Baked buttercup squash from our garden

gandle(4 NE)October 16, 2012

They are so good and flavorful, there are only 4 left but there are 6 butternut squash. Like them almost as well. When we split a buttercup squash, we really don't need anything else but a green salad. I really prefer mine just oven baked with butter in the cavity, don't need any other stuffing. I didn't say those weren't good, just prefer plain old buttered squash flavor. Later, we will convert some butternut to soup and pies, actually prefer it to pumpkin. Seems that none of our extended family likes nutmeg which seems to be a preffered spice for such pie but cinnamon and allspice work just fine. Must be a gentic thing, absolutely nobody in the family can tolerate the taste or smell of nutmeg.

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Sounds delicious

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Wish I could come by for supper.

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Sometimes, I also prefer plain old butter with squash.
Re nutmeg, I use it on a regular basis. Most often grated with a micro grater.

I use it in B�chamel sauce, squach, grated on top of eggnog.
We like it, but I don't think any of the family members would miss it if was gone.

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Sigh, sorry about the foreign character showing up, I'll translate that to a "white gravy".

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Love butternut squash in any version, and yes, nutmeg will add to the flavor if used discreetly.
I don't make it often, because the only ones I can get are so big and I cook for me and maybe Joann

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My DD has a butternut squash chili recipe from Weight Watchers'. It is delicious, and if one didn't know ahead of time, would be hard-pressed to know it wasn't "chili" chili!

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