I had a truly deep insight this morning

pete41(9ab FL.)April 9, 2007

While wading down a marshy little creek,near us.Even though I knew the fishing would stink because of the temperature drop I went anyway to catch the low tide.Gotten up before five,had some oatmeal and headed out.A couple of hours later,without a strike and it was starting to drizzle.A wet wind had been blowing and I was chilled to my scrawny bones[lost thirty pounds,down to 155].

Thats when I realized what the true secret of happiness is > a cup of coffee

two doughnuts and

a cigarette.

Fotunately by the time I got back to the truck and driven where such pleasures were to be found,I lost my nerve.Went home and had a couple of dietary cookies instead.

I remember when coffee was 5cents,donuts 60 cents a dozen and cigarettes 17 a pack.Now I would have had to pay $5.30.

Speaking of cigarettes-yesterday morning as I was coming home from my Sunday morning stroll I passed this really large Baptist church and school.Huge easter crowd.Overflowing parking lot.Behind a hedge I saw two boys and a girl.All about sixteen and all dressed in their easter best clothes.They were up to something sneaky,trying to stay out of sight.Had to laugh when I saw they were smoking a cigarette.Times have sure changed.50 yrs ago when I was their age I got a carton of cigarettes as part of my allowance.

I wanted to tell they their really isn't anything sexy or exciting about stinking like an ashtray or always wanting a smoke but I knew they would put me down as a silly old fool who doesn't understand.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Myself, I would have gone for the coffee, doughnut, and cigarette--three of my favorite weaknesses! What is that old saying about everything I love is either immoral, illegal, or fattening. Seems like it some days.

Really impressed with your self-control, Pete. If that's what you want, go for it!

As for the teenagers, things are still the same. The more adults say "no," the more curious teenagers are to try it out.


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I think they are $8 a pack here! Now a greasy greasy donut does sound wonerful wonerful but the acid reflux afterwards would be unreal. I did buy 5 lbs of whole bean Espresso Saturday and I do like to have my 1 teaspoon of cherry preserves on 15 grain bread with it. Ho Hum!
Every now and the the thought of a cigarette pops up as a reasonable desire and somtimes it lasts even after sucking on the asthma inhaler.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Dunkin Donuts combo #1: large coffee light and sweet, 1 whole wheat (HAH!) and 1 sour cream donut. On really, really bad days sub. 1 glazed and 1 Boston creme donut. I don't smoke, so that one is lost on me, I think they are vlost to $8/pack here too, you might find some of the "off brands" for $6.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

155 lbs. !

Heck, my head weighs more than that.

I'm like Joe. Doughnuts are easy to resist when the memory of that last bout of severe heartburn still lingers. No smokes here, either.

But, boy 'o boy, that first beer in the morning puts a smile on old Harry's face. I try to wait until at least 8:00. I don't want people to think I have a problem...

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LOL at Harry! I'm with you buddy! MMMMM

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beer and donuts................... ullllgh??????????
Just had my 2 slices of bread and jam it's all over till tomorrow

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Well I want a cigarette every moment of every day. It's been seven years since the last one, so its not going to happen.
My morning ritual- 1 cup of fresh brewed coffee, 1 glass of very cold Clamato,
1 slice of toasted, buttered bakery rye. Yum.
Dont mess with my Clamato addiction!

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Well I would take the donuts and coffee...but I also wouldnt mind one of those earthmoving kisses either....you know...the kind you got when you were young and it was all new... ....the ones that left your eyes closed and your breathing faint....

ahhhh yes....I will take one of those....



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