I would own one of this size with such perfect dimensions. It blinds me! We found a buyer from Canada who helped... just stunning.

School is hectic. I am about to end my last semester as a junior. I thought I lost my perfect GPA when I made a B in math, but it has come back up now to 4. I have been in invited into a few honors societies; my fav though is Psi Chi, as it is in my field. I am very proud of myself. I didn�t know if I could do it, and look at me now!

I tried to double major in Psych and Political Science, but I had to drop the poly sci to a minor if I wanted to get out in time to be ready for grad school. They only accept and start people in the fall semester so I cannot hang out for an extra semester without hurting myself.

I have to take 17 hours per semester for the last two anyway, as Hardin Simmons has extra Bible classes that have to be taken (that�s why I couldn�t do the poly sci on time). They also have a Phys. Ed. Requirements� at 45 who cares, lol... but yoga and folk dancing are on the menu for next semester.

I still have my wonderful horse Boy Hempen. I don�t know if I ever mentioned it, but I got him back quite a while ago when the boys home I donated him to decided not to keep any horses under 20 years old for insurance purposes. It was in our contract that they had to give him back to me if they ever wanted to get rid of him. He is doing great.

I don�t have a whole lot of time for riding as homework is intense, but Diana and her hubby ride him for me during semesters when its test time and I cannot.

It will take two more years for me to complete my masters, and then Diana and I want to open an equine therapy program. It�s usually called "hippo therapy," but that is for working with more autistic and physically handicapped people, and we want to open a home for troubled teenagers. Horses have a profound effect on people with troubles, especially in the "trust" department. Boy will be great at it. He has such a sweet disposition and nothing, and I do mean nothing, spooks him. He is very laid back and forgiving.

I still have around 80 roses. I gave over 20 to Diana as I am constantly astounded by my water bill in the summer! And in truth, I do not have the time to care for them properly. Most have just �gone wild� in the pruning dept, lol. I keep the ones in the front yard "mostly" pruned, but my back yard is wild. They are still stunning though. It�s amazing how well they do with no spraying, no pruning (except dead wood), and basically no care at all. I usually fertilize once on spring break and that�s it. It�s odd, they look better and healthier than when I was meticulous about it!

I better go; the letter is getting way too long. I hope you are all well. I do still think about you.

Love, Terri� The happy hippy chick!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Space with Pics of grand kids.

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Hi Terri-----So nice to hear from you--

I love it when old friends come back to the forum.

You sure have been busy.

I wanrt to come back and look at your pictures when I have more time---but I have to run---It is youngest grandson's birthday today.

Keep up the good work

I often think about you.


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

So good to see an update from you, Terri. Hard to believe that your grandson is four, time flies. Your grade point continues to astound me - how you can do it with everything else you do, well, it's just amazing! And that you have time to 'mostly' prune the roses in front - whew! You make me tired just thinking about your life, girl! ;-) But really, thanks for giving us all the news. You may not be able to be around much, but you're not forgotten. Continued good luck to you,


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Terri, I was so excited to see your name on the other page and lo and behold here you are with an update. It is good to hear how well you are doing. Congrats on the enagagement. Savannah sounds beautiful and glad to hear Rachel is doing better. So, there is hope yet for teenage girls? Great going on your studies too, you'll be a PhD before we know it! Please promise to come back once in a while and update us. Take care and enjoy those babies.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Hi, Terri,
It's so good to hear that life is going well for you and for those you love.
And that Boy is back with you.
You do know how strong you've been to go through this when so many have started but not finished.
Remember a lot of us are sitting in the stands, rooting for your continued success.

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WOW great to hear from you!

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

It sure is good to hear from you. Thanks for the update and congratulations on your continued progress through school. I know how hard it can be. When I did my masters, I was building a house, commuting 2 hours a day, working full time and taking care of my DH's grandpa. I don't know how I did it! But it is sure worth it, as I'm sure it will be for you. Glad to know the kids and Boy are doing well too.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Terry, Hello, Hello!! It is so good to get an update and hear y'all are doing well. I'm needing a pic fix of your adorable grandbaby!

Huge kudos RE:school. It is so exiting and surely takes a ton of effort. It was 'easy' enough young with not much else to do, but I've been trying to grab an opportunity with real adult life issues for years and years now, too. I just got really started on it and am 'lucky' enough to have the time [disabled back] and it is SO HARD with adult responsibiities. And I don't even have kids!

It sounds like you enjoy it too, which is all the better! Keep up the good work, remember a B is fine too, lol... but dazzle them with those skills! We'll want graduation pics so don't you dare forget :)

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hippychick(z7b Abilene TX)

Thanks to all of you for saying hello..
It's nice to feel cared for!

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hey terry! Congrats on being so successful at school! The equine Therapy program sounds like a good idea - best of luck!! And pop in more often.

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